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I have no idea what to do, tbh. I’m afraid to invest more into this and have it scattered later on. But I also want to stay calm and trust that we are right. Oh this is so not a good day for this.

Oh, we are right. Unless they change all the facts and the canon they have created but it is getting ridiculous how they handle the paternity question. Its a soap opera plotline at its worst and it was never intended exist in the first place, the original pilot script is a testament for that. But they ran with it the moment the masses jumped to that conclusion. And while I understand why a freshman series would do that to capitalize on the buzz the debate and speculation created I simply find it not justifiable to drag it out for just another episode. For me they are nuking the fridge with it - and the comments by Eisendrath are the worst because they are gold for the daddygaters when they have no other sustainable argument for their interpretation. It’s all gut feeling but it becomes justifiable because the EP says at well it could be a possiblity….

That’s the fandom

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An critical examination of the private art collection of The Honourable Phryne Fisher as a reflection of twentieth century fine art connoisseurship.


Jack’s crotch.  

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wahhhhhhhhhhhhh i have been waiting since FOREVER for an update of this AWESOME story… thank you thank you thank you <3

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oh thank goodness there is more, I just reread this yesterday and was pining! seriously pining! Saving it to read later though when I’ve actually rested.

Thank you, guys, so much. ;) I know I’m terrible at updating and I’m probably the slowest ficwriter in existence, so your continued interest means more to me than I can properly articulate.

A Little Phrack Whimsy; Jack’s Perspective...

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