chewing scenery

one day, hollywood will cast a reasonable, down-to-earth person to play the joker. just a normal guy with a sensible separation between his identities on and off the screen

“yeah, it’s a fun role. I really get to chew the scenery, which is not the kind of part that I normally do, so I enjoy the change of pace”, he opines, probably while holding a cute dog


CASA DE MI PADRE - Official Trailer

The one where Will Ferrell memorized an entire script in Spanish with a very good accent (but not as good as the native speakers) and Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna are chewing the scenery.

@lurkingcrow replied to your post “*sighs* I love Rogue One so much. I’m just so proud of my rebels, and…”

Oooh, does this mean we get a RO recap eventually ��������

Hell yes! Someday. I’m actually not sure which movie I’m gonna tackle on Snark Wars once I finally get through Episode 4, but Rogue One absolutely has many of the essential Star Wars ingredients I require. I would LOVE to recap Vader’s Lava Castle. I mean, I’m about 80% sure Lucasfilm put it in there JUST so I would write about someday anyways. ;) 

Humans : Skull Island if You Squint (2017)

Where to start??? Like??? This movie was so??? EXTRA???


  • So extra!!!

  • Movie write people speak not good. What are words?

  • Incoherent pacing, forced juxtapostitions

  • The forgettable cast of characters chewed and chewed at the scenery. The scenery had been chewed into oblivion. There were no scenery left standing.

  • Unnecessary Romantic Subplot™

  • Brooding Men, SNEAKY STEALTHY GIANT CREATURES, ‘humor’, silent Token Asians™

  • SO!!!!!!!!! EXTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hiddleston’s shirt was so small it barely passed the PG13 rating

  • After abt 100+ mins of sad people + painful mediocrity you get abt 5+ mins of the scene everyone actually paid money to see, and it did not disappoint

Basically Transformers + 300 if everything were giants = too.much.theatrics. Very self-indulgent; couldn’t let a minute pass without some kind of exhausting closeup/slo-mo. Kept screaming in your face through entire runtime yet left you feeling nothing, caring for nothing; not even Giant Things Punching the Shit Out of Each Other.


Watch if: you think 2014’s Godzilla was a snoozefest/you consider good storytelling a bane on mankind

Don’t watch if: you care about characters and continuity to a certain degree

Rewatching the Shiny video (woo!) and..
Tamatoa is having such FUN in his song. He’s dancing about, clacking his claws in tune, having the time of his freakin’ life smashing Maui into the walls and dragging his emotional baggage up to the surface, and it’s such fun to watch.
I love this kind of villain, one that chews the scenery, makes it a show. It’s why I like Bill Cipher so much; they have fun being antagonists. Even if Tama isn’t really evil, just a massive vain git.

Now, to rewatch Shiny again!


Kenny Omega reveals his true colors and joins the Bullet Club in his persona of The Cleaner, November 2014.  His time as the Cleaner has been marked by his tendency to deliver every line as if he were the final boss in a video game (YOU FOOLS!), combined with vestiges of an endearing dorkiness (like in that last gif where he abruptly realizes that chewing the scenery with a toothpick in your mouth is harder than it looks and chucks it away).  He is fantastic.

Jupiter Ascending: Balem's voice

For all that we make fun of Eddie Redmayne’s scenery chewing and acting choices regarding Balem Abrasax, the movie may actually address why Balem only whispers/shouts his way through conversations. It’s hilarious, but it may also be the answer to the seemingly dropped plotline of why Caine was booted from the legion and court martialed for ripping out the throat of an entitled one, as revealed by Stinger.

Simply put, Caine attacked Balem in the past, damaging his throat to the point where, even after a refreshing bath in regenex, Balem still has the psychosomatic trauma of his voice. In a world of regeneration how long could that damage have lasted?  Well, in a process of rapid cellular regeneration (or in this case replacement), it would still take some time to fully recover from a grievous throat injury/involuntary tracheoscopy. A healing throat would require time, resting the voice, and would also probably leave a nasty scar. The costuming choice of high, protective collars, despite his exposed midriff, supports this, as despite his confidence in his position, Balem chooses the collar as an appeal to his vanity (in the case of a scar) or the paranoia of another attack. Balem only shouts at the height of his emotional outbursts, as the damage to his vocal cords may limit how willing he is to abuse his voice, even if it has been fully healed.  

Caine claims that he has no memory of the entitled one he attacked, but in the final act of the film Balem is clearly aware of who he is. It could be that Titus, knowing that Caine was the splice that attacked his brother, hired him for that very reason. Who’s better to retreive your reincarnated mother than the man who almost killed your brother? This plays into the sibling rivalry regarding ownership in the house of Abrasax, because according to Kalique “Life is the most precious commodity.” Caine’s presence as the man who almost took Balem’s life adds the element of psychological warfare between the brothers, a reminder of how close Balem was to losing everything.


so you’re saying this Genesis is some sort of… angel demon baby?

if by “baby,” you mean the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that could shift the balance of power and threaten all of creation, then yeah, it’s a baby.
‘Homeland’ Review: Carrie’s Secret New Life Is Revealed as ‘The Man in the Basement’ Starts to Make Noise
“Homeland” dropped its first major twist of Season 6, as Carrie’s extracurricular political life was unveiled.
By Ben Travers

“Let’s be honest: After two weeks, it looks like Rupert Friend is going to walk away with this award more often than not. We gave him due credit last week, and this week’s performance continued to build Quinn’s new, damaged psyche. Friend isn’t chewing up scenery or stretching to create bigger moments on his own: he’s trusting the writing to guide him through, and the results are more affecting because they feel so grounded. His physical alterations — to his gait and vocal patterns, especially — exemplify a performance that’s precise rather than manic; a distinguishing factor when an actor can go big with his character, and instead hones in on the little changes that make a monumental difference.”

I still want to do a Batman short film where it’s a live Kardashian-style reality show about Bruce Wayne and his gaggle of drama-loving adopted children and his dry witty butler and it never DIRECTLY acknowledges that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person but every now and then it’d be interrupted with a “BREAKING NEWS REPORT” about Scarecrow trying to fear gas an elementary school play or something and when it came back from commercial two of his adopted children would manufacture a scenery-chewing argument about something totally trivial as a diversion and the cameras would never focus on it but in the background you’d see Bruce quietly slip behind a bookshelf. I like the idea of a Batman movie that EXCLUSIVELY shows Bruce Wayne as the people of Gotham see him, in order to showcase how difficult it would be for people who don’t already know, to guess that they’re the same person. 

Milo Murphy’s Law is such a funny show. I loved Phineas and Ferb and this is another great show from the same creators. I’ve watched about 4 episodes and all of them were hilarious.

Highlights include:

  • The main character is voiced by Weird Al
  • Murphy’s Law applies to him so he has hilariously terrible luck, always
  • His dog’s name is Diogee (try saying it out loud, slowly)
  • The B plot is a pair of bumbling time travelers (voiced by the show’s creators!) who have been sent back in time to stop pistachios from going extinct but Milo’s bad luck keeps stopping them from doing that
  • They decided to dress like theyre from the 70s. One of them went with 1870s, the other with 1970s
  • Their jerk boss is Mark Hamill, in all his scenery-chewing villainous glory
  • There’s an entire episode devoted to a scifi show called ‘The Doctor Zone Files’
  • One episode contains the punchline to a joke set up in the very first episode of Phineas and Ferb
  • It’s got the same Phineas and Ferb sense of zany, self-referential humor but with a fresh new formula and great new characters and I’m loving it
  • Hamilton: I think that I might have been forcing it a little?
  • Hamilton: Like that whole dramatic speech I gave when I lead our troops into battle
  • Hamilton: Was that really a genuine thing or like a desperate attempt to be who I think I should be?
  • Lafayette: That was badass though
  • Lafayette: I mean yeah you were chewing the scenery and being hammy as fuck but I thought it was cool and kinda funny
  • Hamilton: It wasn't supposed to be funny though!
  • Lafayette: Oh

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        ❝ There is nothing more valuable than having a smart friend. Someone you can count on to know what they’re talking about and never second guess them. A pillar to lean on when you’re wary and have no where else to go. Dear Jonathan, throughout our time together I’ve come to see… you’re not that friend.

@evaceratops replied to your post: One of my kids got the Star Wars Lego Freemaker…


Lego Palpatine is what I love/love to hate about Palpatine in general but amplified, because I am ALL ABOUT his hilarious scenery-chewing both in canon and outside of it. The guy is SUCH A FUNNY VILLAIN IN SO MANY WAYS. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD HIM SAY “quite operational” OMGGGG LOL FOREVER. 

Also a fave: Lego Palpatine and Lego Vader. I love them together. They are such dramatic idiots and they crack me up. The Lego Star Wars universe is the best universe. Maybe even more than Scandalore. ;) 

ok, that’s a lie, I can and did watch most of Dino Thunder despite it having a horrible themesong. It was ok up until the point where Tommy was randomly encased in amber. In Space is a shitshow though. I can’t handle the ‘serious’ characters and their scenery chewing. As a kid, it was my jam, but not now man. Wild Force is arguably worse because its a shittier narrative with even more camp and I ate that up as a kid, I was RELIGIOUS about that season. I wanted to get into RPM because jesus christ its like if Mad Max and Terminator had a mighty morphing baby, UP UNTIL you get to the actual ranger parts, and then you realize the sentai this is all based around is utter crap and unwatchable nonsense. 

hi I have Opinions about Power Rangers

the-consulting-storyteller  asked:

To be quite honest, I really want to see MF in a true bad guy role. Not a comedic one like "Wild Target" or a grey/black-ish one like "Fargo" or "Start Up", a true bad guy from start to finish. I'd sell my soul to see him play an abusive husband or something like that.

Agree, I’d love to see Martin play an out-and-out baddie in something. Just have him let loose and be plain out nasty and chew scenery and stuff 👌👌👌

Maybe not an abusive husband though, as I feel like I’ve seen him murder enough women in recent times to last me a lifetime (Fargo, Richard III and Startup)

Duet: The Flash/Supergirl musical

Thoughts on Duet part 2:

Ooh, Malcolm Merlyn’s here. Shit just got real.

Aw, AU Winn and Cisco are hilarious.

Darren Criss is gonna chew all the scenery, isn’t he. I love him.

Omg this number between Winn, Cisco, Music Meister and Malcolm is GIVING ME LIFE. These boys can SING holy shit. And they can dance! Barry wants to join in!

Haha, Martin Stein and Malcolm Merlyn are gangsters, of course they are!

Like ok I know that villains like Ivan Ooze and Divatox are not very, idk, epic? in their scale? But I’ll take them over literally any of the more ‘serious’ villains. At least when they chew scenery they’re FUN about it. Rita gets props from me too. I love her shitty, shitty voice