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hey everyone, if you’re a big chewer and you destroy your pencils or pens by chewing on them, this might be the perfect solution! i found them on amazon, they’re called ARK’s Krypto-Bite Pencil Toppers by ARK Therapeutic! they’re extra tough, and perfect for back teeth biting. they come in a set of three for $19.99, which is kinda pricey but most chewies tend to be. here are the links for anyone interested!~





Anyone in the Twin Cities area!!!

The store Creative Kidstuff has some great stim stuff, I went there yesterday and had to take some pictures.
They’ve got plenty of cheap fidgets, including some boinks I didn’t take a picture of and some soft squishies that my datemate likes but I can’t stand so I couldn’t look at them. They also have a whole display of the big and little tins of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.
The chew stuff was on the expensive side, but the chewigem necklaces were $19.99 and you don’t have to get them shipped to you if you can make it to the store so I thought that was pretty cool, since they’re $19.95 online.

005. Things he does that annoys you.

Summary: Things they do thay annoy you.

Characters: Tommy, Arthur, John, Michael, Finn, Isaiah

Tommy: Tommy Shelby will never ever tell you what is going on his mind. Tommy will never tell you whats on his mind or anything that is bothering him. It does bother you often, most of the time you could tell when something is wrong, you’ll ask, but always get the answer, “Nothing your pretty head gotta worry about.”

Arthur: Nothing annoys you more than how low Arthur thinks himself, maybe because he is the most amazing person in the world to you. Arthur has random sprits of low moments, times where he cannot stand being himself. No matter what you’re by his side, comforting him, reminding him he’s the man for you. and you’re his forever.

John: John chewing on his tooth pic just drives you crazy. He could be eating, drinking, caring for you baby, but no matter what he’s always chewing on a tooth pic, and spitting it on the ground. It drives you crazy having to clean them off the floor, and not being able to kiss him, because it’s always there.

Michael: His smoking. You hate smoking more than anything in the world, because you knew it killed your father. Something so good, can’t be healthy, but one thing is he smokes everywhere, Just sitting at home, he’s smoking, out for dinner, smoking, after sex, smoking. You cannot stand the smell, or the taste, and get easily annoyed.

Finn: FInn always tries to be like his brothers and it annoys you. We all know FInn is nothing like them, and that’s what you like most. How he stays out of all the bad business, and is like a average guy. Sure he has money because of his brothers but that’s not what you like, you like how he is a gentleman, and he’s a good man.

Isaiah: He is way too flirty with the girls. Of course everyone knows you’re together. He’s yours, and you are his. He’s just too friendly with other girls, always buying them drinks, and stuff, but the moment  you walk into the room, you’re pulled up onto his lap, with kisses on your lips.

if mark’s hair is like this

does this mean the music video for chewing gum was filmed during nct life in paju and before firetruck??


I’ve been tagged by a bunch of lovely people to do the 6 selfies challenge (6 was it?) So here it is :3 @heroesfromdustandclay, @musicaltheatre-princess, @vivalar, @grantaire-the-drunken-artist, @kittenlaf, honestly i think @incandescent-darkness was in it too

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