chewing bunnys ear


Pairing: JiKook ofc 

I keep dreaming about a black bunny named Kookie but I can’t keep pets in the room I’m renting so I decided to write something short instead ^^

Jimin heard his doorbell ring annoyingly for almost two minutes. He wanted to ignore it at first, he hated stopping movies in the middle but someone was persistent so he had no choice. He paused the movie and padded to the door. He opened them with a sigh and another one left his lips when there was no one actually standing there. His gaze dropped and he was surprised to find medium size cardboard box on the floor. There was no sticker with the adress on it, just holes for the air and “careful” written on top. Jimin couldn’t just leave it there so he picked it up and carried to him apartment. He put it down on the table and took a step back. Should he open it? Was it even for him? He couldn’t recall ordering anything and his friends wouldn’t make a surprise gift for him, none of them had enough money to spend it on gifts. Hard life of a student. Jimin took a deep breath. It won’t kill him to check. He carefully cut the tape on each side and opened the box. He was expecting everything, everything but a bunny. A black, fluffy bunny, with long ears and big, doe eyes staring at him. He somehow managed to avert his gaze and noticed a card. He picked it up and started reading. 

Hello new owner! 
This is Jungkook. 
He’s a bit shy, likes flavored milk and all kinds of fruits.
Please take a good care of him!

No signature. No name of the company. No nothing. Flavored milk? Since when bunnies like flavored milk? And fruits? This is hella weird. He put the card away and stared intensly at the small animal. He didn’t know what and why but something seemed different about it. Maybe his eyes…….he was watching Jimin a bit too humanly. And it was almost scary. 
Jimin had to think where the hell will the bunny sleep. He didn’t have a rabbit cage, duh, nor did he have other things to keep one, duh again.  
He took a basket Seokjin hyung once gave him  and put some blankets in it, making a temporary bed. He tried to pick up the bunny then but the animal kept running away from his hands. “Come on Jungkookie, I just want to get you out of this uncofortable box” he cooed, trying to convince the bunny. It surprisingly worked cuz he let himself be picked up and carried to the pile of blankets. “Stay here bunny, I have to go and get you something to eat the flavored milk” why the hell was he talking to a bunny? Who knows. 
Jimin quickly changed, grabbed his wallet and went out to the nearest grocery store. He bought a whole box of different flavored milks and shit tons of fruits and vegetables, hoping that Jungkook eats at least them as any other rabbit would do. He qiuckly walked back to his apartment, not wanting to leave the animal for too long. He was kinda scared Jungkook would eat his essay. Weird thing to be scared of but oh well, he worked on it way too long to get it destroyed. He put the milk in the fridge and the other things on the table and went to check on the bunny. Only there was no bunny where he left him. He looked around but there was no sight of him. “Jungkook?” he called, walking around the house and checking everywhere a bunny could hide. Cool, he lost it on the very first day. He walked back to the kitchen, sulking a bit, and he almost got a heart attack whe he entered the room. There was a boy standing in near the table. A naked boy with bunny tail and bunny ears, chewing on one of the strawberries Jimin just bought. WHAT THE FUCK?

Soo there might be a part 2, who knows. 
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