chewin tobacco

i feel like in the zombie apocalypse, city survivors would be so. idk. cutthroat but also sarcastic as fuck. whereas suburban survivors would be twisted, like using their kids as bait and running zombies over 18 at a time in their neighborhoods, using the apocalypse as an excuse to finally kill their cheatin ass husbands/wives. and u already know how country survivors are. they runnin farms, running zombies over but in derbys, sayin yes sir no sir, chewin tobacco. like. u kno.

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Part 2: that was the first thing that popped into my head. It sounded cute.

the name skeet reminds me of like a middle aged man that works on a farm and fixes cars in his free time and you can always find him out in the shop covered in grease with a reed of grass stickin out his mouth and a smelly cup for his chewin tobacco nearby