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We all know that Hoth was a simmering mess of hormones and stress and I would pay good money for a soap opera about them. Here are some things which Definitely Happened: 

  • There’s a betting pool going on who takes Luke’s virginity. The favourites are Han and Leia, but Wedge Antilles has pretty good odds, and there’s a small contingent of aliens who are convinced it will be Chewie (after all, who could resist that Wookie musk? Headcanon: most alien races consider humans soft and gross. Most alien races find Wookies absurdly attractive. Han Solo isn’t the ladykiller; Chewie is.)
  • Leia and Han scream at each other in every corner of the base. Everyone is desperate for them to fuck. They do not. The sexual tension is so thick that it could be cut into blocks and sold as wall insulation. More than once they are ‘accidentally’ locked in a supply cupboard in the vain hope that claustrophobia will act as the catalyst that enables their frustration to spark into true love – or at least nasty raunchy cupboard sex. It does not. All that happens is that the offender has legally changed their name to escape the Wrath of Organa. 
  • Someone paints a shirtless Han Solo on their X Wing. Leia is furious. Han is delighted: both at the highly flattering portrait (he has an eight-pack, he is shredded) and at Leia’s fury (you’re jealous princess/no I am not/you’re jealous, hey I can pose like that for you if you –). Hoth’s winter had nothing on the chilly silence that followed that suggestion. 
  • Luke and Leia both have very graphic dreams about Han Solo. Han Solo has very graphic dreams about the twins –  individually, together, he’s thirty fucking years old, why is his brain doing this to him.(Later on they will, individually, realise that due to Luke and Leia’s Force-bond they probably created a circle of Han Solo Sex Dreams: Leia had them, so Luke sensed her lust for Han which intensified his own lust for Han, which led to Luke having Han Solo sex dreams, which led to Leia lusting – and so on, and so on. For the sake of their sanity, they never share this revelation which each other.)
  • Luke is SO COLD. All the time. WHY DOES NO ONE APPRECIATE HOW COLD HE IS. He comes from a desert world. Of course he’s cold! What is all this white stuff? It was pretty for the first fve seconds but holy fucking Force it is so cold it burns and what the hell is going on with that? He bundles himself up in so many layers that he waddles rather than walks. Fearsome Last of the Jedi indeed.
  • Luke tapes a knife to a cleaning droid (disc-shaped things that swish around the base, sucking up dirt) and names it Stabby. Why, says Leia. Luke, the boy from Tatooine, shining and happy despite everything says why not. Why not indeed. Stabby is very fond of chasing Han. Han wants desperately to shoot the fucking thing– but then he sees big-eyed Luke and sharp-toothed Leia cooing over it and, well. A little bit of light stabbing is nothing, compared to those two smiling. 
  • Person A: Hello-
  • Person B: It's me.
  • Person A: Hey-!
  • Person B: I just met you, and this is crazy, but-
  • Person A: STOP!
  • Person B: WAIT A MINUTE!
  • Person C (from across the room): FILL MY CUP, PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT!

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May I please request Mikasa and Levi and 9? Thank you so much! :)

Ugh this one was hard to do and im not happy with how it came out :/ still, hope you like it, Love! The pair getting ready for bed… and Mikasa passing out almost immediately lol perfect time to secretly shower her in affection

Foodstuffs in Morrowind and What They Taste Like

Ash Yams:  “Ash yam is a tough tuberous root vegetable…”

  These taste like sweet potatoes, although very grainy and with a tough outer skin that outlanders peel off before eating because it is both tough and bitter.  A true Dunmer would never dream of peeling off this skin.  They like it.


   Very common food, very basic.  Generally cooked in a wood-burning oven, the texture is baguette-like and extremely crusty.  The flavor itself is bland but palatable.  The amount of salt added to the dough depends on the region; water-rich areas tend to eat saltier bread.

Comberry:  "The comberry is a bush that produces a bitter berry, best known as the basis of the native comberry brandy, a rough but potent alcoholic beverage of Morrowind…”

   Similar in flavor to an unripe mulberry.  Except incredibly bitter, like you-just-licked-the-spout-of-a-well-used-Keurig bitter.  It sweetens during the fermentation process, however not by much.

Crab Meat"The mudcrab native to Vvardenfell is prized for its sweet crab meat…”

   Because mudcrabs are, at their smallest, the size of a large chihuahua, they usually produce enough meat to feed a modest family of three (elves don’t have many children).  Though all mudcrap meat is tough and chewy, the younger the crab the more tender the meat.

Hackle-Lo Leaf:  "Hackle-lo leaf is a tasty edible succulent leaf…”

   One of the most common vegetables eaten on Vvardenfell.  Though its shape and texture are similar to a fat kale leaf, its properties are more similar to a squash.  When left uncooked, it has a crispness and flavor like a cucumber.  Cooked, it tastes like sauteed zucchini.  Its versatility with spice and other foods is why it is preferred over other vegetables.

Hound Meat:  "Hound meat is the flesh of the nix-hound. The meat is sweet and tender…”

   Most similar to beef.  Nix-Hounds are much, MUCH leaner than cows, however, and so the meat they produce has a very low fat content.  Maybe that’s why all the Dunmer are so thin?  Or maybe they are constantly burning calories by scowling all the time?  Nirn may never know.

Kwama Eggs:  "Kwama eggs are a rich, nutritious foodstuff…”

  Large kwama eggs are the size of ostrich eggs, and small kwama eggs are the size of bigger-than-average-jumbo chicken eggs.  Whatever the case they’re bigger than a chicken egg, and if you wanted to scramble them for breakfast you’d just have to crack one open for a heaping plate.  The taste is yolky, but the yolk-to-albumen ratio is pretty even.  A waxier texture, it squeaks on your teeth when eaten.

Marshmerrow"The sweet pulp of marshmerrow reeds is a delectable foodstuff…”

   Fruity and sweet, it is served both raw and cooked.  The taste is honestly kinda like a marshmallow (believe it or not), but with an almost peachy undertone.  The raw, watery pulp is eaten with a spoon, but when cooked, it’s eaten with a fork.  To use the wrong utensil is a grave social mistake, as is every other action done by outlanders.  Like existing.

Rat Meat:  "Rat meat is tough and greasy, with an unpleasant odor and taste. Nonetheless, it is cheap, abundant, and nutritious, and palatable when cooked in a stew and masked by strong strong spices.”

   Texture is most like pork.  Eating rat meat in a stew is like eating the little meatballs in Spaghetti-O’s; you can eat it just fine when you don’t think about it.  It has high tryptophan content, so it makes you sleepy, just like eating turkey does.

Saltrice:  “Saltrice is another of the tasty and nutritious foodstuffs…”

   Though fibrous, it becomes easier to chew the longer you cook it, often by boiling (Dunmer need their colons cleansed, too).  Similar in flavor to cabbage, it is eaten both raw and cooked, usually as an additive to stews.

Scrib Jelly:   “…Crushed scribs produce a nutritious but sour-tasting gelatin… that the natives eat with gusto.”

   This is nothing like sweet pectin fruit jellies.  It’s like pork-bone-yellow-nasty-meat-gelatin.  But the coagulative properties come from the chitin (pronounced KITE-in) shell of scribs.  They don’t have bones.  It’s definitely an acquired taste, and it does grow on you with each successive mouthful.  The texture is like that of thick refried beans, and the flavor is that of mild buttermilk.

Scrib Jerky:  “Scribs cut into strips and dried in the sun are called scrib jerky… tastes scarcely worse when spoiled than when fresh, and are a practical foodstuff for the hardy native traveler.”

   Very chewy, very dry.  But all around not bad.  One of the most versatile foods in terms of flavors, it ranges from sweet to savory.  Scrib jerky produced in traditional dry-rub methods is incredibly salty and rather spicy, and is eaten regularly among the ashlanders.  In modern cities, the meat is marinated first in a usually sweet sauce, and it produces a more tender jerky, but it doesn’t last as long.

Scuttle:  “Scuttle is Vvardenfell’s favorite local dish. This cheese-like, greasy substance made from the flesh of local beetles is remarkably tasty…”

      Eaten with a knife and fork, it is generally reserved for those in the upper class, though all but the poorest Dunmer will find a way to eat it at least twice a year on special occasions.  A robust dish, it is comparable in texture to paneer.  The flavor is spicy, and it tastes like a Masala dish. 

Trama Root:  "A calming tea with modest magical properties is brewed from the thick, bitter-tasting root of the trama shrub…”

   Most similar in taste to Oolong tea.  Almost a smokey flavor, but definitely a woody undertone.  Perhaps more like an overtone.  No one eats the trama root itself, except for confused and inferior outlanders.  But the tea is good and is drank throughout the day, especially in the evening.

Millennium Brew

@finnreyfridays I had so much fun with the meetcute/coffeeshop themes, I kind of mushed them together! (what’s that, you wanted a college AU you say? no? well, too bad, here it is anyhow)

“Yo, hey, earth to Rey!”

Rey sprang back and cursed as steamed milk frothed over the edges of the canister, some of it spilling on her hands. The machine whirred on empty air as she fumbled to shut it off. She hissed at the miniscule droplets of milk on her hands more out of annoyance than any real pain, and turned to find her manager standing next to her with a clean towel at the ready. “Ugh, thanks, Chewie.”

He raised one extremely bushy eyebrow. “I won’t always be here to save you from death by latte, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, gimme that.” Rey took the rag and started wiping down everything touched by the near disaster, which had, she noticed with a slight twinge of guilt, quite an impressive range.

Chewie’s real name was Peter, apparently, but everyone just called him Chewie. That’s how he had introduced himself when Rey had first started at the Millennium Brew a few months back. She didn’t really understand why but she wasn’t about to question the junior about his choice of name as a mere freshman. Still, Rey ignored the smirk on Chewie’s face as he nonchalantly leaned against the counter and said, “So, that guy’s here again, I see.” He jerked his head over the counter and towards the occupied window seat that had taken up most of Rey’s attention moments earlier. “What’s his name? Finn, right?”

The rag jumped out of her hands and landed in a puddle of spilled latte. When she turned to go get another, Chewie had already produced another from somewhere in his gray apron. She snatched it out of his hands, scowling, ignoring his cheeky grin. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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wildehacked replied to your post: literally luke and leia could pilot a jaeger…

also han and chewie probably already have their own jaeger?

han and chewie absolutely have their own jaeger, which literally everyone (including han solo) is shocked about.

he was pretty sure he’d never find a better co-pilot than lando, because lando was the whole package—handsome as hell and smart and decided, the way off-the-cuff han never could be; lando had plans, he had so many plans, overarching and glittering and inevitably more than this singular moment, which is as far as han ever planned ahead for.

but lando decided to transition to admin, and han kind of got stuck with this weird hairy soldier dude with a thick (godknowswhat) accent, and it shouldn’t work but does, because chewie is all teeth and protective instinct, and han might play it off otherwise but he is too.

so, chewie says casually, once they meet skywalker and organa, and agree to doubleteam the next kaiju fucker that dares pop its head above sea level.

shut up, han says, but he can feel his ears burning above his collar. just—shut up, okay?

even the fucking laugh comes with an accent, but han’s pretty sure it’s directed at him, nonetheless.

Leia and Chewie’s relationship doesn’t get enough love tbh. Like, they start off very much on the wrong foot - Leia Organa, galactic diplomat, calls him a walking carpet. (Though to be fair, it’s unclear if he ever insults her in any way; maybe he started it, who knows.)

But then. Then. They fly the Falcon together and hug once they lose their pursuers. They’re allies of circumstance and just like Luke, Chewie is all about it. Han is in it for the money, or so he claims, but Chewie is an idealist. Chewie wants to stay with the Rebellion and Leia probably figures this out, from Han’s reactions if nothing else. Chewie is Han’s best friend and he’s loyal to a fault, but no one can tell me that Chewie doesn’t also think that Han is sometimes a bit of an idiot.

Leia insults Han and Chewie laughs at him because Han is an idiot and he had this one coming. Chewie probably does this a lot, because no one seems overly surprised by it. So probably, the whole time while Han is with the Rebellion and having his little spats with the princess, Chewie is in the background quietly cheering her on because finally, finally, here’s someone who had no problems with telling Han what an idiot he is.

And Han storms back onto the Falcon in a mood and he’s cursing and he rants about royal pains in the you-know-where and Chewie just laughs and says that it’s funny how they always seem to be the ones taking her on missions, and the High Command is going to be moving bases again soon so who does Han need him to intimidate this time to make sure they’re stationed on the same base as Leia again?

(“I told you, it’s because of Luke, if I’m gonna be stuck on one of these backwater dirt holes then I want him there suffering with me, he’s the one who got me into this. I don’t know why they keep assigning him to the same bases as her. Maybe she likes him. Maybe you should go bother him.”)

But Chewie keeps taking Leia’s side, and Leia knows it, and they develop a silent sort of understanding where they just exchange looks whenever Han is being stubborn and difficult. And maybe on the anniversary of Alderaan’s destruction, when most of the Rebels are celebrating the victory over the Death Star, it’s Chewie who puts an arm around Leia’s shoulders because his planet may still exist, but he has lost it to the Empire and slavery all the same. And maybe when Han pulls another crazy stunt as a distraction, it’s Chewie who hoists Leia to safety so she can cover him while he runs to help Han.

And while Luke is all aboard the Rebellion, it’s Chewie who really understands the cost like Leia does, he understands the toll it’s going to take, the responsibility she carries, because he’s like a hundred years old and he fought in the Clone Wars and he knows.

And it’s Chewie who stands vigil with Leia when Han has gone out into Hoth’s lethal night to save Luke. It’s Chewie who understands, really understands, how she feels, and what’s at stake.

And then the Empire attacks, and Han runs back into the bombarded base to get Leia and for once Chewie does not make any comments. He and Han work together and yell at each other as they try desperately to get the Falcon off the ground, and they do, and it’s one catastrophe after another but they make it. Just about.

And once again Han is full of reckless plans and Chewie and Leia go along in horrified admiration mostly because they don’t have any choice. They all work together to fix the Falcon. Leia helps - and that’s another thing, Leia is a princess but she knows at least a little about fixing a spaceship, and unlike Han she probably does not yell and blame Chewie when something explodes, and this probably makes Chewie appreciate her even more and maybe he’s even taught her a few things by being very clear about what he was doing while she was watching.

And when Threepio goes missing on Cloud City and Leia is worried, it’s Chewie who goes to find him and fights to get him back and tries to fix him even while he’s locked in a cell. It’s Chewie who carries Leia’s droid on his back in pieces because he’s annoying and Han doesn’t like him but Leia does and Leia has already lost enough.

And when they try to take Han away, it’s mention of Leia that stops Chewie from trying to fight Vader and his troops single-handedly. Han transfers his life debt onto Leia and Chewie accepts her as part of his honor family and he lets Han go in order to save Leia because that’s what Han wants. And then Han is frozen and Leia and Chewie stand there together holding onto each other because once again, they’re both in the same boat, they both feel the same way. And it’s Leia who talks Chewie out of choking Lando, Leia takes charge and Chewie follows just like he always followed Han.

I have a lot of feelings about Chewie supporting Leia and Leia trusting Chewie and bringing him back to a cause he believes in and Leia and Chewie teaming up on Han.

Tangle Tag Yourself is very popular so here is my third Actually Autistic Tag Yourself! This time, with chewy necklaces.

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Pretty Young Thang (Allison/Derek/Stiles)

cobrilee said: Prompt 1 of 2 for my “extra” prompts: “I’m on a really shitty blind date and you got fed up with the asshole I’m with so you dump water on their head and ask to take me on a better date. I totally accept.” Stiles/Derek/Allison. (I can totally see two of them being on a date and watching the third on their shitty date, then they invite the third to join them.)

I really hope you enjoy this, Bri! I went for a slightly different dynamic, and it was a lot of fun to write. Fic #43 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Pretty Young Thang. Allison/Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Allison and Derek are out for dinner when they see a pretty young thang having a bad date nearby. Obviously, they have to intervene and invite Stiles to join them.

“Your nose is twitching.” Allison looks across the table curiously when she notices Derek’s expression. “Is something wrong?”

“My nose isn’t twitching,” Derek grumbles, reaching up to touch his nose as if that’s somehow going to make it stop. He rolls his eyes when she laughs, and she has little doubt that he’d totally throw his napkin at her if they weren’t in some fancy schmancy restaurant that Laura recommended.

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okay so I have all of these modern au headcanons okay be prepared this is massive I really want to write a fic based off of these.

  • So Anakin and Obi-wan are war veterans, were very close friends during the war, and Anakin lost his arm in an explosion, and of course it was replaced by a prosthetic. 
  • Anakin and Obi-wan still hang out and live very close to each other.
  • Anakin went on to marry Padme and have Luke and Leia, and he’s an extremely good father
  • Luke and Leia love playing with Uncle Obi-wan (who is probably drunk 95% of the time)
  • C-3PO and R2D2 are Luke and Leia’s friends. Threepio is a blond british boy who always seems to wear yellow and is a concoction of many different anxiety disorders. Artoo is the boy in the wheel cheer who is a little ball of sass and cuss words and screams a lot. 
  • Han Solo is kind of the class clown, king of the playground, a bit of a bully, and his little goon friend is Chewie, the kid who has a speech disorder. They’re never apart. Another goon of Han’s is Lando, they’ve known each other since birth.
  • Luke and Leia become friends with Han and Chewie, even though Han always makes fun of threepio. The two learn to tolerate each other, though.
  • So Anakin owns this boat right, cuz he loves swimming and being at the lake but he HATES sand due to a childhood incident of being left alone while buried in sand. He refuses to even touch it so they have a boat instead.
  • So the Skywalker family plus Obi-wan go out in their boat and spend a day on the lake. Obi-wan can’t swim but Luke and Leia team up to shove him in the water. Anakin has to go in and save Obi-wan ofc when isn’t anakin saving obi-wan
  • Everyone thinks its so funny because at the end of the day Obi-wan is lobster red and the Skywalkers dont burn they just tan 
  • Mace Windu is Anakin’s psychiatrist (anakin has bpd and ptsd obvi) and he’s very well taken care of this isn’t an angsty au dont make me cry god
  • Whenever Anakin is having an “off day” Luke and Leia will make get well cards for him and make him pancakes with Padme’s help
  • Actually on second thought let’s add a little bit of angst to this qui-gon was Obi-wan’s and Anakin’s platoon leader, although he was killed in the same mission Anakin lost his arm in.
  • After the war, Anakin’s bpd and now ptsd got so bad that it was in his best interest to become an pysch inpatient at their local hospital.
  • Yoda was the tiny ancient activities director and people thought he was kinda cool i guess i mean he’s old what would you think.
  • Okay that’s good for the angst for rn alright so now everyone’s a little older and Han, threepio, luke, leia, artoo and chewie are all this big group of friends.
  • ofc artoo and threepio are totally gay for each other. This eventually leads to luke questioning himself, and he finds that he is in fact %110 gay.
  • Anakin is the first to know, naturally. He makes a dad joke about it naturally and sits Luke down to tell him that he himself is actually pansexual, and talks about some relationships hes had with guys in the past, and that he and “Uncle” Obi-wan actually sleep together from time to time, which Padme has consented to.
  • Padme tells Luke that she knows that Anakin’s sexuality is very much fluid, and sometimes she wouldn’t provide the satisfaction Anakin needs. They still love each other very much, but are respectful of each other’s needs.
  • Luke tells all of his friends and they all approve of him and say that they love him.
  • Now he just has to get over the fact that he’s smitten with Han solo. He’s convinced Leia is too and they constantly fight for his attention.
  • Anakin and Padme decide to just let the situation work out by itself because interfering in some way might suggest that they have a preference for one kid or another, and they don’t want either of their kids thinking they’re less loved than the other.
  • Well it still hasn’t fully worked out. There’s still a bit of competition between them. They still look out for each other though.

I tried writing this into a fic but it just wasn’t coming together so now it’s headcanons instead.

Meals on Hoth are not spectacular, so when Han goes on a supply run, he tries to get enough fresh food to make a meal. He, Chewie, Leia, Luke, and Wedge all gather clandestinely after hours on the Falcon for whatever food Han’s brought back. After the first few times, they don’t even have to plan it: they all know to show up by 0730 for whatever tasty treat Han’s brought back this time.

Han is definitely pleased when Leia eats a decent meal because of his efforts.

Luke and Wedge definitely flirt all the time. Leia and Chewie think it’s hilarious.

Han can’t help but be slightly jealous because he thinks they’re flirting with Leia because he’s flirting with Leia so why wouldn’t the other two be, also? Luke, Wedge, and Chewie think it’s hilarious.

Whatever Han and Leia were fighting about during the day seems very inconsequential and they rarely even bicker beyond a little playful teasing.

They all get a little tipsy.

After the war, these nights most definitely continue.

To Wedge, this reminded him of his family on Corellia. Coming home to his husband made the long days as a pilot worth it, and having Han, Leia, and Chewie to spend time with

To Luke, their family was what grounded him, what kept him from being overwhelmed by the life of a Jedi. He had someone waiting for him every night, and he had a twin sister to share things with, and he had a brother-in-law and Chewie who were his best friend.

To Chewie, they kept him from missing his family too much. He had plenty of cubs to keep out of trouble, and plenty of mischief to get into, when they were around.

To Leia, the boys were exactly what she needed after losing everything. Their love wasn’t exactly like something she’d had on Alderaan, so she didn’t feel guilty bringing them into her life, like she was trying to find a cheap replacement for something she couldn’t have any more. She had a brother now, someone who actually shared her blood. Having that kind of relationship was someone was something she’d never thought she’d have, and it’s something she’d never want to give up now that she has it. She had a husband, too, one who loves her beyond belief, and she’d never give him up, either.

To Han, it was something he’d never known he’d ever want or need until he had it and realized he’d been missing it forever. Growing up alone and denying he’d ever need anyone, having a little circle in which to belong was like something out of his wildest dream. He had Leia, and two brothers-in-law, and Chewie, and they all cared about him as much as he cared about them.

“To family,” Luke says one night, raising his glass. “To family.”

anonymous asked:

Do you know what I love? Luke and Leia, terrifying Jedi twins, being protective of their rough and tumble smuggler who's secretly a giant softie

hahaha omfg yes, because Han Solo has cultivated his Han Solo ™ image for absolutely YEARS and there are some quadrants – this is BS (before Skywalker) – who knew him as the best fucking smuggler in the history of the galaxy and also a famous fighter and also the universe’s greatest lover and lando has obviously helped with this because before the frankly acrimonious break up they delighted in making up more and more absurd rumours about each other. did you hear that han solo took on a wookie in single combat and won (technically true, though the wookie was Chewie and ‘single combat’ was more ‘Chewie was so so drunk he couldn’t actuallly stand and somehow Han dragged him back into the Falcon’) or lando fucked a saarlacc pit so well it stopped eating people (again, sort of true: they call his ex gf the saarlac pit)

and han solo wasn’t the sort of name that made people quake in their boots but it was the sort of name that people might respond to wth a bit of respect. people had heard of him. people would hear han solo and raise their eyebrows and a toast, maybe, or else they would spit on the ground and curse his name

then along come the skywalkers. and suddenly its not careful with that han solo will find you or han solo could outrun anything; it’s careful don’t hurt han the skywalkers will come after you or you can’t badmouth him, he’s leia organa’s husband and have you seen her she’s terrifying – 

the first seventeen times the skywalker name gets him out of trouble he is pissed. big-eyed luke with soft floppy hair somehow the terror of the galaxy; his princess – okay, no, he can understand why people fear her. after a while he gets used to it. starts calling himself han organa, because that way he can rock up to any bar in the land in his grubby old smuggling gear and be guaranteed a constant stream of drinks. 


(most of) my stim toy collection!

from left to right, then top to bottom:

squishy red caterpillar, heart stress ball, red/orange cinnamon candle, gold/green colourshift slime, box maze, two blacklight putties, a few of my favorite rocks, beans that roll around in your hands, a time-turner, red slime, orange heat-changing slime, yellow clicky capsules, silver slime, blue poppy dolphin, squishy dalmatian, spring, chocolate-scented dough, red liquid hourglass, shimmery slime, yellow dip-candle i made, ocean water-wiggly, broken tangle that’s still lovely to play with, glass putty i put sparkles in, clay beads, jacob’s ladder, another candle i made, koosh ball, edamame popper, water beads, glowy bracelet, soft blue case that i put on-the-go toys in, more water beads, and a geode!!!

Han Solo and Sickness

Anonymous said: Could we please get a fic of Han taking care of Leia and baby Grace? Like they both have the flue or a cold? And the only thing both of them want is Han.

Hello anon! Thanks for your ask. This isn’t a fic, exactly, and it’s not all Leia and Grace, but I can’t help what my stupid brain does. So here are some headcanons about Han and sickness. Hope this works for you! It’s forty years long so no hard feelings if you got better things to do today anon

1. He doesn’t get sick, in Corell Home. Other kids do, and bad; they don’t eat enough plants. Han dreams of oranges. Always he knows his own body– what it does, can do, what it needs. When the boys are marched downtown to beg donations that never enrich their diets Han steals from the sidewalk outside the greengrocer’s– black-streaked bananas, stray celery stalks; in winter, woody carrots, tangerines so soft his thumb plunges into pulp. Wilted handfuls of beet greens. His body craves, so his body obeys: Han’s got a way of lowering, seizing bruised apples, rising smooth and quick. Never falling out of rhythm, out of line, never drawing the eye of the supervisor. Cramming his prize in his mouth, swallowing fast as he walks. 

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