Adventure Of A Lifetime

Word Total: 1,502

Request: Anonymous asked: Hi ;) Could You please write a PoexReader where the reader is lukes daughter but han and Leia take care of her and love her like their own Child but on a Mission the Reader goes missing and poe has to tell han and Leia and they all three are sad together and so poe decides to search for the Reader and he finds her badly injured and brings her back to the base where she is taken care of and when she wakes up after 1 week or so poe is sitting beside her and Wating for her to wake up Thank you😘

Pairing:  Poe x Reader

Notes: Every joint in my body hurts… I have a cold… Poe come take care of me s’il vous plait….

“Y/N” She looked over her shoulder and saw Poe running along with BB-8.  Y/N turned around to put the last bag into the X-Wing, she was taking for her mission.

“Did my aunt, forgot to tell me something?” Y/N inquired gazing at Poe, he had his hands over his thighs trying to regain his breath.

BB-8 beeped “No, then what is it?”

“You can’t go, is too dangerous. At least let me go with you” Poe declared gazing at her.

“We have been already over this Poe, I am going to do it alone. I don’t want to risk anyone else” Y/N said.

The reality was that… she doubted her magic tricks, as Han had been calling them. Yes, the famous Luke Skywalker was her father… but he has left when she was just a baby and had no training whatsoever if she failed, at least it would not cost more lives hers only, but who cared… her father didn’t…. at least Han and Leia would be sad about it.

“But before you go, I need to confess something to you” Poe said holding Y/N’s hand.

“Bird boy, didn’t you have a meeting with the General” Han said behind them. Y/N pulled her hand out of Poe’s grasp.

Y/N felt Poe’s dismay at the interruption of her uncle. “Are you going to stop me from going too?” she asked rolling her eyes putting her back against the metal stairs of the X-Wings she crossed her arms.

“No, I wanted to tell you that you must be careful. I don’t want to give a piece of to your father” Y/N scoffed at the mention of her father. “Whether you like or not, Luke is your father” Han scolded Y/N.

“Yeah and I am Sith. Can I go?” Y/N asked looking at Han.

“Don’t say things like that Y/N. Being a user of the force is a great responsibility” Han said.

“Tell that to my father. Now, if you finish lecturing me; I have a mission to complete” Y/N said with a small smile. “May I go?”

“Yes, but remember don’t do anything stupid” Han said embracing her softly. “Remember your father loves, he may not be present but he left for your safety”

“Hmmm…” Y/N nodded and Han step back.

“Let’s get going Chewie, we don’t want the princess to start crying” Han smirked and Y/N narrowed her eyes at him.

“Psh… you wish” Y/N said waving her hand as Chewbacca and Han walked away.  She turned her attention to Poe. “You wanted to tell me something?”

“No, is alright. It can wait until your return” Poe said smiling at her, Y/N frowned she felt a wave of sadness, maybe it was because she will gone for a long time she thought with a smile. “Okay then, I am not good with goodbyes” she said awkwardly looking at the floor.

“I know” Poe smiled putting his hand out to her. “Until then, Ms. Skywalker” he said with a smirked.

Y/N rolled her eyes and shake Poe’s extended hand. “Until then, Mr. Dameron. BB-8” she bend down a place a kiss into its spherical head.

“Why didn’t I get a kiss?” Poe said with a fake pout. “I thought I was your favorite”

“Keywords, was; Mr. Dameron. Take care, I will came what I want to know that confession of yours” She said climbing the steps to her X-Wing. “Later” she sat in her seat and as the cabinet closed she could swear she heard Poe whispering she loved her. “Most have been the wind”

“No way” Y/N gritted her teeth as she was dragged through the metal corridors. “I am lady, I should be treated with respect” she hissed, then she was pushed roughly into a cell.

“Shut up” one of the Stormtroopers said.

“Make me” Y/N said with a smirk, but she only received a slap from the Stormtrooper. “Now, give the keys” she said after taking a deep breath and closing her eyes.

“Here are the keys” The Stormtrooper said handing her the plethora of metal keys.

“You will go and tell, that I have escaped after five minutes” Y/N said feeling a slight headache forming in the back of her head.

“Got it” Y/N smirked as she put the memory stick into her boot. “Now…” she growled when red lights started to flash above her.

“The prisoner has escaped, you’re authorize to shoot and kill” an electronic voice announced through the intercom.

“Great” she mumbled looking for an escape root. “Air vents, it is”

Y/N stood in the vast forest looking around for her X-Wing.  “I should have put an alarm on it” she whined looking at the empty spot.

“General, a word” Poe asked at Leia wholooked a the stations of the First Order in the outer systems.

“What is it?” Leia inquiered.

“Y/N’s , X-wings it was shot down” Leia sat in the closer chair she was too.

Han entered the command center joking with Chewbacc when she saw Leia with tears in her eyes. “What happened?” Han said kneeling in front of her.

“Y/N, X-wing was shot down” She whispered looking at the ceiling. “I…”

“No, it can’t be. She… that planets is filled with scanvangers maybe one of them…” but Han stopped at the shaking of Leia’s head.

“Then I will go, I am going to find her” Poe said he ran even before Leia and Han could opposed to the idea.

Y/N moaned in pain, she had fallen down a very step hill. The first thing she checked that the memory drive was safe. Breathing hurt, she closed her eyes, she really didn’t what to know what happened.

Taking a breath she looked down, she grimaced. Her leg was at a weird angle. “Okay, breath” she took her leg and looked up the sky. “Son of a–” she shouted bending her leg back in place. “That’s not good” black spots started to feel her vision.

“The last coordinates send by the droid said she landed here” Poe said looking around the vast forest. BB-8 beeped and Poe looked at the direction it had pointed. “You have a tracker in her belt”

“Why didn’t  you tell me?” Poe frowned down at the droid. “Yeah, asking if you have  a tracking device had been the first thing it come to my mind, BB-8”

BB-8 ignored the calls of warming of Poe, it stopped at the edge of the hill. “That’ s a big fall, BB-8. If you want to kill me, do it a less painful way”

“Poe” Y/N heard someone shout it sounded just like him.

“What?” Poe looked closer to the edge and she saw her. Y/N was laying against a rock waving her hand to him. “Y/N, wait there; don’t die yet” he shouted looking to his sides finding a way down.

Poe and BB-8 had difficulty going down the hill. Finally at the last meters Poe started to run. “Y/N, wake up” he tapped lightly her cheek. Y/N slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. “Hey”

“Hey, I am dead, right?” Y/N said, she felt so lightweight and no pain was present in her body.

“No, you’re badly injured” Poe said looking at the injuries in Y/N. It looked like she had taken all the fall in her leg. “I am going to take you back to the base, alright” softly he carried her to the Y-Wing.

Y/N wake up at the sound of the rhythm of her heart. She opened her eyes slowly, they felt heavy. “Ms. Skywalker” a robotic voice called her.

“Yeah, that’s me” Y/N said rubbing her eyes. “Where I am?”

“The medical bay” Poe responded, as he cranked his neck. “My neck” he whined with a grimace massaging his neck he looked at her.

“He has been all the three days” The droid nurse told her checking the vitals in the monitor above her. Another droid check at Poe who whined about his neck.

“Oh” was Y/N response.

“Nice necklace” Y/N said as Poe sat beside him, with a neck brace.

“This is all your fault, I am doing it because I love you so damn much” Poe said without realizing what he had said to her. “What? I look hideous I knew it” he mumbled under his breath, “Why are you blushing?”

Y/N cheeks were red and her heart beat harshly against her ribcage. The heart monitor went crazy. “Nurse, I think she’s having a heart attack. Y/N look at me” Poe said taking her head in his hands.

“I think  I just had the adventure of a lifetime” Y/N said looking at Poe.

“Wh-” Poe was cut off by the soft lips of Y/N on his. He dumbly looked at her.

“Thank you for saving me”