chewbacca of the dead

Okay, okay, hear me out:

Little Ben being mothered by his badass grandma Padme, who takes him to political meetings.

Padme being super caring when they’re alone.

Padme and Ben waiting for Anakin and Luke to return from a ‘Jedi thing’ (Han’s words).

Leia asking Padme some advice about raising kids.


Random thought about Star Wars:

When Obi Wan takes Luke to Mos Eisley, what if he’s actually looking for a specific pilot? After all, it’s a wretched hive of scum and villainy, Obi Wan would be smart to find a pilot he could trust. Who else would he turn to but someone sympathetic to the Jedi, who fought alongside the Republic during the Clone Wars and whom Yoda considered a great friend?

He was specifically looking for Chewbacca. Han just happened to be the obnoxious dead weight.

Star Wars Ep IX Predictions

I’ve decided to start a master predictions post mostly to benefit me so I can organize my chaotic and sporadic thoughts and also share my ideas with everyone else and welcome other thoughts as well. I’ll be listing my predictions in categories and update this list as the ideas come until episode IX arrives in 2019 *clutches heart*. I’ll also be making separate posts after this one of each prediction and tag this master list with the prediction added. All in all, enjoy!

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren

  • If the main goal for IX is for the galaxy to finally have balance, then Ben will live (and so will Rey). 
  • Ben will be redeemed.
  • Ben will finally pilot the Falcon at some point (bonus - with Chewie).

Captain Phasma

  • 75% sure she’s dead.


  • May die (Hope not!!!)

General Hux

  • Will discover Kylo Ren’s lie about Snoke and become the ‘Big Bad’, turning the First Order against him.
  • May use Rey as bait.
  • He will be extremely cunning and deceptive, knowing that he could never best Kylo Ren in battle.
  • Will crown himself Supreme Leader.

Knights of Ren

  • May have an appearance either standing with Kylo Ren or against him (both seem possible).

Legacy Lightsaber

  • Rey and Ben will repair the lightsaber together.
  • The saber may turn out to be a different color once repaired. A possible neutral color representing them both.
    • If this is the case, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber may cease to exist, either by being destroyed or lost in some way, because the new legacy saber will be representing them both.
  • If the legacy saber stays blue, then Kylo’s will remain red and still be in his possession, representing his side of the ‘ying and yang’.
  • After the saber is repaired, Rey may give it to him to keep (this won’t happen unless Ben is redeemed). Ben will refuse and instead tell Rey to keep it for herself (maybe not before igniting it and showing us what it would look like for him to hold it on screen). By Ben giving Rey his grandfather’s lightsaber, it would be symbolic on multiple levels. Ben would be “letting go” of the past and what he’s wanted for the longest time. Also, this would be symbolic as Rey is a “nobody.” The end message may indicate that the force is not exclusive to just Skywalkers anymore. Nobodies could be sombodies, which may be important for the next trilogy.

Leia Organa

  • Her death will be very impactful and will help sway Ben to redemption.

Luke Skywalker

  • May come back as a force ghost or an audible voice.
    • If so, Luke may appear to Ben and finally talk about that fateful night that he came into his tent. This would also be an important step for Ben towards redemption.


  • Porgs.


  • The Resistance may ostracize Rey, possibly because of the force bond.
    • Flip side, the First Order will turn on Kylo, forcing them two to be “together against the world.”


  • Endgame, obviously (In what capacity, I’m still not sure).
  • Will kiss. 
  • Hug most likely.


  • 90% sure he’s dead.


  • Another cameo from a popular character may appear as a force ghost (ex. Anakin).
  • As A New Hope ended with a victory in destroying the Death Star and –> Starkiller Base was destroyed in The Force Awakens, as well as The Empire Strikes Back ends with new revelations and conflictions –> and The Last Jedi also ending on a conflicting note, Episode IX will end on a more positive note as Return of the Jedi did.

Wishlist (things that I wish will happen but probably won’t)

  • Chewie giving Ben a bear hug.
  • ALL of the force ghosts appearing at once.

anonymous asked:

For the chocobros, how does sleeping with their s/o usually go? Like what positions do they sleep in? And who wakes up with the worst case of bedhead?

You just know Noctis and Prompto will have the worst bed hair out of the chocobros. Noct’s will just end up looking like an extremely battered feather duster, and Promptos will literally look as though a number of baby chocobos have taken refuge on his scalp.

Noctis - I can actually see him being quite cuddly in his sleep, like he’s just gonna be burying his face into the crook of his s/o’s neck, his arms wrapped tightly around their waist, and their legs are gonna be all tangled and shit. It’d actually be really sweet. He’d probably snore, but very quietly. Like there’d be a lot of snuffling and he’d probably talk a little in his sleep too, altho none of it would make sense, like he’d just be fast asleep and then he’d suddenly mumble out ’IMPERIALS ABOVE US You look like an avocado’ or something stupid, before turning over and falling completely silent again. He’d definitely be hard to wake up in the morning tho, his s/o would have to get creative, like screaming in his ear or pouring a bucket of water over him or giving him a blowie .

Prompto - He’s gonna be such a fucking diva in his sleep honestly, he’d go from being really cuddly one second, and then the next he’s gonna be pushing his s/o away from him moaning in his sleep and flinging the covers off, due to too much body heat. He’s definitely gonna be restless af. Like I can imagining him giggling in his sleep sometimes? And he’s gonna be tossing and turning to the point where his s/o is gonna be whacked across the face a couple of times, accidentally ofc. However, when he isn’t being a diva and he is actually being his usual, snuggly self, he’s probs gonna be lying with his head tucked into his s/o’s neck, or like he’d be using her boobs as pillows and his cheek would just be smushed against them. He’d be like a clingy af koala.

Gladiolus - This guy right here is gonna be like a fucking corpse when he sleeps. Like if it weren’t for the fact that his snores sound like Chewbacca then he would literally be mistaken as dead and carted off to the morgue. Literally once he’s asleep he ain’t gonna move at all. In terms of sleeping with his s/o, they’re gonna need some ear plugs to block out his thunderous snores. He’d probably enjoy falling asleep spooning his s/o tbh, he’d be the big spoon ofc, and then in the morning he’d wake them up by grinding his morning wood against their ass my body is ready .

Ignis - Okay so Iggy Bitch here is a light sleeper, and since he always seems to be up so early he’d probably go to bed early too. I think he and his s/o would fall asleep facing each other, like their forheads would almost be touhing, and their legs would be all tangled together and shit. He’d have his arm tucked under his s/o’s head as a pillow, and his other arm would be slung over their waist. I don’t think he’d snore much, maybe some heavy breathing, and he might mumble in his sleep a bit all like ‘Thats it! I’ve come up with a new recipe!’ Tbh I think after he’s lost his eyesight he might struggle to sleep, or he’d wake up a lot during the night from nightmares and shit, so whenever that happens he’d just gently embrace his s/o, trying not to wake them up, but taking great comfort in their touch and presence. *loud sobbing*

anonymous asked:

2? Pretty please??

I realized that I wasn’t quite sure whether you were asking for #2 on my headcanon party list (family headcanon), or #2 on the drabble prompts list (that I reblogged about a million years ago, but has come back a number of times recently). So this will be an attempt at answering both in a single post. Either way, hope you like it!

This piece is a bit of a prequel to this ficlet here.

2. “You’re too good for this world.” / Han/Leia Family headcanon

“So will you do it?” Leia asked, looking uncharacteristically earnest.

Luke smiled at his sister warily. “Yeah. Sure. But—why are you asking them? Usually you just tell them you’re going somewhere and go.”

True. Leia wasn’t known for asking the Provisional Council or the former High Command for permission to do anything. But ever since the business about their parentage had gotten out, she’d had to be a lot more careful about any unilateral decisions. She’d been called “Lady Vader” by her political foes enough times already to last her for the rest of her life.

“An urgent Jedi mission is a lot more believable coming from the only living Jedi master,” she pointed out. “Not from his reluctant pupil who happens to be part of the New Republic government.”

“Okay,” Luke said slowly, searching her face. Despite their twin bond and Leia’s Force sensitivity, she was difficult to read if she didn’t want to be. “And are you going to tell me what this secret mission is about?” Frankly, he was still reeling from the fact that she had asked him to meet her at the Jedi Temple to talk. Something was definitely up.

“Eventually,” she said, getting a bit of a mischievous look on her face that reminded him of Han. “So you’ll do it?” she pressed.

“Yeah, I’ll do it. Urgent Jedi mission, I’ll need you and Han and Chewie, be back in four days. Got it,” he recited. “What if they press for details?”

Leia gave him a look. “You channel General Kenobi and give them some cryptic answer that doesn’t make any sense.”

“That’s Yoda.”

“That’s both of them,” she said, “and you slip into backwards talk when you start channeling Yoda.”

He laughed. “Fair enough.”

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Imagine Chewie being protective of you, Han and Leia’s second child.

Chewie placed himself between you and Kylo with a roar, shielding your body with his as he fired his bowcaster. You were shivering and crying, trying to make yourself look smaller so you could hide from the man who had just killed your father.

“Daddy!” you wailed, clinging to the wookie’s back and hiding your face in his fur to block out the image of your father plummeting off of the platform and into the darkness.

Kylo’s gaze snapped to you, his eyes drilling into you despite the smoking wound in his side. He shouted something and you cowered. Chewbacca fired his bowcaster again but his bolts were deflected. Troopers were pouring into the room and you could hear your companions yelling.

You let out another heartbroken wail as Chewie gathered you into his furry arms. You reached out for where your father had fallen, tears streaking your face. “Daddy!”

The wookie cradled you against his chest, shifting so your face was hidden against his shoulder. You could feel his body moving beneath you as he bounded towards the exit, his grip on you tight and protective. You buried your face in Chewie’s fur, clenching your jaw with a whimper.

Chewbacca let out a sound that was a mix between a whimper and a grunt, rubbing your small back as he ran. You screwed your eyes shut and clung to him, trying to push out the cold reality.

Your father was dead.

Gif Credit: Chewbacca


Who tells Lando Calrissian that Han Solo is dead?

Is it Chewbacca that sends a transmission from the Falcon the next day that Han Solo beloved smuggler, friend & War hero is gone never to fly the Falcon again? Or is it Leia who sends the transmission in the privacy of her room with tears in her eyes as she tells Lando that she’s lost not only her son but her husband. That Ben murdered Han and slipped deeper into darkness.

How does Lando react?

Maybe Leia, Chewbacca & Lando look up to the sky remembering that smuggler, scoundrel, hero and so much more. No matter how they react one thing is for sure.

The galaxy is definitely going to be quieter without Han Solo.

things my mom said while watching star wars for the first time (45623)

“Goodbye, words.”

“Are the Stormtroopers bad?”
“Who do they work for?”

“Who does the voice of C-PO?”

“Everyone’s dressed in robes and stuff and Aunt looks like she just came back from the Kroger.”

“Why are there two moons?”
“Two suns.”
“Why are there two suns?”

“Who do the sand people work for? The sand?”

“Is that Obi?”

“Now [the Millenium Falcon] just looks like a waffle. Because they make wafflemakers [in the shape of the Millenium Falcon?].”

“Does Obi know who his father is?”

“Do Han Solo and…whatsername…Princess Leia…are they a thing?”

“Who played Chewbacca?”
“Peter Mayhew.”
“Is he big?”

“Is Obi-wan really dead?” [x10]

“Is he eating his ridey thing?”

“You can’t just fling stuff at his head!”
“Yeah, he can.”
“That’s not fair…”

“So he’s not really his father, right?”

“He’s very capey.”

“Is he sleeping?” [this was when Yoda died. my heart broke a little.]

“You didn’t know that [Luke and Leia are siblings]?”
“She kissed him…on the mouth…”

“Do they think he’s fancy?”

“Who are the clones? What are they doing? What are they cloning?”

“I want to punch him.” [him = Jar-Jar]

[in fear] “Is Jar-Jar Binks in the next one?”

“Why is it only raining where he is?”

“I want one of those…fly-y things…”

“Did the little guy lose his dude?”

“And George feels it’s proper to criticize the new one? After having these under his belt?”

“So is Jar-Jar not in this one at all?”

“Is his hair better in this movie?”

“Is somebody gonna check on Ben?”

[15 seconds before Padmé says she’s pregnant] “Is she pregnant?”

“She sleeps in all those pearls?”

“Yeah, if Jar-Jar had anything to say about it, I wasn’t listening.”

“Why does everybody have fancy machines and he has a lizard?”

And a bonus one from my dad:

“What, is Obi-wan taking the subway?”