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Girl if you're not gonna update the fake married au just say it ok it's been so long AND I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER ECACTLY HOW THE STORY GOES ABND LIKE I ALWAYS GO ON YOUR OAGE TO CHECK IF YOU WROTE SOMETHING BUT LIKE AUDJSNSKANGJSND Ok i'm sorry it's just really good and i'm just impatient :(



this was supposed to be the first scene in the version that would go up on ao3 and ffn but then i realized i’d fucked up several continuity things and gave up on it, BUT ANYWAY here’s a sort of AU version of how LB and Chat received the news:

“So, basically, we’re fucked.”

“‘Fucked’ is kinda…” Chat trailed off when Ladybug stopped pacing to shoot him a glare. He sighed. “Yeah, we’re fucked.”

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Trick or Retreat

4.6k fic
Rating: mature

I received this lovely prompt from an anon :

The company has a compulsory training weekend for all the staff. Niall doesn’t want to go, but drags himself there anyway. It’s boring like he knew it would be, so he sneaks out, only to bump into a beautiful stranger having a smoke. They exchange words and somehow Niall ends up leaving with him. They drink, they kiss, they fuck. Fast forward to the next training day, when Niall realises that his one night stand is the CEO, Zayn Malik

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Z is an intern at DWM studio. Val notices her, he wants to ask her out but is conflicted. Alex says if Val doesn't ask her out he wil

“Hey thanks for the coffee Val”, Zendaya smiled batting her thick lashes up at him.

Val looked up from his stack of new membership fees when his 18 year old  intern popped her head into his office.

Z was only  supposed to help out for the summer but here it was 9 months later and  the entire studio fell in love with her- Val included. 

She was sporting cropped leggings, a slouchy white shirt, and her massively curly hair in a loose bun atop her head.

Man, did he love looking at her.

“Yeah no problem”, He breathed leaning back in his chair relaxing. “ I was at Starbucks and thought of you”.

Crap. Did that seem inappropriate?
“Really?” Z asked with a eager  smile stepping deeper inside his office. She didn’t know what it was about him, but she loved being around him.

Her friends liked to constantly tease her that she was simply experiencing a school girl crush. But moments like these made her feel different. 

“Yeah”, Val nodded ignoring the thumping in his chest. “ Did you clear out the third floor locker rooms?” He asked clearing his throat attempting to get back to professionalism. 

Z’s excitement downed down but she nodded biting down on her full lower lip.

“Yeah… did you need anything else?”

Val looked up accidentally locking into her hazel gaze and cleared his throat for what felt like the millionth time.

“Nope just check on the junior classes and make sure everything else  is kosher”, He nodded before refocusing back on his papers just as Alex had walked inside.

“Queen Z what a sight for sore eyes”, Alex flirted pulling the brunette into a tight squeeze slightly lifting her off the ground.

“A-lexxxx !” She giggled slapping his chest when he put her back down. His hand stayed resting on her hipbone while they continued to go back and forth. 

They looked…comfortable. And Val didn’t like it. 

Involuntarily his fist began balling up the paper in his hands. 

Get it together Val. She just  works for you.

“So when are we gonna get married and make beautiful little mulatto babies?” Alex joked not once moving his hand from around her. 

A act that didn’t go unnoticed from Val. 

“How’s next week sound? I have a little free time after work” Z joke back playing along. 

“Deal”, He smiled, not minding if that actually became reality. 

She was different. Everybody who met her knew that.

“But seriously don’t forget about tonight”, Alex wagged his finger before pecking her cheek moving to sit on the edge of Val’s desk.

“Tonight?” Val quipped feeling something hot boil inside of him.

“Yeah”, Alex shrugged vaguely. 

K “, Z nodded tucking her binder higher under her arm before refocusing on Val.

“ I um… saw that you were off tonight and wanted to know if you wanted to go dancing with us  at Dex Lux?” She asked hopefully.

“I don’t know i’m really busy tonight  but i’ll try to make it”, Val agreed. 

Busy was an understatement, between DWM, DWTS and Valentin he was more than swamped with work, but if it meant spending time with her he’d at least try.

“I really hope you make it”, Z breathed chewing on her bottom lip flashing a reluctant smile. “ Well I better go, thanks again for the coffee”, she called over her shoulder disappearing.

“Jesus Christ look at that body”, The red-head shook his head appreciatively at her retreating body sashaying away.

Val scoffed throwing his papers down. ” Have you no shame?”

“I could ask you the same. She’s an intern shouldn’t she be the one getting your coffee?” Alex teased shaking his head at his friends obviousness.

"I was just being nice-”

“Bullshit where’s my coffee then?” He continued with the teasing.

“Shut up Alex”, Val laughed. “ You’re the one who likes her…”

“I do-”

“Alex she’s 18”, Val said matter of factly.

Alex didn’t seemed fazed. ” And next year she’ll be 19, then 20, who cares?” He shrugged honestly. ” It just means when she’s 28 i’ll be 38”.

Val felt his eye twitch with jealousy. ” Then what’s stopping you bro?” He asked with a bit of attitude.

He knew Zendaya didn’t belong to him, but it didn’t stop the jealousy from coursing through his veins. 

“The fact that my best-friend fell in love with her first”, He admitted. Blue eyes looking suddenly serious. “ And the fact that she clearly likes you back…”

This was nothing new. Growing up the two boys always fought over the same toy.  But something about this time felt surreal. 

“What?” Val furrowed his eyebrows. “ Don’t be ridiculous”.

“Look”, Alex  yanked  the door open with a playful glint in his eyes. 

“I’m a pretty fair dude, so i’ll do you a favor. Either ask her out or I will”, He added.

Val stood up from his desk. ” What are you threatening me?”

Alex laughed looking over his shoulder. ” It’s a promise bratishka”.

Secret Hi-Chew Z

Picked these up at Toys ‘R Us in Tokyo last month. A bag of “secret” Hi-Chew fruit chews…

There are four levels of secret flavors you’re supposed to eat and try and guess what each one is…

Levels 1 and 2 are single fruit flavors. Level 3 is a two fruit blend. Level 4 is a three fruit blend.

You’re also given hints on the back on each wrapper to try and help you ascertain what each flavor is…

Level 1 - It’s a yellow fruit. (My guess here was banana.)

Level 2 - The fruit’s name has five characters. (No clue what this was.)

Level 3 - One of the fruits you eat in winter. (I think one was tangerine.)

Level 4 - There was a silhouette of fruits as a hint. (One was strawberries.)