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It’s a Bet

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JB X Mark Series

Chapter 1

Word Count: 1,558

Genre: Angst, Smut, AU

Warning: Will contain Angst and Smut in other chapters; POV changes in some chapters

 A light chime rang as the door opened to the shop.  You began to take a deep breath and looked up to give a customer a big smile. “Welcome! Let me know if you need anything!” You say as delightful as you could be only in realizing that the customer were customers. A couple at that. Reminding you it had been five years since you’ve been in a relationship which in fact, next month you would be turning 23 and still single.  Another sigh left my mouth as the couple went to check out the menu of the café.

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Request: “i’m a tattoo artist and you’ve never gotten a tattoo so i sorta have to pop your needle cherry not that i’m complaining” au

A/N: First off, that gif is killing me and I thought it’d be nice to use as the cover ‘art’ for this fic because why not? Adam is hot and just look how nice his hair is! Thanks @glitterbras​ for the request, I think I went a little overboard…anyways, enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.6K+

Warning: A few curse words.


“Are you sure about this?” Rey asked as she looked over from the drivers seat, you fiddling with your thumbs as you sure as hell weren’t sure about this, but it was what you wanted and you’ve been dying to get a tattoo. “I mean, you don’t have to do it just because Poe, Finn, and I have one, we don’t mind-”

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Don't Need an Excuse

For @helisoka Sorry there’s no Sumire this time, but here’s the fluff I promised you!

“Hey… Tai.”


Aomine pauses his game and glances over his shoulder. Kagami’s lying on the couch absorbed in an article he’s reading in a magazine. He’s chewing on his bottom lip the way he does when he’s concentrating. He sounds a million miles away.

“I love you.”

This gets Kagami to shut his magazine, turn his head in Aomine’s direction, enough for Aomine to see the look of perplexity scribbled across his face.

“What did you do?”

“What d'ya mean, ‘what did you do’? I can’t tell my boyfriend I love him without lookin’ suspicious?” snaps Aomine, still with a grin on his face because just being in Kagami’s presence makes him smile.

“Well yeah – of course you can. But. What did you do? Did you fuck up on something? Oh don’t tell me you –”

“Hey, asshole. I don’t need some excuse to tell ya I love ya. I’m sayin’ it ‘cause I felt like sayin’ it. Why are you makin’ this so difficult?”

Kagami props himself up on an elbow and lets the magazine drop to floor. “Alright, alright! I get it. I was just making sure.”

Aomine discards his game controller and haphazardly crawls over to the couch, leans in so his mouth is a hair’s width from Kagami’s lips. “Makin’ sure of what, idiot?”

“Making sure you didn’t need an excuse,” Kagami says as he tips his chin up, presses his warm lips to Aomine’s mouth.

There’s leftover salt from the popcorn they shared earlier when Aomine licks against the other’s lips, he tastes the savoury butter on Kagami’s tongue. A hand curls into his hair, teeth scrape at his lip and Aomine forgets what they were talking about.

When he can barely breathe, Aomine doesn’t stop. The other tastes too good and he’s just as much of a glutton as his other half. His insides are doing a thing, flipping and flopping like they always do when he kisses Kagami, his heart racing like it’s their very first time. It’s always like the first time.

When his lungs and knees start to ache, he pulls away – just a little. No doubt the angle they’re in is putting strain on Kagami’s neck, but it wouldn’t hurt to kiss him a few more times if Aomine made them quick ones. He can feel Kagami’s grin against his lips even with the very last kiss.

Kagami goes back to reading his magazine, Aomine goes back to playing his video game. He gets a kick out of surprising Kagami like that, but they’ve been together so long that now Kagami is finding ways to get back at him. It’s great, it keeps the relationship fun and fresh and that’s what matters.

“Hey… Dai.”

“Yeah?” Aomine’s only paying half the attention, his focus is wrapped in this new move he’s just learned.

“I love you too.”

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The small brunette casually wanders into the reptile shop. Wait a second... this wasn't the bey parts shop she had originally been looking for. This much was true the exact moment she took in the sight of the reptiles, and nervously turned her gaze to the male nearby. "C-C-Can you point me into the direction of this shop." She moves over to him and shows him the small slip of paper that had the store written down on it.

Ivan glances up from his magazine, chewing a piece of gum. He raises an eyebrow at the small girl in front of him then takes the piece of paper, scanning over it. “That ain’t near here. Few streets down, I think.” He stares at here for a moment and then sighs. “Want me to take you?”

Nala, Collie mix (1 y/o), Brookdale Park, Bloomfield, NJ • “She never does anything bad. She’ll occasionally chew a magazine, but otherwise we’ve gotten very lucky with her.”

Subway Rides (Oh, You Keep Me Wondering)

Character(s) | Pairing: Santana L. & Brittany P. | Brittana

Summary: AU. Brittany takes the subway every day. She often sees a brunette with long, black hair and amazing clothes. Brittany wonders if she likes girls, but her gaydar has never been her strong suit.

Previous Chapters: 

01 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 10 11 | 12 | Interlude

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