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After breakfast sex.

Type: Obviously smut lmao

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“Wipe your face.” Chen directed at you, his eyes scrunching up as he watched you stuff another syrup coated pancake inside your mouth.
“Wipe yours.” You shot back, eyes closing in content as you chewed slowly, the warm cake heating up the inside of your mouth.
“I don’t have anything on mine.” He scoffed at you, his fork poking into a piece of sausage.
“Oh right, sorry, that’s just your face.” You mumbled back at him, your eyes opening to catch him chewing on his food, not even paying attention to you anymore, his attention directed at a stray piece of egg he couldn’t quite pick up with his fork.

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You Deserved It

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90. You shot me?! (WARNING: LANGUAGE)

By God, you hate that transfer from Erudite - Eric. He doesn’t notice you as much, but you hate him as much as Four does. Even though you ranked slightly below Eric, you got accepted to the leadership program…, only then Eric noticed you. You competed with him, but sadly he was better.

“It’s a conspiracy”, you said, angrily chewing your cake.

“Or he’s just better”, said Zeke.

Present, you teach the Dauntless born initiates while Four takes on the transfers. Eric occasionally butt in and you hate whenever he interrupts your teaching lesson. There are times when you want to just grab the knife and throw it at him.

One fateful day, Four decides to do ‘Capture The Flag’. You and Four lead one team while Eric and Lauren lead the other team. You and Four make the strategy, but of course, you have a side plan in mind.

Taking down Lauren is easy. Finding Eric is another question. That bastard is good, that you’ve got to admit. Once you found him leading a few initiates, you make sure your initiates take down the others while Eric is saved just so you could have him all to yourself.

The ambush is a success and Eric is captured by you. “The game is only won if you capture the flag, not me (y/n)”, he says. Then, you hear cheering. You turn to see Tris waving Eric’s team flag. You turn back to Eric and smirk before shooting his leg.

“What the fuck, (y/n)?! You shot me?!”, he yells at you.

“Only cause you deserved it”, you say before you shoot him on his head, causing him to yell in pain. “And that”, you say before leaving him there.

The next day, Reilly intercepts you on your way to the mess hall. “You know, Eric is quite pissed off about what you did”, he says.

“Well, I’m not sorry”, you say, walking away from Reilly.

Of course, Eric summons you to his office. You arrive and cross your arms as you glare at him.

“Do you know why I called you?”, he asks. His forehead is red and probably still hurts as fuck.

“Well, I don’t like to be summoned like some dog”, you say. Eric stands up and slightly limps toward you. You smirk - you did quite the good job of hurting him.

He grabs you by the chin and forces you to meet his gaze. “I don’t like people disobeying me”, he says.

“Well, I don’t like you”, you say.

“Why? Because you like me?”, he asks. Suddenly, your face turns red. Is that the real reason all along or he’s just cornering you?

“Get your head outta your ass, Nose. You’re way outta your league”, you say, pushing his hand off of your chin.

Then, he pushes you to the door before pinning you with his body and kisses you hard. You squirm at first, but you don’t know why you eventually melt in his arms. Eric has his hands under your shirt while yours messes up his perfectly gelled hair. The two of you would’ve gone any further if it weren’t for the knock on the door.

“Eric, let’s go. Max is calling for a meeting. Jeanine is here”, from what you hear, Reilly hates Jeanine.

“I’ll go out first. Wait till it’s cleared”, says Eric as he smooths his hair back in place. He grabs his tablet and walks out. You wait for five minutes before leaving his office. What just happened?

hc that on Tim’s birthday no one else gets a slice of the cake because it’s not your birthday, it’s his? so it’s all for him? and so he eats the whole thing by himself. when any of his brothers or Bruce ask if they can have some Tim will just chew the cake so obnoxiously that they are like wow gross sorry we asked. and because this is an every year thing his family makes sure to cancel any plans he has the next day because he can’t even leave the bed his stomach hurts so bad and he swears he won’t do it again

REAL Part 6

Part 5  

  “I like this one,” Luke said pointing down at the piece of cake he was taste testing as he enjoyed his bite.

 "Are you sure? Because this one tastes pretty good,“ Ingrid said pointing down at her’s.

 "It doesn’t matter what you guys think because this one is it,” You said as Michael leaned over the table and took a bite of your piece. Luke raised an eyebrow and did the same, immediately closing his eyes and nodding as he chewed the cake.

 "She’s right,“ Luke said finishing the bite of cake.

 "This is ridiculous. You guys are already married,” Ingrid as snagging a small bite.

 "Yes but not everyone knows that,“ Calum said walking over and placing beers in front of the group. “And one of those people is (Y/N)’s mum and she’s probably the one person that should know.”

 You sighed and took another bite of the cake you thought was from heaven before getting up and walking toward the bedroom.

 "What’s wrong with her?” Michael asked looking after you and then at Luke.

 "I think it’s just Gwen. She’s getting on her nerves at work,“ Luke explained. It was true, Gwen was always popping in your office to talk. Usually it was about stuff you didn’t even care about.

 "The whole thing about her mum planning this big wedding isn’t helping, but she’s just looking forward to tonight,” Luke added as he grabbed his beer, leaning back in his seat.

 "I just spoke to Ben. Everything is all set for us to go backstage,“ You said walking back out and sitting down next to Luke.

 "Can’t wait,” Luke said smiling at you. He quickly pressed his lips to your lips and then your forehead, making everyone look away in disgust.

 "W-w-wait,“ Ingrid said holding her hands up. "What the hell are you two going to do about the whole wedding thing? You didn’t even want this in the beginning.”

 "I think we’re just going to tell her,“ You said shrugging. "I’m sick of not being able to wear my ring.”

 Luke rolled his eyes and nodded in agreement. “Let’s just get going so we can make it to this concert before the crowd gets too big,” Michael said standing up.

 "We have VIP passes,“ You said looking at him and then at Luke, confused why Michael was in a rush.

 "We also have to pick up the other idiot,” Calum said standing up, referring to Ashton. After changing into high waisted skinny jeans, a gray sleeveless tank top, and your black high tops you met the other down in the car.

 "So everyone needs to stay together,“ You said running your hands through your hair. "This show is sold out, along with their others, and it’s going to be packed.”

 "I think we would know that,“ Michael chuckled.

 "Yeah, because everyone of your shows has been sold out,” Ingrid sarcastically stated. “Oh wait, no. That’s not you.”

 "Way to hit a soft spot,“ Ashton said clutching his chest. Listening to everyone in the car you rolled your eyes, rethinking the people you hung out with.

 "Remember, you can’t get rid of them that easily anymore,” Luke whispered as he leaned over to you.

 "I hate when you do that,“ You said gripping the wheel. "It makes me feel weird.”

 "You probably shouldn’t have married me then,“ Luke joked. You sighed and looked over at him making his smile melt away. "I was kidding. Don’t divorce me,” Luke pleaded.

 "I should have reconsidered bringing the kids,“ You said looking in the rearview mirror seeing the four people that were now screaming at each other. Luke laughed and grabbed one of your hands from the steering wheel. The rest of the way the others argued about sold out shows until you walked into the venue.

 "You guys can go in,” the cashier said as you walked up to the door.

  “Thank you,” You said smiling as you passed him. Ashton, Michael, Calum, and Luke stayed behind for a moment to talk to some of the people that were still waiting in line. After a few people passed you, Ingrid cleared her throat to grab the boys’ attention. The boys excused themselves and Luke rushed back to your side.

 Walking into the venue you smile at the cashier and then turned the corner, your smile fading. The venue was packed and the show didn’t start for another half hour. “C'mon,” Luke said loosely grabbing your hand, letting your hand slide out of his hand as he moved toward the stairs to get up to the VIP area.

 You made your way to the part of the balcony that was closest to the stage. Luke smiled at some of the people that were staring, noticing who you were. When he rejoined you he wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your shoulder. “I love you Mrs. Hemmings,” Luke whispered.

 "I love you too,“ You said turning around and wrapping his arms around your neck. Luke smiled and pressed his lips to yours, pulling your waist closer to him. You wrapped your arms around Luke’s neck and pulled away, smiling at him.

 "Thank you for coming with me,” You whispered as you bit your bottom lip and ran your hands down his chest.

 "I wanted to and I know how much you like them,“ Luke said smiling.

 "Correction. I like all four bands,” You said smiling.

 "Where the hell is everyone else?“ Ingrid asked walking up with three beers.

 "Did you loose Ashton at the bar?” You sighed looking over at the bar, seeing Ashton taking photos and taking to some fans. At one point he looked over at you and pointed. You quickly looked away, hiding your face and making Luke laugh.

 "You know, I never understood why you always freaked out when we brought attention to you,“ Luke said as moving some hair out of your face. "You’re so beautiful.”

 "Oh stop it,“ You said smiling, hitting his shoulder. Luke laughed and dug into your jean pocket, pulling out your ring.

 "I told you the truth. You are beautiful,” Luke said smiling as he slid the ring on your finger.

 "Holy shit,“ Calum said  walking up to the group with someone else. “This place is crowded.”

 "Hey guys,” Derek said waving.

 "The man of the night,“ Ingrid said smiling. "Well one of them anyway.”

 Luke and Calum talked to Derek while you watched Like Pacific and Knuckle Puck. The boys had met State Champs a while back and a couple months later you interviewed them, getting dinner with them afterwards. Ever since then State Champs and 5 Seconds of Summer were close.

 When Derek left Luke returned to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Did he notice?” You whispered as you both looked at your ring Luke was running his fingers over.

 "He did but he didn’t say anything. He was invited to the small wedding after all,“ Luke said against your temple. "I love it when you get close to bands. It makes it easier to know who to friend.”

 "You guys make me wish I wasn’t around you all of the time,“ Ingrid mumbled before taking a long sip of beer. You rolled your eyes and looked back at the stage as soon as the lights went out and the crowd started to scream. Neck Deep had been one of your favorite bands since you had to talk to them for an article. After that interview you had gotten closer to them.

 "Life’s not out to get you, but trust me you’ll be fine. Cause I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb,” You sang making Luke smile as he ran his hands up your sides. As you sang Calum pointed a camera at you, grabbing your attention. Continuing to sing you covered the camera  making Calum and Luke laugh.

 "Someone is showing off their bling,“ Michael said walking up, his eyes on the crowd as they pushed each other and stage dived. Ben was singing on the end walking toward the part of the balcony you were at, pointing and waving when he saw you.

 After State Champs everyone started to go to the merch booth but your group started to make your way backstage. “Luke, can I get a picture with you?” Someone asked as you walked by.

 “Uh yeah. No problem,” He said smiling as you turned to look at them. “You go on. I’ll meet you back there.”

 “Alright,” You said before continuing to Ingrid grabbed your arm and walked against the crowd with you until you made it backstage, passing Like Pacific and Knuckle Puck. You smiled and waved at them, thinking back to the interview you had with them. "Holy shit. It’s Ben Barlow,” You said smiling as you walked in.

 "Shit,“ Ben said looking back at you and then jumping up. Ben embraced you in a hug and then pulled away to look at you. "And where is your lover?”

 “He got stopped by a couple fans,“ You said hitting his shoulder as you pulled away.

 "Are we still going for drinks afterwards?” Matt asked walking up from behind you, wrapping his arm around your neck.

 "Of course,“ You said smiling at Matt. "That’s most of the reason that I drove all the way out here with a group of kids.”  

 “And here I thought it was to see little old me,“ Ben said smiling.

 "Don’t flatter yourself Barlow,” Luke said walking in.

 "Luke,“ Ben laughed walking up to him.

 "If anything it was I who came just to see you,” Luke said smiling as he and Ben shook hands and then hugged.

 "I see you’re rocking the ring,“ Matt said holding his left hand up. You did the same and Matt examined your hands. "I think I need one but bigger,” He said making you laugh.

 "Of course you do,“ You laughed.  "Uh guys, you have no idea how much I needed you.”

 "What’s wrong? Last time we saw you life was great,“ Sam asked sitting down on the couch and looking at his phone.

 "Wait, so they don’t know about Gwen?” Ingrid asked sitting down next to Sam and pointing at a beer that was waiting to be claimed.

 "Gwen,“ Ben said turning back to you. “Who is this Gwen?”  

 "It’s a long story,“ You said as Evan and Ryan walked in. “I honestly don’t even want to talk about her. I just need a drink or twelve.”

 “Then what are we doing standing around?” Ben asked holding his hands up. “Let’s get the fuck out of there.”

 “I’ll get the others,” Ryan said hitting Calum’s shoulders before running toward the merchandise tables. You walked next to Ben and Evan making you way to their tour buses. When you walked outside you were swarmed by fans that were waiting outside.

 “Luke, is it true that you guys are married?” a fan asked holding her phone up. Luke exchanged a look with you and then turned to Ingrid. She was looking down at her phone and then looked up showing the latest article about you and Luke at the Neck Deep and State Champs concert. There were pictures of everyone that was in your group; especially of you and Luke. 

 “Fuck,” You said looking at him.

 “What?” Matt asked looking at Ingrid’s phone. “Fuck,” He said.

 Before anyone could say anything else your phone started to ring, along with Ingrid’s and Luke’s. After digging your phone out of your pocket you saw that your mum was calling, making you need for drinks grow.


i just saw State Champs and Neck Deep so his was needed.