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Chevalier has an extensive hair routine, ranging from drying with cotton cloths (or shirts if he’s at Philippe’s), to using oils that preserve curls, to spending nearly an hour separating them to gain volume. Regardless of how many times Monsieur insists that his hair would do just fine without all the preening (he has a soft spot for the fluffy bed head Chevy can get), he always counters with the philosophy that, “without clothing, hair is the only style a person has, and darling, we both know how important that is to me.”

Middle America (2)

Middle America (1) 

So many requests for this second part–enjoy, enjoy! Don’t forget to listen to the song as you read, Middle America -B x

“I feel like it’s the fourth of July, it’s our very first time, somewhere in the Middle of America…” 

Eyes locking on his gaze you gulp, he knew in full that you hadn’t had sex, nor had you done anything more than helping a guy jerk off. The air was humid, and the night was setting in, you could feel mosquitoes ticking your exposed skin and in the distance lightening bugs were beginning to come out. 

“You wanted it to be special…” he trailed off, running his hand up and down your back soothingly, “this is special…I love you…we’re away from everyone, it’s somewhere only we know.” He was right–it couldn’t get any better than this, “let me make this special for you y/n.” He begged you pecking your lips repeatedly as his arms wrapped tightly around you and he pressed your back against the cool metal Chevy truck bed. 

Lips swollen and cheeks flushed you lean up and press a kiss of consent to his lips, Jack kisses you back, and you can tell by his movements that he’s nervous. Sure, he had slept with other people before but you hadn’t and he wanted to make the moment memorable for you unlike his first time in the back of a car after a football game with a girl two years older than him. He thought that if he gave it up quickly, he’d be more experienced and would be seen as ‘cool’ but then he met you, and you changed his view on life, on girls, on love. 

Within a few moments all of your clothes expect your undergarments are off, and Jack is reaching back into the truck to grab a blanket that is always kept there to cover you both, “I’m gonna take it slow,” he whispers in your ear, you eyes open for a brief moment and you admire the twinkling starts above you, shining through the trees. He reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a condom, slipping it on with ease, his fingers were shaking and it took him longer than usual but your calming hands rubbed his back and he soon got it on.

Noticing your shaky legs, Jack presses a tender kiss to your forehead and smiles, “Hey, hey, I love you, yeah?” 

You smile nuzzling noses with him, “I love you too.” Once those words were spoken, Jack gently pushes himself against you. 

“Bite my shoulder if it hurts too much, it’ll get better I promise.” He whispers in your ear as an unbearable pain overcomes your body. You bite on his shoulder so hard you nearly break the skin, Jack goes slow, moving in further with each thrust until he’s all the way in and within a few thrusts you two are in sync and the pain is subsiding. 

Letting out a light moan, you grip onto his back pressing your fingers in as he caresses your waist, face buried in your neck he tries to control his labored breathing. 

Back arching, you smile when you feel his grin against your skin–you were both enjoying the moment immensely and the rocking back and forth of hips was making you both ever so close. You never wanted the moment to end. You tangle your fingers in Jack’s thick hair and roll your hips up against his, he lets out a groan and holds your hip as you and him begin to up the pace. 

You can smell summer in the air, a smell you don’t think you could ever forget. The sunburn from earlier in the day was stinging your skin everywhere Jack touched and his skin and hair smelt lightly of lake water, you loved every second of it. His skin felt hot, and smooth, and the faint aroma of weed was still in the air. The mixture of smells and textures made the moment so memorable, so amazing, you let out a louder groan as you become so close you cannot hold on anymore. 

“Jack…I’m so close.” 

“Let go, let go for me babygirl,” he whispers in your ear, you do as you’re told and relax your muscles letting yourself climax which takes Jack over the edge and he too finishes. Kissing you affectionately he rolls off of you and pulls you on top of him kissing the top of your head. 

Smiling you look up at him, “I’m glad I came with you to the middle of nowhere, it didn’t turn out to be half bad..”