Sunday Comin’ Down - The Griswolds Edition

In addition to chatting with us for our SelfieSaturday feature, wearethegriswolds also cooked up any amazing playlist of tunes they’ve been jamming out to while on tour. It’s pretty much the perfect batch of songs for any summer roadtrip. So head on over to the Vans Spotify and have a listen! <3

Photo: king-chevron

My Liam’s Chevrons design is now available as a temporary tattoo !!

Each of the four chevrons are printed onto it’s own tattoo paper (7cm x 5cm) and can be worn separately (though why you want to separate the boys, I do not know :3)

This tattoo set comes with all 4 chevrons to complete the design.

The temporary tattoo will last 3-7 days and instructions on how to apply it onto your skin are provided on the back.

>>>>for more info and to purchase, click this link<<<<