baby store gothic

  • why is this $32
  • smelling everything and then getting a headache. you can’t tell if this one lotion smelled any different than the other one you were holding. better sniff again and get another headache
  • this converts into that! and that! and this! and that! it’s also A NEW CAR!
  • “Lady Killer” onesies. everything for boys is centred around heterosexuality. get me out of here. where am i. where is the exit
  • do you want this in Regular or Pink?
  • everything is chevron print. you look down. you are suddenly wearing chevron print.
  • Boob Harnesses That Cost More Than Your Rent
  • finding something gender-neutral and almost starting to cry
  • this will last your baby 80 Y E A R S. They Will Grow Old With It
  • Owls Are Suddenly Feminine. Boys Like Turtles. Why This
  • buy your baby a chandelier
  • i don’t know what this product does but it’s cute so i’m buying 4
  • everything Has To Match
  • what the fuck is a receiving blanket? who cares. it’s $3
  • this plays music. that plays music. you, also, play music
  • nothing comes in red for some reason, unless it’s a Play Gym
  • N is suddenly a number. when did i get transported back to 8th grade algebra. i don’t know where i am. someone Please Help Me.
  • justifying paying $500 for a crib. you don’t end up using the crib.
  • crib bumpers aren’t safe. you see some Safe Crib Bumpers. you question what you read. you read the price tag. you stop questioning it and move along
  • Why Do Babies Need Socks
  • the box assumes you’re a straight, married, cis woman for no reason. a lot of products assume this. you wonder if buying it will be violating some Ancient Mother’s Code.
  • someone randomly comes up to you to judge you. you wonder if you initiated the conversation. it is not a conversation. they just want to stare as you pick something out. you leave. they catch up with you a few aisles later and repeat the same thing over and over again. they never say hello. who are they?
  • you keep hearing a large body of customers echoing somewhere. you are alone in each aisle.
  • a toy offers to teach your baby spanish. you live in a country where spanish is not a language you even need to learn. it still wants to teach them spanish
  • baby fork. baby spoon. no baby knife. why no baby knife?
  • Register The Baby
  • the clerk looks like she never wants children. you’re not sure she’s going to make it through the shift. you gently tell her “debit, please”

etsyfindoftheday | 11.7.15

the traveller tote bag in ‘nordic’ by annetweelinkdesign

this natural cotton weekender bag features a faux leather bottom and a hand-drawn and printed geometric bohemian design. i love the gold foil logo accent, too.

My Liam’s Chevrons design is now available as a temporary tattoo !!

Each of the four chevrons are printed onto it’s own tattoo paper (7cm x 5cm) and can be worn separately (though why you want to separate the boys, I do not know :3)

This tattoo set comes with all 4 chevrons to complete the design.

The temporary tattoo will last 3-7 days and instructions on how to apply it onto your skin are provided on the back.

>>>>for more info and to purchase, click this link<<<<