Do You Know What That’s Worth - A WidowTracer Fan Fiction

She awoke from the darkness.

Soft sand caressed her lower body. Tiny toes dug into the sand as water washed over them. The warmth of a etherial sun was the next thing she sensed. Eyes closed she turned her face upwards, absorbing what the sun offered her while her lower legs combined the sun’s warmth with the soft waves of water. She held no sense of who she was. How she came to suddenly exist in this location was unknown to her.

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1. 1 in Mendota Double Braided Collar 18-20 inches, solid brass hardware. EXTREMELY adjustable, it is about 20 inches long but can be sized for any neck, cut, burned. There are no holes for the buckle you just poke it in the braid. ($10.00) Brand new, tags still on

2. Halloween print, and chevron print K9 creations collars. Each $10. Barely used, stainless steel hardware, fabric collar, 1.5 inches wide, can be sized from 12-18 inches. Alien dog collar, never used, $10

3. Ruffwear Front Range Harnesses (size M) $20 each (reg ~40) Pink and Blue (I’ll clean and get the fur off don’t worry) 


4. Mendota pro check cords. 30 ft, orange. These are hunt/training leads, I tied handles in them but you can untie them and use them as a drag line. Barely used, 20 for each.

5. Soflines floating beach line with handle, 50 ft, can be used for hiking, swimming, training etc. Very visible. FLOATS!!! Brand new never been used, regularly 70 bucks, asking 50.


US shipping is a flat 3 bucks, international will be calculated on case by case basis. PM or inbox me if you are interested! 

Find more gear HERE and HERE!

Suburban Georgia Gothic

(This is different from regular southern gothic bc that’s all rural stuff and wealthy suburbs have their own goth shit let me tell you)

  • The blizzard of the month at Dairy Queen hasn’t changed in at least seven months. Though, come to think of it, you’re not sure you’ve ever seen the sign outside say anything different. Even the temperature is always 80 degrees.
  • The text on that Vineyard Vines shirt wasn’t English, but you’re not entirely sure what it was. You have trouble calling the text to mind at all. Something about it was unsettling—it didn’t look like any language you’ve ever seen.
  • Last summer was the hottest on record, with 279 days over 90 degrees, according to the weather channel.
  • Everyone remembers the week of snow days last winter, but you can’t find a single picture of it on your phone or a single post about it on any social networks. When you ask a teacher, they look at you as if you’ve lost your mind.
  • Every McMansion in this neighborhood is identical. The same wraparound porch, the same trimmed hedges, the same driveway. The same address, the same car out front, the same family watching you from the bay window.
  • You don’t know what’s wafting from the window of the lifted truck parked outside your friend’s house, but it doesn’t smell like weed smoke. It doesn’t smell like smoke at all. And you’re pretty sure smoke doesn’t hover in the branches of trees like that.
  • You’re pretty sure you’ve never seen a peanut farm or a peach tree, but everyone you’ve ever met over the age of 65 grew up on a peanut farm or had a peach orchard out back. They all tell the same stories of growing up on that farm—every single one of them. Verbatim.
  • It’s Sunday but you see people going into Chick Fil A. Out of curiosity, you wait and see if anyone comes out with food. No one comes out at all.
  • The girl who sits next to you in class carries a chevron print Tervis tumbler. You’ve never seen it less than completely full, but you’re sure you’ve seen her drink out of it. The cucumber slices in it are starting to change shape, into forms you can’t describe.
  • You realize the lightning bugs are blinking in patterns. You try translating it into morse code, just for fun. They are spelling out “IT IS TOO LATE”, over and over again.
  • You’ve been staring at the monogram bumper sticker on the car in front of you for several minutes and can’t make it look like letters. However, you can’t help but notice that it kind of resembles a face. Not a human face, though. Not quite.
  • The logo on that John Deere tractor is a deer… but it doesn’t look right. Something about the antlers. There are too many points… or too few… come to think of it, you’re not totally sure.
  • The sweet tea you’re drinking isn’t sweet at all, but it doesn’t taste like unsweet. It tastes kind of like something you’ve tasted before, something salty with a coppery undertone. You add more sugar.
  • The waitress at your favorite restaurant calls you a different pet name every time you come in: “sweet pea”, “darlin’”, “honey”, “blood moon”, “pumpkin”.
  • The lights at Waffle House are off, but you can see movement inside. There are several figures, both in the booths and behind the counter. You keep driving. You’re not sure who they are but you’re pretty sure they don’t want to serve you cheese and eggs.
  • The local radio station that plays contemporary Christian music is just static today. Under the hissing and crackling of static, though, you can hear a voice praying, frantically, softly, and then stopping abruptly. You switch to classic rock.
kanken alternatives

so, everyone in the studyblr community seems to have kankens, which is nice. but they’re REALLY expensive!! here’s some cute backpacks (all under $30!) I found that are super cute and won’t kill your wallet! all of these backpacks have a large outside pocket like the kanken does, because I have a soft spot for the style.

  • Everest Vintage Backpack - ranging from $11.19 to $22.81, this comes in white, black, aqua blue, rustic orange, eggplant purple, and burgundy. it looks REALLY CUTE and has really good reviews!
  • Kitty Backpack - this is just $17.99 and has a cute cat little face on it. it has ears (!!!) and the zippers look like kitty paws. it comes in eight different colors as well!
  • Intense Galaxy Backpack - from $17.99 to $18.99 depending on the color you want, this has colorful galaxy patterns on it to bring attention to how CUTE you are! it comes in five different color combinations and they all look awesome!
  • Patterned Canvas Backpack - this is a 15″ backpack and it comes in eleven different patterns, all of which I believe are $21.99. there’s flowers, cats, etc etc etc!!
  • Patterned Canvas Backpack (another one!) - this comes in two different sizes and a TON of different patterns! there’s so many different ones (some come with a lunch bag as well– those are more expensive, which sucks because the lunch bags don’t look very nice). these backpacks have got GREAT reviews and seem to be around $26.99 to $28.99!
  • Canvas Print Backpack - this looks super cute! the prices range from $12.99 to $14.99, and there’s six different patterns that it can be made of. the reviews look really good!
  • Mint Daypack - this has decent reviews and is definitely the backpack I’d recommend to anyone trying to have a mint aesthetic with their bullet journal and supplies! it’s $24.99, got chevron print, and it can hold a 15″ laptop.
  • Waterproof Solid Backpack - this comes in six different solid colors, and has great reviews. it’s $27.99 and seems like it would be really durable and great for hauling stuff around everywhere, especially if you’re going out in nature at all (no need to fear putting it down and getting your stuff wet!)
  • EcoCity Solid Backpack - available in five different solid colors and one galaxy pattern, this looks really cool! it’s $25.99 and has a HUGE amount of reviews, the majority of which are positive! another plus is that it uses a lot of recycled denim, so you’re helping the environment by buying it!
  • Light Blue Jansport Backpack - a light blue backpack with a pocket accented by lace, this backpack’s colors work together really nicely and it’s only $15.20. make sure you’re looking at the LIGHT blue one, though, as the dark blue one is about $30 dollars more (yikes!)
  • Classic Jansport Backpack - some of these patterns/solids are REALLY cute, but be sure to check the price! some of the choices are super overpriced. my favorite, which I think this links directly to, is called “multi painted ditzy” and features a light blue background with orange and red flowers with green leaves on it for only $26.71

I hope this is helpful! I know I, for one, don’t have a super huge budget to spend on craft supplies, and I don’t want to spend all of my birthday and holiday money on a backpack just because it’s a brand name. ♥

hc; wheein

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

wheein headcanons-

- master head-banger, can rock out to any genre of music

- makes up her own choreo to every single song and tries to teach it to you

- always has a bowl of cherries in the fridge

- appreciates the noise of a busy city

- always eats with a napkin on her lap

- always forgets to put the dvd back in it’s case

- very soft kisser, not assertive in any way

- sweaters are her favorite article of clothing

- has a secret knack for painting

- likes the color lime green a lot and really likes seeing it on you

- really likes chevron print

- tastes like grapes and mint

- enjoys running her hands up and down your arms when you’re kissing

- likes undressing you. not in a sexual way, she just really enjoys carefully lifting your shirt over your head and seeing your exposed collar bones and skin afterwards

- very very touchy feely, likes to cuddle and hug

- thinks heeled boots are sophisticated and pretty

- probably makes really cheesy nicknames for everyone

- always screenshots when it’s 11:11 and sends it to you so you guys can make a wish together


Hi anon, 

here is your preference, I’m guessing you’re going to college soon, if you are congrats, its so fucking great. Anyways, thank you for the request and i hope you like it! 


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SHEIN’S CLEARANCE STOCK - everything on sale! [♥]

beautiful dresses: burgundy winter dress // blue vintage dress [♥] // black dress //  black&white dress // white bodycon dress // burgundy turtleneck dress // pink winter dress // pink&white bodycon dress // floral dress

purses&bags: black backpack // red shoulder bag [♥] // grey shoulder bag // teddy bear purse // white wallet clutch // navy tote bag // mini floral backpack

coats and jackets: red winter coat // grey jacket [♥] // black poncho // chevron print vest // floral long coat // red lapel coat [♥] // red winter army coat // blue winter slim coat // navy woolen coat [♥] // black winter coat

more dresses here // more coats&jackets here // more bags here

Essence Tribal Summer Makeup Trend Edition Review

Essence Tribal Summer Trend Edition Collection

The Essence Tribal Summer Trend Edition Collection is a summer themed trend edition which is currently available at select Target stores across Australia.

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Dress Up in You (Trixya) - Chapter Five

AN: Back with another chapter. I appreciate you sticking with me after a few very character based instalments with not much action (when I say slow burn I do mean slow!). From this point, everything really kicks off and into the main body of the story. Love you!

Warnings: Same as usual, swearing, smoking, blah blah. Get ready for more exciting warnings in Chapter Six!

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