chevron shirt


🔥Yo Girl Needed Food: The Haul Ft. Traded Joe’s and Academy 🔥

American Dog Shirt: $4.99
Chevron Tervis Tumbler: $19.99
Nike Sports Bras: $40 X2
$35 X1
Yeti Shirts: $24.99 X2

Trader Joe’s:
Literally no idea ~$300

Total before tax: $489.96

I love going to Trader Joe’s!!! They have the best food ever, I stocked up on frozen meals because I am not capable of keeping real food in my apartment because I am a child. At least TJ’s has an excellent selection. 👑

anonymous asked:

wcif that grey chevron shirt

I’m not sure what a chevron shirt is, and the images I found on Google didn’t resemble anything that my sims wear…so I took a guess, I believe this is the shirt you’re talking about. 

It is a default replacement of tmtopmockturtle and you can get it here.

anonymous asked:

It's not visible on most pics but there is an alien tie pin on Chris's tie at the B&N event. And his two tone shoes are on point (he should've worn those with the smashing chevron pattern red shirt earlier). He looks great.

Alien pin ha ha ha! Chris’ obsession with the paranormal is one of his most endearing quirks.

Thanks anon.