chevron pink and white pattern

Preference #3 - Silver

Requested: Yes (Can I request the color thing, but with purple/silver?)

Synopsis: How the color relates to each of the boys.

Requests are: OPEN

A/N: I may reference some of the other color preferences and tie some of them together.


Ashton: nail polish

Searching through your bags, you laid eyes on the little glass bottle. You decided it was time to paint your nails. Your boyfriend walked into the living room, arms full with snack foods. You two weren’t planning on leaving the hotel room at all today. “Baby, what are you doing?” He asked his infamous question. “I want to paint my toe nails,” an idea sparked in your head to have him help you. ” And I was wondering if maybe you wanted to help me paint them?” Showcasing your infamous smile, knowing he never says no to it. With a sigh, he dropped the snacks on the table and walked over to the couch to help you. “Thank you, baby. I love you!” You handed him the bottle of nail polish and kissed his cheek.

Michael: wristbands

Waiting in line seemed to take longer than you thought. You were waiting to see your friends play at a beneficial music festival. It wasn’t a very big festival. Your town did this every year to help raise money for the town. Finally making it to the plastic foldable table, your boyfriend paid for your entry. Placing your wrists out, the workers behind the table placed the silver, paper wristbands around your wrists. The two of you walked past the entry tent and immediately spotted your friends standing on the side stage. You grabbed your boyfriend’s hand and pulled him to your friends. “You guys were able to come!” Your best friend smiled as she came around the silver barricades to say hi to you two. As the conversation went on, you noticed your boyfriend getting more and more protective over you. You said your goodbyes to your friends as it was time for them to go on stage. You grabbed two seats in the front of the sitting area. Noticing he was still very protective of you, you turned to face him. “Babe, is everything okay? You seem like you’re getting protective.” “Yeah, I just noticed a few guys staring at you and I don’t appreciate it.” Wrapping your arms around him, you smiled and kissed him.

Calum: bouquet

You finished getting your boyfriend’s sister ready. It was her wedding day, and she declared you as her maid of honor. Since you started dating her brother, you two became very close friends. The bridesmaids we’re currently helping you get ready while the bride talked to her father. A knock on the door signaled that it was time for the ceremony. All the women grabbed their bouquets. Waiting for the men to join the bridal party, you looked at your bouquet. You noticed the small pink flowers, the larger white flowers, and the silver bands running through the bouquet and down to the stems of the flowers. “Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous,” you heard a familiar voice exclaim. You looked up to see your boyfriend, the best man, with his arm out, ready to escort you down the aisle. You wrapped your arm with his, pulling him closer for a quick kiss.

Luke: baby decor

Your eyes were covered as your fiancé led you to your surprise. Fumbling with the door knob, he let out a breath and you heard a door swung open. You felt your baby move, causing you to gasp and rub your bump. Your fiancé uncovered your eyes and you smiled and rubbed your belly again. In front of you was the finished nursery. Three walls painted white, the fourth painted in a white and grey chevron pattern. Light pink curtains hung from silver rods. Up against a wall sat a silver barred crib, above that hung your future daughters name in silver painted wood. A light pink blanket hung from the side of the crib, grey sheets placed on the tiny mattress inside the crib. A white changing station with silver tubs sat on the wall across from the crib. A white rocking chair sat in the corner next to the window. “Babe, this is amazing. I can’t believe you and the boys did this in a whole weekend.” He placed his chin on your shoulder, wrapping his arms around your belly, causing your baby to move around again. “Well, I made sure the boys worked hard. I wanted to make sure it was done before you got home from your girls weekend.” He placed a soft kiss to your cheek as you continued to admire the nursery.