chevelle ss 454

1970 Chevelle Super Sport with the 454 big block mated to a 3-speed automatic. It’s draped in factory “Cranberry Red” colors. I’m pretty sure this is the 350 horsepower version since it doesn’t have the trapdoor at the base of the cowl induction hood. Those versions were 450 horsepower.


1971 convertible Chevelle Super Sport with an amazing list of options. The LS-5 454 seething with 365 horsepower, factory air conditioning and a Turbo 400 transmission is the kicker. (Oh for a Muncie M-22 in that girl!). After reading through the list of rare options on the signboard, I’ve determined this isn’t just a classic musclecar, it’s a museum piece. :-) Seriously, what an amazing car!

omgdirtydd LS6 454 Chevelle SS all original at Coolys down at Kirra Surf on the Gold Coast, doesn’t get any better than that, muscle car, the beach……

The Hunt - Part 1

Y/N moved to Mystic Falls, Virginia a year ago in the hopes of starting over. She wanted to be something other than a hunter, she had always hated that life and one day, she left it. Of course, Mystic Falls is overrun with supernatural creatures, but most of them seem to be good so she doesn’t have to kill them. None of her new friends know about her past, but now there’s a supernatural creature on a killing spree in and around Mystic Falls. How long will it be before her past catches up with her?

Pairing/s: Klaus x Caroline (Mentioned), Fem!Reader x Caroline x Bonnie x Elena (Platonic), No others yet

Characters: Fem!Reader, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Jeremy Gilbert, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel. Klaus Mikaelson, Matt Donavon & Tyler Lockwood (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Mentions of murder and alcohol

A/N: A huge thank you to @abbylizmusic for being my beta!

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Racing Hearts - Quakerider One-shot

Words: 1,671

Domestic Fluff that turns a little Saucy

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This was it. All he had to do was nail the turn and victory would be within his grasp.

“Come on, come on,” Robbie muttered, his hands sweaty as he swerved his Charger around the bend.

“Beep, beep, coming through!” Daisy giggled from beside him.

What had once been open road before him was soon replaced with the behind of her bright cherry red 1970 Chevelle SS 454.

“Shit!” Robbie gunned his car forward, but the damage was done. Daisy’s Chevelle crossed the finish line with him only a few feet behind.

“Boom! What! What!” Daisy jumped up, waving her controller victoriously in the air. Robbie groaned as he tossed his controller on to the coffee table and sank back against the couch.

It was early Saturday afternoon, and it had been the first time in a while that the both of them were free of any world-saving duties. He had invited her to hang out at his house for the weekend, and somehow, they ended up getting into playing some of Gabe’s old racing video games. Robbie had gone easy on her at first, but he quickly found out that, as usual, Daisy wasn’t one to be underestimated. What had started as a casual game, quickly became a fierce and heated competition between the two of them.

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Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 ´70 by Birgir & Björn Kristinsson
Via Flickr:
HRPT 2017. Enroute to Davenport, day 3, June 12th 2017.

Somewhere, Someday, part eight

Characters – Sam x Reader, OC x Reader, Dean, Bobby, Cas

Summary – The reader celebrates her 16th birthday and tries to cope with Sam leaving for college and a sudden loss.

Word Count – 5,179

Warnings – Loss of a loved one, Eventual verbal and emotional abuse, self esteem issues

A/N – I hope you enjoy the latest chapter! Feedback is always appreciated!  *MUAH*

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Two years later…

When Bobby asked you what you wanted for your 16th birthday, you knew exactly what your answer was going to be: Winchesters.  You felt like you hadn’t seen your boys in forever.  Dean and Sam were now hunting regularly with their dad, and John Winchester hadn’t changed much.  He was unlikely to agree to put your birthday wishes above a hunt, but you asked Bobby to pass on the request anyway.

“I know the chances of them being able to come aren’t high, but what I’d really like is to see Sam and Dean again for a few days.”

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