1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass “sx”
Engine: GM LS7
Block: factory block with standard 4.125-inch bore
Oiling: stock LS7 dry sump with Peterson tank
Rotating assembly: custom Lunati 4.250-inch steel crank,
stock 6.077-inch Titanium rods, 12.0:1 Wiseco pistons
Cylinder heads: LS7
with mild bowl blending
Camshaft: COMP 332/242-at-0.050 hydraulic roller;
0.610/0.610-inch lift; 115-degree LSA
Valvetrain: stock LS7
Induction: GMPP LS7 single-plane intake manifold modified for EFI; Schwartz custom Throttle body adapter and air cleaner; factory LS7 throttle body and MAF sensor
Ignition: stock coil-on-plug ignition
Fuel system: Rick’s Hot Rod Shop tank, Bosch pump, Aeromotive regulator
Exhaust: Schwartz 17/8-inch
long-tube headers, custom X-pipe, dual 3-inch SLP mufflers and resonators
Cooling: Be Cool radiator, Spal electric fans
Output: 601 hp at 6,700 rpm and 580 lb-ft at 5,200 rpm
Transmission: D&D Performance T56 six-speed, Hurst shifter, stock LS7 clutch and flywheel
Rear axle: Winters 9-inch floater rearend with aluminum center section, 31-spline axles, 3.50:1 gears, and Detroit Truetrac differential
Frame: custom Schwartz chassis
Front suspension: Schwartz upper and lower
control arms and sway bar; QA1 springs and shocks
Rear suspension: Schwartz upper and lower
control arms and sway bar;
QA1 springs and shocks
Brakes: Baer 14-inch discs and
six-piston calipers, front and rear
Wheels: Forgeline 18×9 SP3P, front; 19×12.5, rear
Tires: Michelin Pilot 255/40R18, front; 345/30R19, rear
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Repost from @superchevymag.
Not all the cars at the @falkentire Super Chevy Muscle Car Challenge were Camaros. This badass Chevelle on @forgeline wheels was fielded by @speedtech_performance out of Utah. #superchevymusclecarchallenge #forgeline #forgelinewheels #forgedwheels #RB3C #notjustanotherprettywheel #madeinusa #chevrolet #chevy #chevelle #🇺🇸 #falkentire

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Huge thanks to @lateral_g_magazine 💯 and @bad66chevelle454 for a great write up. #Repost @lateral_g_magazine
“Big Booty Judy”, @protouringtexas’s ‘71 Chevelle powered by a 6.0L topped with a @magnusonsuperchargers ! Underneath is @vikingperformance coilovers, @globalwestsuspension control arms up front, @hellwig_products sway bars, and much more!
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Toxxy's league of legends music playlist

Running in the 90s- initial D
True Survivor- David Hasselhoff
Black Betty- Ram Jam
Dawn Treader-Brookes Brothers & futurebound
Dragula- Rob Zombie
I get it - Chevelle
Overdrive- lazerhawk
Oye como Va- Santana
Resonance- Home
sexy can I - Ray J
Sing sing sing - Benny Goodman
that’s all- Genesis
Walking on a dream- empire of the sun
We will all evolve- our last night
The 7th Element- Vitas
My Love- Justin timberlake
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.- fall of Troy

It’s all random genres have fun ;)

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I don't recognize some of the faces on the new prepro team for club dance. Do you know who the new members are?

isabella boyer

chevelle heller

audrey caldwell

marley gorman

sami mcgowan

tatianna saved

PREPRO part-time dancers i think:

makena chase

marley heath