Eva & Chris | love lockdown

“I’m in love with you, but the vibe is wrong.”
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smuggler-captain  asked:

’ This wasn’t supposed to happen. ’

Senator Grell was dead.

Ursulina struggled to keep the tears back.  She could barely look at Nadia’s face.

The young Sarkhai shook her father’s body.  “Father?  It’s us!  We’ve come to save you!”

“Nadia…” Ursulina whispered, “I’m very sorry, but…”

“But my powers!  Your gifts!  We can save him, right?”

Ursulina didn’t want to tell her the truth, but she was no liar.  “I’m afraid we can’t, Nadia…”

“No!”  Nadia wept.  “This wasn’t supposed to happen!  He was supposed to…to…”

“I know,” Ursulina murmured as she hugged her, “I’m terribly sorry.”

Grell’s torturer looked at them.  “The bright lights…” His eyes glazed over.

“You did this!” Nadia screamed.  “You killed my father!”

“Nadia!” Ursulina lay a hand on her shoulder.  “What he did is horrible, but you can’t lash out like that!”

“But if I don’t avenge him…”

“I know it’s hard, but you’re only giving the Sith the fuel they need.”

The women looked at Stark again; he was dead.  Nadia drew a breath, a few tears sliding down her cheek.  She looked at her father’s body.  “Don’t worry, Father, I’ll make you proud.”

“You will, Nadia,” Ursulina assured her.

kennitainlegacy  asked:

“Please, don’t leave.” For Consular and Felix please c:

He didn’t want her to go.

Felix rested a hand on Ursulina’s back, making her pause filling her suitcase.  “Please, don’t leave,” he begged.

She closed her dark brown eyes and prayed for patience.  “Felix, I have to.  There’s chaos on Oricon.”

“You don’t have to.  It’s too dangerous.”

“It’s my duty as a Jedi, Felix.  I’ve survived worse.  We’ve survived worse.”

He lowered his voice so that Zenith couldn’t hear him.  “And what about Raptus?  He said, the next time he sees you…”

“He can try to kidnap me,” Ursulina boldly declared, “but he’ll fail.”  She paused, realizing her heart was hurting and there were tears in her eyes.  “He can’t make himself the father he says he is.”

Felix knew the argument was futile, but he had to try.  “Is he going to try to make you one of them?”

“I don’t know.  But I know not to be scared.  Fear is their fuel.”  She faced him and held him.  “I stopped fearing when I fell for you.  You should try it sometime.”

He snorted and kissed her.  “Right.  Good luck, my dear Barsen’thor.”