Combining her love of travel with her dream-like aesthetic, Irene Suchocki creates visual poems that evoke a sense of magic, delight, nostalgia and romance. She is currently the top-selling photographer on Etsy, the world’s biggest online handmade marketplace. Her work is in thousands of private collections around the world and has been featured on television. It has also appeared on film sets, design blogs, and solo gallery shows.

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Myd’s new EP - Número Uno - is out now! 



Miina Anahita is attuned to the extraordinary fairy world and has a facination for horses depicted as magical creatures. Ultimately, her photographers are incredibly poetic.



She grew up on the island of Bermuda, moved to Canada, then to the US in Vermont, but mainly exhibits her photographs in New York. Lisa Cueman is a globetrotter and takes pictures of the horses she meets on her way. From competition fields to wild steppes, she always uses black and white pictures to immortase the beauty a moment. 


Pretty. Odd.
  • We're So Starving:"We're still the same band" Are you? ARE YOU REALLY?
  • Nine in the Afternoon:Ryan Ross can't tell time
  • She's a Handsome Woman:Gooooooooooooooooooooooo Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn + The raw force and beauty of Brendon Urie's voice
  • Do You Know What I'm Seeing?:Violins + Excessive rhyming + fuk the weather + crows
  • That Green Gentlemen:weed.
  • I Have Friends in Holy Spaces:ukulele.
  • Northern Downpour:tears.
  • When The Day Met The Night:orchestral weed folk + cutesy love story
  • Pas De Cheval:A little conceited but yes, I imagine knowing you is in fact the greatest thing ever.
  • The Piano Knows Something I Don't:God Brendon get a fucking haircut
  • Behind The Sea:rYAN ROSS
  • Folkin' Around:fiddle + harmonica. They weren't kidding. They really were folkin' around.
  • She Had the World:throwback to the renaissance
  • From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins:Brendon Urie has the voice of a god.
  • Mad as Rabbits:Ryan Ross is hella gay

Emmy Eriksson is a Sweden photographer. She covers many equine events such as show jumping and dressage competitions but also shoots horse portraits with their owners. Her job is often journalistic and but some photographs also appears to be very poetic. 


Antoine Favreau was a Carabinier-à-cheval (mounted carabiner) during the time of the Napoleonic Wars. The Carabinier were a body of heavy cavalry. At the time of Napoleon, they wore steel armor-plated brass, highly polished, and were armed with carbine which gave them the name (sort of short rifle), a saber and a pair of pistols.

Antoine Favreau took part in the Battle of Waterloo, which marked the decline of the Napoleonic empire. Favreau died in that battle, and we can guess the cause of death watching their armor, which has been preserved to this day and can be seen at the Army Museum in Paris: