the signs as songs from pretty. odd.

leo: northern downpour
scorpio: i have friends in holy spaces
aries: folkin’ around
taurus: she’s a handsome woman
cancer: pas de cheval
gemini: she had the world
virgo: behind the sea
sagittarius: nine in the afternoon
capricorn: we’re so starving
aquarius: mad as rabbits
pisces: when the day met night
libra: the piano knows something i don’t know

princessfougere asked:

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, 59, 67, 71, 83, :3

4 : La nourriture, les sciences (les maths ne comptent pas) et faire du cheval (wé wé. Du cheval.)
8 : Hétéro’
15 : ”Rien n’est poison, tout est poison. Ce qui fait le poison, c’est la dose.” Paracelse. (Non. C’est faux. Je suis pas formaté par l’UE 6.)
16 : Dans le lit de “Je-fais-ce-que-je-veux” (ET NON PAS POUR CA !)
23 : Je suis un hybride. Je suis roux vénitien.
42 : Y’a grosso modo… 10 secondes ?
59 : Un tout petit peu du noir. UN TOUT PETIT PEU !
67 : “L’Art de la Guerre” de Sun Tzu.
71 : Tout dépend la période, en ce moment c’est plutôt la dèche. JE SUIS UN GROS RADIN ! Mais l’argent me brûle les doigts parfois. Vous pouvez me faire vos dons, non déductibles de vos impôts.
83 : Non… Non… Mais c’est chelou comme question.

You wandered about your hive, whistling loudly in the quiet halls with thumbs hitched in pockets. You didn’t like the sound, it was too harsh on your ears, but the thing that drove your body didn’t seem to mind it.

D~~~> I’m booooored, you have nothing to do here Cheval.

The way it said your name made you want to retch again, each syllable dripping off its tongue, your tongue, like poisoned honey. 

D~~~> Maybe we should call one of your friends over, that w001d be fun.

D~~~> I’d bet they’d sound even better echoing in these halls then my whistling.

No no no no, you wanted to scream, to punch yourself in the face, to do anything for yourself, but instead you watched as the candied devil fished out your palmhusk and browse your contacts. No no no not that one not Bell anyone but Bell please no gods no, the trickster’s finger hovered over the name, a smile curling your lips.

D~~~> I’ll let you say a few words, Chevvy

D~~~> Make them count, OK?

It raised the phone to your ear, it rang twice then the other end picked up.

D===> Bell please save yourself, get as far away from me as you can there’s someth-

You didn’t have a chance to finish your sentence, your pointed teeth bit down hard on your tongue and you barely stifled a loud roar into the phone. The trickster ended the call and slipped your palmhusk back into your pocket.

D~~~> Naughty naughty Darkleer, almost ruining my fun.

D~~~> We’ll try again in an hour or so, maybe you’ll be more willing to co-operate ne%t time. 

All the wonder and artistry of Fiers a Cheval. Created in France, these horses and their puppeteers emerged as if from a dream to perform at Enlighten.

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