风再起时 (When the Wind Picks Up) by Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing (张国荣). 1989. 

Leslie Cheung was born in colonial Hong Kong in 1956 to a Hakka (客家) family and received his secondary school education in England. He quickly rose to stardom in Hong Kong throughout the 1980s and 1990s, becoming a prolific Cantopop singer as well as a film star (in the West, he is most famous for acting in a number of Wong Kar-wai films and for starring in Farewell My Concubine). In 1996, Cheung dedicated a concert cover of The Moon Represents My Heart to his romantic partner Mr. Tong, with whom he stayed for 17 years, thereby becoming, allegedly, the only Hong Kong entertainer to come out as bisexual. Affectionately nicknamed Gor Gor (哥哥, “big brother”), Cheung was adored by an international public. On April 1st 2003, Cheung, who suffered from depression, threw himself off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong. He was 46 years old.

风再起时’s title comes from Cheung’s desire to be remembered whenever the wind begins to blow, and is an implicit reference to another of his songs, 风继续吹 (The Wind Continues to Blow). It was written when he announced a brief retirement from the music industry to focus on his movie career. Today, it is interpreted as a farewell song to his spirit and is sung at memorial concerts. 

任旧日路上风声取笑我 / 任旧日万念俱灰也经过 / 我最爱的歌最后总算唱过

Although I’ve heard the mocking laughter of the wind

Although I’ve encountered countless hopeless moments

In the end, what matters is that I got to sing my favorite songs