a list of why kim taehyung makes me emotional
  • his satoori
  • he makes sure to call his parents once a week no matter what and he called his dad before he left for Norway
  • he treasures the watch his dad gave to him when he became a trainee and always wears it
  • he loves his grandma and makes sure to stay chubby because his grandma likes him chubby
  • when he makes v broadcasts just to show us the songs he likes and sing along to them
  • when he got sad because he thought all the members left him when he had to film alone in the water for the Run MV
  • when he saw a bunch of little kids walk by the beach in a line in America and randomly joined them
  • when he posted the videos of him wrestling his little nephews and running with them (and his dog) in Daegu
  • when he said that if he wasn’t idol, he’d probably be farming with his grandma
  • when he writes lyrics/composes some of the BTS songs
  • when he uploads song covers
  • when he posted pictures of Van Gogh’s works and chet baker songs saying that it gave him strength
  • when he played sick and drunk at fan signs
  • when he talks to his fan’s
  • when he looks at his fans as if they were the most beautiful woman in the world
  • when he saw that there was a baby behind him at the airport and moved to sit by her and her mother even though he couldn’t speak their language
  • when he holds puppies and babies
  • his current twitter photo series
  • when he said that he’d rather have his fans call him Kim Tae Hyung than V because Kim Tae Hyung is who he is.
  • when he play fights with the bts members.
  • Kim Tae hyung
  • how his eyes are a little uneven and he got really surprised when he formed a double eye lid on one eye and it wouldn’t go away
  • how curved his cupids bow is 
  • when he got scared after they had to hide his eyebrows with makeup for a photoshoot 
  • when he biked all the way to the dance studio from hwarang filming just so that he can join the last minutes of hope on the street and say hi to the fans 
  • when he wore Namjoon’s hoodie and took photos like him 
  • how excited he gets when he raps to cypher 3 
  • his adlibs 
  • when bts performs dope how rough his voice can be but at the same time so smooth when he harmonizes with other members and take the deeper notes
  • when he talked to the scuba divers that were at inu filming and walked back to the cameras with an abalone he got with them
  • when he was worried for army’s throats because they were screaming so loud so he told them to speak softly at the concert
  • when he picked up trash at the airport even though there were no fans around him
  • when he wiped away the tears of his fan when she started crying
  • when he calls his fans pretty face to face
  • when fans asked him if he got taller he shouted (with no mic) “No! Look at my shoes! Plus 5 centimeters! I wore flats during I Need U”
  • when he wanted to get away from the mcs of a music show because they were doing the closing comments so he bent down and waddled his way through the crowds
  • and more

thank you.

Walk around the HOT Spot if PokemonGo😩

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New song WIP

Graduation Party Playlist

1. Victorious by Panic! At the Disco

2. Ride by Tøp

3. California Kids by Weezer

4. Heathens by Tøp

5. My House by PVRIs

6. Ophelia by The Lumineers

7. Youth by Troye Sivan

8. Gooey by Glass Animals

9. Drop the Game by Flume & Chet Faker

10. Mr.Brightside by the Killers

11. What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club

12. Ease My Mind by Skrillex

13. Wild by Troye Sivan

14. Colors by Halsey

15. Cheap Thrills by Sia

16. Can’t Stop this Feeling by Justin Timberlake

17. Talk Too Much by COIN
18. Cage Of Bones by Son Lux

19. Tighin up by The Black Keys

20. Diane Young by Vampire Weekend

21. 1901 by Pheonix

22. You Don’t Own Me by Son Lux

23. Kids by MGMT

24. Take A Walk by Passion Pit

25. Without You by Oh Wonder

26. Friends by Raury

27. Tongue Tied by GroupLove

28. Breezeblocks by Alt-J

29. Lost It To Trying by Son Lux

30. The Sound by The 1975

31. Impossible Year By Panic! At the Disco

You deserve me, as much as i deserve you an asadai mix
((listen here / art by me)) 

01. I’m Into You - Chet Faker “I got a feeling we are gonna win Our bodies make it perfect”…“And your thighs” / 02. First - Cold War Kids “First you lose trust, then you get worried”  / 03. Prey - The Neighbourhood “Something is wrong, I can’t explain Everything changed when the birds came” / 04. The Line - Seoul “We’re moving, and stay here for a while”  / 05. No Diggity - Chet Faker Baby never act wild Very low key on the profile  / 06. Loner -  Kali Uchis “Cause I was a loner until I met you And I let you in after all the persuasion”  / 07. crazy youngsters - ester dean / 08. Can’t Feel My Face - The Weeknd / 09. Young Vallis - Alps  in the falling snow Those nights back in Tokyo  / 10. Imparfait Martin Valois