Miami Jackson Gets It Straight (2004)   

“MIAMI JACKSON CAN’T wait for school to end. But who ever thought five days could be so long? His teacher is leaving for Ghana, his arch-enemy, Destinee Tate, is on his case, and now Miami’s keeping secrets from his best friend, String. Summer can’t come soon enough!”

Story: Patricia C McKissack, Fredrick McKissack Jr, art: Michael D Chesworth

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The Brave Locomotive - Opening Sequence WIP | Andrew Chesworth 

Mad Max bunnies

No, really. I didn’t think this would be what kicked me into getting a tumblr, but there you go. 

Picture tweeted by Andrew Chesworth, @A_Chesworth, animator on Disney’s Zootopia, with this caption:

“Our bunnies Furiosa and Max provided great inspiration for scenes I animated of #JudyHopps and her parents #Zootopia

I mean. They are bunnies. CALLED MAX AND FURIOSA. 


Gorgeous stuff: Disney animator Andrew Chesworth‘s hand-drawn, film noir inspired ad for the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival.


Get A Horse! Animation Reel from Andrew Chesworth

Lejos una de las sorpresas más hermosas! Me puse a llorar de la emoción !! @chinitavoladora me llevó a conocer a Andrew Chesworth!! Y yo toda tímida! Pude comunicarme con el! Y me noticio con mi cosplay de Anna! Me decía que le gustaba como me veía de ella! Y que obviamente era su favorita Anna! Le regale el dibujito de Elsa que hice hace poco y con firma y todo!! Dios fue muy emocionante!! 💖💕💖😩 y le toque su mano !!!! Ahhhhhh~!!! -hiperventiladamodeon- de verdad gracias Sue!! #frozenchile #frozen #Andrewchesworth #animator #disneychile #disney #Andrew #Chesworth

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Zootopia Animation Reel

Scenes I contributed animation to in Disney’s Zootopia.


Big Hero 6 Animation Reel

Scenes I contributed animation to in Disney's Big Hero 6.

- Cafe crowd animation by Tony Chau and Joon Shik Song (last shot.)

John Musker and Ron Clements, our wonderful directors and two of the most-caricatured artists at the Disney studio over the years. I drew them how I often experience them: in passing and in a hurry to their next Moana production meeting!

I couldn’t let this year’s Caricature Show slip by and not have a go at its star players. Thanks for everything, Ron and John!