I keep reminding myself to post this but I`ve never did :A: This is the mini artbook that was gave as a price for the contest I did last year!

WARNING Incoming tldr:

I don`t remember if I mention that “Ria” was the tower where the game took part and also I don`t remember if I told you the backstory of this ilustrations so I`m going to give them a brief resume of each(Ha ha, “brief” you say?)

Notice all this ilustrations follows depending of which route you got at the end!

  • For Vosges, he doesn`t accept Os request to be on her side as advisor. It took around two years for him to make up his mind. In those years he went to pay a visit to the towns that were nearby his own to talk to people and see how they were doing. On the picture you see him with Os on the remaining two years as her advisor. He works really hard for her and for those people he met on his travels. Also If you ever wondered he DID have a big crush on Os before his town incident ^o^! But he got some heavy mixed feelings after. Does he loves her now? Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn`t, like a thing like that would exist! But it does. Vosges is one of my favorite characters from TKOT, sadly, he is the kind you can`t “mend”. So he will never consider confessing his ambiguos feelings for Os :_:- In the picture he looks like he has 17 years old, but his real age would be 28.
  • For Gervase, things goes defenitely better! Os sends her servants to clean his old room(The one he had as a puppy) But they forgot to clean up some old drawings when he used to hang with Os and Corvus(Yeah they were bff until Gervase got a breakdown) They were soiled with dirt(It`s dirt! Not shit! Gervase is an educated dog!)And he kind of feels guilty, so he can`t sleep. That`s why Os cames and tries to confort him as she used to do as a child(Caressing his fluffy hair hehe)

I will continue Lilja and Corvus later because they are the longest ones. orz