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The long-awaited chapter 5 is here! Or, rather there (see link below). It should be mostly coherent. The review responses were written under the influence of cold medicine, but the story wasn’t. Have at it, friends.

Fair warning: the M rating is earned near the end. 

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to be randomly chosen as the winner of my all time FAVOURITE blog Chestnut Island’s doujinshi giveaway! This is a big deal because I never win anything!

My lovely prize arrived earlier this week and I just love it so much! It’s so gorgeous and even though I can’t read a lick of Japanese, I understand the story via the pictures and it’s so sweet. I just love it and it is something I will keep safe and cherish forever.

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“Unless I surpass myself who fears the past, I’ll just continue to run away.”

Well, here’s my little Tribute to Krillin and to Episode 76.
What an episode! I HAD to draw something.
In this drawing, Krillin’s pose has a lot of meaning: 
It’s Abhaya Mudra,“Gesture of fearlessness” in Buddhist symbolism.

To Conquer and defeat Fear is no easy task. 
Unlike Goku, who is always optimist and happy no matter the situation, Krillin has a lot of things he loves…people he may lose with death!
Thus, his rebirth as a warrior is an extremely emotional moment for me, and it’s absolutely satisfying. 
Now he’s up to him…Krillin may become a very strong warrior after all, for his heart and love is already this strong!

@chestnutisland Huzzah for Krillin! *wipes out tears of pride*, and Happy Belated Birthday, girl!

Chestnutfest Day 3: Date Night


Date Night

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Date Night

By koinekid

“How did we get roped into this?” Krillin said.

“Don’t ask me,” his wife replied. “They’re your friends.”

Krillin laughed. Lazuli long ago caved in and accepted the fact that she had become friends (to one degree or another) with most of her former enemies. But whenever one of them annoyed her, that person became “Krillin’s friend” once more. It reminded him of Bulma grousing at Vegeta over “his son’s” behavior, and Krillin could easily imagine Lazuli employing the same tactic should their little one get into mischief.

His fingers suddenly itched to caress his wife’s pregnant belly, but this far along, any pressure to her stomach caused discomfort. He settled for pressing his lips to her temple as she leaned into him.

Seated on the couch with Lazuli in his arms would have been a fine way to spend an evening—if the couch were back home and not in one of the living areas of Capsule Corp with Trunks, Goten, and a little girl they met only an hour before shrieking from room to room in a makeshift game of tag. At least Krillin convinced them to play no-powers to “make it fair” for the girl.

With Lazuli’s due date rapidly approaching, Bulma had persuaded the couple to relocate to Capsule Corp. Eighteen needs to be near the hospital in case there are complications.

Krillin knew Bulma was right—blunt but right. As they discussed her offer, Lazuli confessed she too was nervous. “I wasn’t designed to give birth,” she said, the word twisting into a curse on her lips.

And so, they accepted, grateful for a friend who cared enough to provide a temporary home for them and their unborn child. Bulma also arranged twice-weekly visits to the nearby hospital to meet with specialists flown in at her own expense. So far, the doctors were optimistic, and the relief that flooded Krillin’s heart after every positive report was palpable.

He could never repay Bulma for her kindness. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of telling her that. The glint in her eye should have sent him running.

Thus began his career as Krillin the babysitter. Oh, he’d watched the children of Earth’s Special Forces members before, even taken care of Gohan for months on an alien planet. But Gohan was studious, well-behaved, and respectful. Goten and Trunks were anything but. And Krillin always seemed to get stuck with both of them at once. Bulma called it Parenting 101. Krillin called it boot camp.

At the end of one particularly trying day, as he and Lazuli lay in bed together, she joked, “Are you still sure you want to have a kid?”

“Ours won’t be anything like them, right?”

“I hope not.”

Lazuli spoke not from experience but from the horror stories she heard spending most of her days in the company of Bulma and ChiChi, her self-proclaimed instructors in the art of motherhood.

After recounting the worst of the tales, Lazuli told him in all sincerity, “Krillin, I am so glad I fell in love with a human, because I could not handle a Saiyan child.”

He didn’t tell her, but he thought she could handle just about anything.

The babysitting woes continued for weeks, at last culminating in tonight’s festivities: Bulma’s so-called date night. She had invited every couple in the group—except them. Not that Krillin felt slighted; with Lazuli so close to her due date, a night on the town couldn’t hold a candle to a quiet evening alone. But they were getting neither, and Bulma hadn’t even bothered to ask them to babysit, merely assumed they would.

This time, Lazuli shared his irritation. He could practically see a vein throbbing in her temple as the group departed in a procession of aircars: Naturally, Vegeta and Bulma led the charge, followed by her parents and Yamcha with his new girlfriend (it was her daughter playing with the boys). Even ChiChi tagged along. Krillin felt especially sorry for her “date.”

“Mommy’s little man is taking her out for a night on the town!” she proudly announced when dropping off her youngest son. Her eldest, Gohan, looked intensely uncomfortable.

The kids flying by the open doorway snapped Krillin out of his reverie. So much for no-powers. They were growing rowdier as the evening continued, and Krillin decided it was time to usher Lazuli off to bed. Half-Saiyan children at play were a recipe for disaster around a pregnant woman.

Ironically, the human girl proved the most troublesome to Lazuli that evening. Before he could speak to his wife about going to bed, the girl barreled into the room at full speed and stumbled, splashing the contents of the cup she carried all over Lazuli. She gasped.

Krillin easily checked his anger. He’d experienced far worse indignities babysitting the boys. “Kiddo, you need to be more careful. You spilled water all over Eighteen.” The couch was soaked.

The girl stuck out her tongue and bolted.


“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll get a towel.” He rose, but she grabbed his wrist.

“This isn’t water,” she said.

“What is it, juice?”

His wife shook her head.

“Then what?” That’s when he noticed the smile spreading across her face. His eyes widened. “Oh, oh, is it—?”

“Yes, honey. It’s time. The bag’s in the closet, and the numbers are by the phone.”

Krillin took a deep breath. The logistics of bundling into an aircar three rambunctious children and a cyborg wife going into labor seemed daunting, but he willed himself to stay calm. As he retrieved the phone and dialed the hospital, a part of him—a tiny part, mind you—smugly anticipated his next call: the one to Bulma that would bring both date night and his babysitting career to a merciful end.



Thanks, @chestnutisland and @deadlybeautydbz


I’ve been meaning to do this prompt with Krillinx18 for quite awhile after seeing teamfourstar’s DBZ Abridged Episode 51 were 18 says, “If we get out of this, I’m going to rock his four foot world.”
Well, after the Cell Games, she did get out of it so there ya go! Krillin get his world thoroughly rocked. Though to 18′s world also gets rocked by the four foot man. So….win-win?
Anyways, I got this prompt from @imagineyourotp​ you should go check them out!
Also, tagging @chestnutisland​ and @kaiserneko​ for reasons :P Enjoy!


So Season 4, right?

I didn’t even think that the whole Maron thing was important at all at first. But then it hit me: his feelings for Maron and his fantasizing about marriage and kids is all BLATANT FORESHADOWING. In one scene after Turtle’s birthday, Krillin is talking about Maron being too good for him.

Krillin: “Shoot, she’s too good for me.”
Turtle: “That’s not true, Krillin. She’s not too good. She’s not. You’re a very, very good person.”
Krillin: “I know I’m good, Turtle. But she’s tall and beautiful and charming.”

(Then the fucking turtle gives some terrible advice about giving her a big ass pearl to “spark” her love for him.)

Then because she acts like an uninterested, gold-digging, toddler, Krillin thinks she doesn’t want the same things as him and breaks it off, THANK YOU TORIYAMA!

Krillin is heartbroken, but life goes on.

THREE SHORT YEARS LATER HE MEETS 18 AND SHE IS THE REAL DEAL…tall, beautiful, erm….“charming” I guess (maybe not at first but you get the idea).

The kicker? She absolutely LOVES him. I can’t wait to rewatch the Android Saga just to finally witness even more of this fantastic foreshadowing to one of my favorite DBZ couples.

AND CAN I SAY HOW HAPPY I AM THAT UNCONVENTIONAL KRILLIN WAS GIVEN LOVE?! And not just ANY love. No, he gets with arguably the most attractive, kick-ass woman in the entire series. Krillin doesn’t have any “typical” attractive male characteristics except that he’s built AF, but 18 doesn’t give a crap about what mainstream beauty is. SHE thinks he’s beautiful. (I think he’s beautiful). SHE thinks he’s the best thing on the damn Earth. SHE isn’t even remotely bothered by the fact that she’s taller than him and for some reason women everywhere are convinced that they can’t be taller than a guy without it threatening their femininity (which is some major bullshit btw). She will just lean down to kiss the top of his shiny, bald head and love him like he deserves to be loved.

This whole goddamn series makes me so emotional I could sob for hours.

-end rant-

@chestnutisland you might be the one to appreciate my mindless ramblings.

Chestnutfest Day 2: If I could be a superhero...


AU/Cosplay (Both)

Rights to Dragonball and other properties are held by their respective owners. No infringement is implied or intended.

If I could be a superhero…

By koinekid

“Krillin, this is stupid.”

“It’s supposed to be fun, babe.”

“Why do I have to ‘dress up’ like a cyborg? I’m already a cyborg.”

“But you don’t look like one.”

“How do cyborgs look?”

“You know, metal arms and glowing eyes and stuff.” He gestured to her current costumed appearance.

Eighteen grumbled, “These contact lenses are uncomfortable.”

“We’ll only stay a little while, and you can take them out once we meet everyone.”

“Fine.” Eighteen tried to cross her arms, but her costume’s bulk prevented her. With a few notable exceptions, said costume didn’t look all that different from her normal attire. Her jeans were black instead of blue, and for her top, she had ripped off and discarded the striped sleeves from one of her old black and white tees. She had also tied back her hair—not in the pony tail she frequently sported while chasing their energetic eight-year-old around the house—but with pins, the goal being to make her look as if she had cut her hair short. She didn’t like it.

By far the most annoying aspect of the costume were the fake cybernetic arms: store-bought gray silicone rubber pieces designed for someone with much thicker arms than her own. They flopped around every time she moved.

And the contacts made her eyes appear black with yellow pupils.

Krillin said she looked great, but he was hardly an unbiased observer: He’d tell her she looked fantastic wearing a sack and be completely genuine while doing so.

To keep their makeshift costumes looking their best, they took an air car, but finding an open area to land in this unfamiliar city proved a challenge. In the end, they had to touch down several blocks away, and now would probably be late.

Krillin rubbed her back as they walked. “I’m sorry you’re uncomfortable, babe, but if we want to break into the superhero biz, we have to network.”

Eighteen sighed, noting in appreciation that he avoided pointing out it was her idea for them to become superheroes in the first place. Now that Marron attended school and Krillin had a few years’ experience as a cop under his belt, Eighteen decided it was time to take his law enforcement career to the next level. To be frank, she also missed fighting alongside him and felt it would bring the two of them closer together as a couple. Since her unthinkably cruel comment at the tournament, they desperately needed it.

She closed her eyes, willing tears not to fall. Krillin said he forgave her, but it would be a long time before she could forgive herself.

“And we network at a costume party while dressed as other heroes?” She spoke more calmly now, deliberately forcing any harshness from her tone.

Krillin shrugged. He wore a frumpy yellow jumpsuit with a white cape and red boots and gloves. “Apparently it’s a big thing among their crowd.”

They were nearing the house hosting the party, and Eighteen wanted to hug him in apology for her bad mood, but those silicone arms were in her way, so she settled for gently teasing him.

“You look funny in a bald cap, husband.” She called him that whenever possible to try and associate the word with positive comments once more.

“Only because you wouldn’t let me shave my head.” His hair started growing back after the tournament, reminding her how attractive it made him.

Matter-of-factly, she stated, “I’m not losing that gorgeous hair of yours because of a costume party.”

He grinned. “Gorgeous, huh?”

She nodded. “Sexy, too.”

“I thought we were fighting.”

“We were. Now we’re making up.”

They reached the door, but before he could ring the bell, she leaned down, grabbing him as best she could in her rubber arms and kissing him hard. He threaded a hand around her neck and pulled her down for more.

One of them must have leaned against the doorbell because it suddenly sounded. Neither of them paid attention until the door opened.

“Huh,” a voice said. “Ever think you’d see the two of us making out, Genos?”

“Not outside of those online fan arts.”

“You visit those sites?” Saitama raised a brow.

“To find and correct those disrespecting you, Teacher.”

Eighteen blinked in surprise. In the doorway stood two of the heroes Krillin told her he most wanted to meet—Saitama, the so called Caped Baldy, and his student, Genos, the Demon Cyborg. She and Krillin had come to the party dressed as them.

And it was like looking in a mirror…sort of, a cracked mirror to be sure, but a mirror nonetheless. Saitama was dressed as a taller version of Krillin—complete with magic-markered moxibustion burns and the traditional orange uniform of the Kamesennin school.

Saitama extended his hand to Krillin. “We’re big fans.”

“Of us?”

“Yeah. Who wouldn’t be? You guys are Earth’s Special Forces.” Saitama pointed to the insignia on his chest. “Is the kanji right? I had to copy it from one of the plush toys, and it might have been a knockoff.”

Eighteen didn’t catch her husband’s response, because she was busy eyeing Genos. His outfit was a mockery of hers: blue jeans and one of the black-and-white long-sleeved tee shirts she had ruined to put together her own costume, except his obscenely large arms stretched the sleeves so far they looked like they might tear at any moment. He also wore a blonde wig that got the length of her hair right but not the style. He didn’t bother wearing contacts to hide his eye color, though. His was a “natural” black with yellow irises.

She was about to ask him a question when she noticed his eyes lower to her chest. Ordinarily she would be put out and balling up her fist ready to strike—or expecting Krillin to do so. So, what if she could defend her own honor? It was her husband’s responsibility! But then Genos spoke.

“You’re a—a woman.”

She planted her hands on her hips. “What gave it away?”

He nodded toward her chest, and she rolled her eyes.

“Teacher,” he said, “You told me I was dressed as the male cyborg.”

“Did I? Must have mixed up the numbers. Hey, you two, come on in. There’s a lot of people itching to meet you. You’re going to fit in around here just fine.”

Before following Krillin and Saitama inside, Eighteen fixed a glare on Genos. Leaning in, she said. “I just want to know one thing.”

Genos shifted subtly into attack mode. “Yeah?”

“Where…did you get that shirt? The stores back home stopped selling them, and I can’t find replacements anywhere.”

“Oh, a—a place downtown.”

“Good,” she said. “Remind me to get the details from you later. For now, I’ll catch up with my husband. It’s going to be a long night.” And with any luck, she thought, an interesting career.



Note: I wrote this pretty quickly. Apologies if it isn’t very good and if the OPM characters are OOC (I’m sure they are). I’ve never read or watched OnePunch Man, but since I heard the creator was a DBZ fan, I couldn’t resist writing this as an answer to the AU/Cosplay challenge.


Thanks once again, @deadlybeautydbz and @chestnutisland


I love this scene in the manga as-is, but the color just adds to it.

The sheer contrast of this nice bright blue sky, the light, fluffy clouds… and the horrible death and bloodshed happening below.

Not to mention how great this scene is in-manga. There’s no goofy charge-up, there’s no wait time, Krillin gets pissed, genuinely outraged at the callous dismissal of Yamcha, his dead friend,  as trash (and at himself for letting him take his place, feeling a bit responsible) that he barely gives off a warning to the others to stay back before firing off a blast powerful enough to make literally everyone else on the field scatter for fear of potentially being hit by it.

It just feels so much more raw and emotional on-page to me.