Tfw I went to uni last year with the viner Dylan Evans, who made this vine. I didn’t even recognise him. The fuck. 

A week today Chester Uni Freshers starts. Not a Fresher this year, but it still means intense drinking starts a week from now. No, actually it starts tomorrow night. Tomorrow night i’ll be in Preston for Freshers there. 

I’m really, really not ready. So again, sorry if I come on here pissed and start being annoying. 

A guide for future students - Part 1

Okay, so thousands of people know now that they’re heading to the University of choice (or maybe not their choice but hey.. you’re there now). So, this was me a year ago. Excited, nervous, scared and fucking unprepared. So, here’s a few things I suggest you to do. Just a few I can think of, might be more on the way.

- Right. First thing, you’re probably gonna have to cook for yourselves. So, what did I do. I panicked. Luckily I survived and had a girlfriend (now ex) who cooked with me and we had supper together. But, yeah. Be ready.

Also, if you’re coming to University in Wales.. I shouldn’t bother with these..

And finally, for now. You’ll have loads of fun. And you’ll do loads of stuff with different people. It’s up to you what kind of year you have. Try to find a balance between these two though…

Enjoy. x