chester interview

‘Oh, yeah, he’s very damaged. I don’t think it’s possible to like him. But I kind of empathize with him. You have to have some empathy, you can’t despise the people you play. And every dog has his reason, don’t they?I just visualise a house where he grew up that was grim. I don’t think there’s a mother there. He’s beaten. I don’t think there’s alcohol. It’s dour, loveless, and everyone’s damaged. And they spend too much time in the chapel.’ ~ Sam Neill on Chester Campbell (X)


Mike and Chester do the same old spiel about mainstream music/indie pop, as well as talk about Chester promising a new album every 18 months without the rest of the band knowing.


Grace Helbig looking stunning at the Golden Globes after party X

So proud of this human! Her new show is going to be amazing!

  • Reporter: What were your three great records? What do you count them as?
  • Chester: Well, the three records I am referring to that we've released in the last six years. You know, I think A Thousand Suns...
  • Reporter : I love A Thousand Suns, man!
  • Chester: Dude, it's one of those things I feel I can't really say how I truly feel about it, because it's a record that I made. But, if I was outside of the band and just a fan of music, I would say that is one of my favourite records of the last 10 years.