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so i joined two community bands but they’re out for the summer so here’s this little trio of Chester as found in the Voxman clarinet trio book.
also this is like the worst angle imaginable but i was sitting on the floor with the book open in my case ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Words can not describe the loss of an entire generation’s voice. The anxiety I could never muster the courage to put on my own words and which found the peace in your voice is today replaced by a deep despair, alone without the solace of your words. 

With hands held high into the sky so blue
as the ocean opens up to swallow you


So yeah, Chester Bennington died.

So in high school, I came across Linkin Park via anime videos of Naruto because fuck you we all had that phase and Faint was literally the anthem for Naruto vs Sasuke AMVs. Of course, literally every song prior to Minutes of Midnight including songs on Reanimation was fucking AMV fodder. You could listen to the entire three albums of Linkin Park via means of Bleach videos.

So as a black kid who had up to 4 friends because he did not socialize with anyone because I did not like Boosie or Dem Franchise Boys or Yin Yang Twins and honestly thought that Carter 3 sucked shit, Linkin Park was my gateway to rock music. I mean yeah, Shinoda was not the greatest rapper, and Nu Metal was not the greatest genre(POD literally was good for one song), but something about Shinoda’s raps infused with the synth beats and guitar and Chester Bennington’s pained screaming clicked with me. Now I listen to classic rock like Queen and Rage Against the Machine with no fucking shame. And why wouldn’t I? They are fucking awesome!

People called them emo but you know those people secretly listen to Meteora and Hybrid Theory. There is an entire province in Havana that knows In The End inspite of it being the most melodramatic teenaged existential crisis known to man.

It sounds like I am picking on Linkin Park, but honestly, without Linkin Park, I probably would have killed myself 13 years after feeling like an abject failure(honestly, I should have been assigned suicidal depressive back then instead it being a recent thing, but nooooo depression is a white person thing).Chester Bennington was that anguish that I related to because you could feel his pain whether if he was harmonizing quietly to the tune or screaming at you. His voice was distinct and noticeable in either range which displayed his range.

Like name a singer who could perform Faint and after screaming their fucking heads off for 3 minutes, you have to switch to What I’ve Done? Yeah, dude had skill.

So rest in peace Chester. I hope you feel relief from whatever was bothering you life. Clearly you were sad and I am sorry that you did not find happiness in your life. 

Hands held high for Chester Bennington. Just need to let out some words after I found out what happened, even though words cannot describe what I am feeling now. But I wanted to speak out a massive thank you. For giving me hope when I went through the toughest of times. For always giving me at least one reason to hold on. And above all, for creating music that speaks my soul. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of the fact that it was one of my biggest dreams to go to a Linkin Park Concert and now this dream just bursts like a soap bubble. But it once again shows me that life doesn’t stop for anybody and if you don’t chase after your goals, you’ll never achieve them. Thank you for saving my life, I wish I could’ve saved yours. May you rest in peace Chester and never be forgotten. You’re loved and a legend. 💔

I’m so heartbroken. This band and this man are one of the bands that has saved my life over and over again, if it wasn’t for music like theirs I don’t know how I would have gotten through. It’s so sad knowing how deep the lyrics for their songs went with Chester’s death. He’s such a huge loss to the music world and there will never be a voice like his or a talent like him. Rest In Peace, Chester Bennington ❤✨ Fly high

Chester Bennington,

You have meant so much to me ever since I was young. You’ve influenced me in ways rarely any other musician has, and everything you’ve done for Linkin Park has been loved greatly by me.

Thank you for singing in one of my all time favorite bands. Thank you for all the music, all the lyrics, and all the happiness you’ve provided for us since the beginning.

Today is a hard day.

Fly high, Chester. I love you always.

So the real point of me posting that photo…
My purchasing of this album is a lil late, but still a sound decision. The Hybrid Theory CD was given to me by my father when he found out I liked one of the songs. I cite it as the album that really started my music taste, not to mention how many rough points in life it got me through.

Chester Bennington’s suicide was significant to me, even if it isn’t the most important thing happening at the moment.
RIP Chester Bennington


In The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park

You Guy Get to Choose the Artwork I Make 😐

Hello everyone, I am here to announce that I am planning to let you guys to vote on what order you guys want me to make a brand new artwork. I have choosen five options I have thought of:

1. A Mindless Self Indulgence fanart

2. A Memorial fanart with Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) as angels

3. A Halloween artwork with a black cat and a bat

4. A Monster High fanart with a Beatles t-shirt on

5. A self portroit in a Halloween costume

I want you guys to vote by the number on which artwork to be done between September 15 to October 31, voting will end on September 8 at 7 p.m central timeline. All you have to do is choose the numbers in what order you want me to do. I will let you guys know what order has the most votes on September 9, so go out and vote!

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