chester cheetos

My son Max hanging out with Chester Cheetos, Williamsburg floor model #286b, and hotdiggedydemon. They’ve all gathered to fuck some socks in public


His name is Chester after the cheetos cheetah and he is 9 yrs old. Sadly we have to let him go as we found out he has FIV (cat aids) and its caused him to have severe issues. While i don’t want to let him go he has been and always will be my pride and joy and i would hate to see him suffer any longer.

shit said in group chats

probably at least a little bit nsfw and mildly offensive !

  • “ brace yourselves this is gonna get intimate ”
  • “ when i was with pussydestroyer69, ”
  • “ that’s a kink i have i didn’t know about ”
  • “ god everyone’s gonna wake up and be like ‘what the fuck we leave for ten minutes' ”
  • “ i’ve never done the sex ”
  • “ the first conversation we had was about your vagina ”
  • “ this is gonna get really tmi you guys are gonna learn something about me ”
  • “ damn y'all party when i’m asleep ”
  • “ when you wanna get high but instead you get hospitalized ”
  • “ ____ i’ll slap you and make you eat a vegetable too ”
  • “ i like veggies, in fact i ate a vegetable yesterday ”
  • [holding out my mug to the barista] “ just put as much coffee as ur legally allowed to in here and then double that amount ”
  • “ i have heebs on my jeebs ”
  • “ mothman is real and i sucked his dick behind an arby's ”
  • “ please don’t let that be a meme i never think before i speak ”
  • “ I DON’T FEAR GOD ”
  • “ these fake news give me the covfefe ”
  • “ one person drunk doth not make a party - ancient proverb ”
  • “ question: my cola is empty but I still have some vodka left, am I cool enough to drink it pure or should I just not ”
  • “ i’ve guzzled pure vodka once and hurled for like 10 minutes but i proved a point so it was Fine ”
  • “ am i vodka mom or wine mom ”
  • “ we’re two halves of a whole idiot ”
  • “ we finish each other’s saltiness ”
  • “ this is worse than anon hate ”
  • “ Chester Cheeto bitch the fuck. ”
  • “ the only one doing any fisting here is me ”
  • “ ok guys let me tell u a story ”
  • “ do i need to kinkshame this entire chat ”
  • “ i’d fist donald trump for you ”
  • “ oops that’s my kink ”
  • “ i cant believe i need parental supervision to use the microwave at the age of 20 ”
  • “ i have been corrupted ”
  • “ it’s okay, i have a towel, ”
  • “ i have seen some things ”

anonymous asked:

Could you do a scenario with Reddy where he comes across you at a tattoo shop. You're getting some beautiful design like a koi fish. Jay Park & Loco push him to approach you & y'all hit it off.

Title: Ol Scary A*s

Genre: Fluff

AN: Sorry, this one took a little longer than expected. I hope you like it! I had to find some a pic before he adopted the Hot Cheeto Chester look.


 Pictures/Artwork/Gifs are not mine. Credit goes to the original owner.

Reddy stood back biting his lip as he eyed you. He wasn’t usually the shy type but there was something about your vibe that made him nervous. You weren’t intimidating but the way you carried yourself let the world know that you weren’t the type of woman to appreciate the bullshit. No cheesy pickup lines or half assed attempts at conversation were going to cut it. You stood just on the other side of the tattoo parlor flipping through books trying to find a design close to what you envisioned. Your friend came along with you and was leaning over offering commentary on the designs of the fish you saw.

Jay caught Reddy watching you and nudged Loco. He nodded towards Reddy then towards you. “Look at this fool.” He brought the straw of his drink to his lips and said “If you lookin that hard why don’t you go say somethin?” Loco crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair waiting to see what Reddy would say. Reddy slowly pulled his gaze from you and looked at Jay with a raised eyebrow and decided to play dumb. “What are you talking about?” He answered with a frown.

Jay looked at Loco with a slightly aggravated smirk then back at Reddy . He cocked his head to the side and gave him a look that summed up  his question. “Really? That girl. Over here lookin like you trying to see into her soul go talk to her.” He gestured to you and your friend. Unfortunately, for Reddy he wasn’t exactly being quiet.

You raised your head in their direction and smiled. You got an awkward wave from the three of them and went back to looking through the book.

Reddy popped Jay’s arm in annoyance. “Would you shut up!” He whisper yelled at him.

“Wouldn’t have to shut up if you’d man up and go over there.” He said before loudly slurping his drink.

“If you won’t I will.” Loco said. He made a show of giving you an appreciative once over.

“I see what you’re doing.” Reddy responded.

“Is it working?” Loco asked with a big smile on his face.

“No.” He responded with a shake of his head. Loco’s smile immediately fell.

“Boy, if you don’t take yo ol scary ass over there and talk to her.” Jay said giving him a little shove in your direction.

Reddy took a deep breath and squared his shoulders.

While this little not so subtle exchange was going on. You and your friend had having your own much quieter conversation. “Is that who I think it is?” You asked her.

“I think so but I’m not sure.” She said trying to sneak glances their way. You two were doing a much better job at keeping your conversation quiet.

“Well, I don’t want to say anything if it’s not him. I mean I don’t know too many guys walking around looking like all three of them at the same damn time.” You said looking up at her purposely keeping your back towards them. “You can get a better look. Is it him?”

“Yeah, it is and he’s coming this way.” She said and quickly got the attention of the artist she’d be working with to iron out the final details of her tattoo.

You could feel someone standing not too far off from you. Then a shadow was cast over the picture you were looking at. “That one really is beautiful.” A male voice said from your right side.

“Yeah, I like that one but I’m not sure if it’ll fit in with the rest.” You scrunched your lips up in thought.

“Well, what does the rest of it look like?” He asked leaning on the counter listening as you described the rest of the tattoo.

“I wanted to add in something with my favorite flowers, orchids and I wanted it to be a half sleeve.”

“Hmm” he said in thought and stepped over so that he was standing side by side as the two of you flipped through the book together.

“Do you want the fish to be the dominating feature or the flowers and what color orchids were you thinking?”

“Orange, it’s supposed to represent boldness.” You looked up at him with a little bit of a smirk.

“What’s that look for?” He asked with his own smirk.

“Your friends weren’t very quiet. I wasn’t sure if you were going to be bold enough to come over here. I was wondering if I’d have to go over there to you.

He let out a little laugh. “Heard all of that, huh?” You nodded your head in response. “I’m Hong Woo.”

“I know who you are. I’m Y/N, a fan.” You smiled up at him and he returned it. Your tattoo artist came up and let you know he was ready.

“Well, I know I was a little shy earlier but how about I be bold enough to call you later.” His smile was still in place. You cocked your head to the side a bit and let out a little laugh.

“I think I’d like that.” Was your response.

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