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I just had the worst day ever. Can't remember the prompts I sent you, but what about a new prompt? How about SEP Jack and Gabe, maybe they get to go to a party and relax with the other soldiers. Jack wants to dance and have fun, but Gabe is being a general grump. So Jack decides to go have fun and dance with other people/guys. Jealous Gabe ensues maybe?

oh man, sorry your day was so bad, anon. D: hopefully this cheers you up!

DNA-altering serums or no, there was no way that the sheer amount of bass being blasted through the club’s speakers was healthy. Gabe could feel it in every bone, and watched in mild alarm as the surface of his drink pulsed in strange ripples in time with the music. That is to say, if he could even hear any kind of harmony or melody over the eardrum-shattering boosted bass.

Granted, the Orpheum was the only place close to the SEPs base that was deemed a decent nightclub. Free time off base was a precious, valuable commodity, and SEP personnel had every right to be picky about where they spent it. Gabe liked the place well enough, even if he mentally kept comparing it to places in Los Angeles with something like disdain. Not like he had ever been big into clubbing, but he figured it just came with the territory.

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