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#Malec moments 2x15

Cr: Ocearielle

- What really gets to me was all those ‘I’m fine’ smiles he always have for Alec whenever Alec show his concern: all shiny wide eyes, bright smiles.. but his voice was tinged with tears… ;__;

- When Alec called Magnus’s name multiple times.. just how gentle and soft was his voice

- Yes, i love that scene of Alec waking up on Magnus’s bed too BUT god fuckin’ dammit, this is about Magnus so it kinda pissed me off that people just keep on focusing on how hot Alec is and how it’s obvious he is the little spoon..etc - 

(which btw, he is NOT. If you noticed, he turned fully on his back THEN reached out next to him.. he didn’t reached out behind him only turning when he can’t find Magnus. So it means, he turned fully on his back and reached out to pulled Magnus closer/onto his chest or simply just for the comfort of touching his lover. Which means, he expects Magnus was sleeping but turning the other way or just on his back or on his side, facing Alec’s back.. They MIGHT spoon before/after that.. Alec might be the little spoon or it might be Magnus.. This is not a big deal but with all these infantilizing of Alec trend, I feel the need to smack down whatever minuscule ‘evidence’ these infuriating delicate-daisy-flower!bottom-only!alec stans fans keep insisting on. Sorry not sorry)

- Magnus is hurting and fans as usual just keep harping on bout Alec’s luminous pale skin against the red bedsheet.. Seriously, guys? -.-

- Oh~.. I’m worried bout Alec and his position as NY Institute leader…I HOPE the show won’t follow the book : where literally everything that is good goes to Golden Boy Jace and Clary at the end and the rest of the characters just there and getting shit. 

(Spoiler: Raphael even died.. after he kinda betrayed Magnus >.<.. No! just NO, okay!)

- Anyone noticed that for all his sass and his ready witty answer for everything, Magnus never really answers back when anyone put him down for being Downworlder/being racist. He just keeps quiet… I know he’s used to it but still… it makes me sad :(.. 


He’s the cutest littlest sweetheart~.. he’s so cute, i wanna cry.. 

How could ANYone shouts at him?? How could ANYone hates him??!! And he was all alone after that.. ;__; 

- Alec’s hand could cover the entire side of Magnus’s head.. XD

- Oh and good news: Alec didn’t wax his chest hair~!! They’re still there~!! XD (the happiest person abut this gotta be Matt

- Alec snores. I love it ^^ (yes, I have it bad..)

- I wish Alec won’t stand like he was at attention in military assembly so much.. Like he should be more at ease with his own lover, shouldn’t he? `

…. all in all~.. an okay episode. I love Simon storyline and yeah, it makes me kinda hate jace a bit (the WHY is in my other post).. I think Alberto and Kat were amazing amazing amazing during that breakup scene. 

Malec part~.. as usual, Harry slayed it. When Magnus cries, I wanna kill someone. His every expression was perfect.. Those looks in his eyes.. amazing!

I wish they make Matt be more at ease when with Magnus. I like that Alec insisted that Magnus talked to him. 

What else… umm~ oh yes, 

i seriously do NOT want to be around the fandom when they stripped Alec off his position, deruned him and basically makes him gets the short end of sticks as usual while Jace and Clary gallivanting around happily, breaking rules left and right and still coming out as winners, reigniting their passionate love. 

Malec, The Lightwoods.. heck, the entire Downworlders has some serious problem now and ahead.. but ofc we gonna see more on Clace and their ‘we wanna fuck each other but lets be coy and flirty to show our tragic attraction to each other while making other people pay for our selfish actions coz hey, we’re the main MAIN characters so it’s our goddamn rights’ drama. 

And Sebastian, you’re a psycho and you made a mess of everyone’s life. But still, I’m sorry you got turned to burnt crispy chicken, man~… 

Oh, and this is still beautiful~..

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Splickedy I am feeling kind of down will you put your Christmas book to good use and doodle some fancy trolls with tats for me?

HEY YOU SAID FANCY BUT FANCY DOESN’T SHOW OFF TATTOOS SO INSTEAD HAVE CULTURE OF A DUBIOUS NATURE besides I’m not very good at fancy and I wanted to do sweeping massive tattoos and full sleeves and stuff so HERE



At MC today, Sho let everyone see his Chest, to see the heart monitor thingy, and Jun said “is that new chest hair?” XD also today, Sho called Matsumoto as “Matsumoto-kun” and “Matsumoto-tencho" When matsujun and ohno went to visit sho in his hotel room while filming abunai yakai, apparently nino and aiba were sleeping Aiba, nino and ohno had the same heart rate, so sho asked if they’re all living together or something lol Digitalian tour is earning 7.6 billion yen. That is $64,056,676