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Special Friends: Chapter 8

Submitted by: Panicattackkisses

Description:  When Stiles’ phone buzzed and lit up with the image of Lydia with two chopsticks in her mouth, he answered immediately.
“I thought I told you you can’t keep calling me up for meaningless, mind blowing sex, Lydia”.

Rating: MA

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Smut

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Jamie…appreciation post

Special Friends: Chapter Eight

Oh look! I’l just leave this here again.
I swear to god I hope every follower I have is 18+ or I’m gonna have to call your parents, I’m sorry.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend reading this with the Black Keys album playing in the background, especially the songs, Everlasting Light, Howlin’ For You (pun intended) and Sinister Kid. 
Cause, just trust me, okay?

“This doesn’t change anything cause’ we’re sober this time, right?’’

A plaid shirt was chucked over a desk chair, books falling from the table as hips collided with the corner.

“Of course not, we’re friends - close friends-’’

“Special friends”.

A skirt fell to the floor, a sigh, a groan. It was kicked across the floor by bare, delicate feet.

“Who can maintain a mature friendship with each other. Our friendship will not be ruined just because we’re… we’re…’’

“So good at kissing each other?’’

A belt buckle rattled, a zip unfastened. Groans were muffled between lips.

“Oh god, yes”.

A shirt was thrown into the corner of the room.

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