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I haven't been keeping up with suju since 2010 when I graduated school, omg help?

I am trying to very logically sum up 7 years and I’ll admit, I totally cheated on some parts. And I won’t list every solo activity, that would take days to write.

2010: I knew of SuJu. I just didn’t know them. Siwon was in a Kdrama called “Oh! My Lady” so when I researched him, Super Junior came out. And I was like ???? they’re all handsome??? halp???

2011: A magical year. All the boys personalities start shining, they’re more confident and they’re grown men, literally look at siwons abs bruh. The album: Mr. Simple sells a shitload. Best songs for me? Opera and Superman. SKIP BEAT! DONGHAE HELLUUUUR MAY I SAY MORE. HIS OUTFITS GORGEOUS, HAIR TO DYE (yes i spelt it like that on purpose) FOR. FLAWLESS. (i am biased) SUPER JUNIOR M: TAIWANMEI. high five eunhae in the back! (10 points to slytherin if you can spot it in the video! and by slytherin, I mean me bcuz i’m slytherin)

2011- continued: EunHae duo exists. Awesome singles. Seriously. These two are like milk and cookies. Eunhyuk is smooth like milk and Donghae is so cute and heartwarming like chocolate chip cookies.

2012: A difficult year leading into 2013. Kangin returns (he left in the first place because of the scandals surrounding him) and his voice is widely missed truly it made some of the songs for me. But Heechul and Leeteuk go for military service. Amazing album, gorgeous posters (flower boys) I legit cried over the poster in HS. Endless EunHae marriage comments. It was beautiful. also panda and hedehog, awkward kisses on hae’s part (like srsly bro u ever kiss before?? letz not forget them hickiessss. I mean that happens in 2013 but srsly…srsly) Listen to “Spy” for fingers and suits. Listen to “Sexy, Free and Single” to feel awesome about yourself. Listen to “Gulliver” cause Eunhyuk wrote it by hisself. Listen to “From U” which is “For ELF” and the Eunhae action we got in the live show oh yeah hae chest, KRY vocals ON POINT.

End of 2012: Bad. Very Bad. Big scandal of IU and Eunhyuk. It was terrible like legitimately terrible. It almost caused Eunhyuk to quit everything. Everyone turned on him, even some so-called fans. He was so depressed and even Donghae suspiciously posted lyrics to a song implying someone being deceitful. It was odd and I believe he deleted it. Eunhyuk went low-key for months. It was that bad.

2013: Hero. Its a Japanese song, but done very wonderfully. It’s really cute. Blue world is about ELF again, but the video is a little too blue. EunHae again: Listen to “Still You” and sob at that elevator scene where they’re supposed to pretend to be in the elevator at different times but instead gaze into each others eyes. great acting 100%. SUPER JUNIOR M RETURNS WITH AN ACTUAL ALBUM: Listen to “Breakdown” everyone’s outfits and hair on point. cue donghae exercising too much and ripping his jacket like a pack of skittles. (see if you can spot it in the video!) Yesung enlists and we all sob.

2014: SUPER JUNIOR M AGAIN with a single “SWING” watch the beautiful Henry say “uno dos tres” like a pro, the on-point dances, the office attire, sexy mustachio of siwon making its fierce apperance and most of all suspenders.on.donghae. you will drool, i drooled, we all cried and sobbed. Super Junior: MAMACITA. Heechul and Leeteuk return. The album was pretty much flawless and the best from these lovely boys since Mr. Simple. Listen to “Mamacita” for quirkiness, “Shirt” for Donghae’s songwriting skills, and  “Evanesce” for feels. SUNGMIN IS MARRIED. Everyone flipped out. A ton of ELF felt betrayed and I will admit, I honestly thought it was a shotgun wedding. I didn’t mean to disrespect Sungmin, it legit happened that fast. Again, I apologize to Sungmin for being selfish.

2015: EunHae’s The Beat Goes On. I own this album. I own the poster. I own my feels. Listen to “Growing Pains” for Donghae’s amazing songwriting skills, srsly let my boy write everything and “Sweater and Jeans” for Eunhyuk’s growing vocal skills (vintage sweater and jeans <–thats haes line tho sorry i love him) Sungmin and Shindong enlist. Super Junior’s Devil drops with the return of Yesung, his beautiful voice was greatly missed. MY BOYS WENT TO THE MILITARY. Donghae left on his birthday and I cried like a bitch cause Eunhyuk went two days before him so they could get out together. Siwon enlists a month after in November.

2016: Yesung drops a single “Here I am” and Ryeowook drops an album “Little Prince”. Ryeowook enlists.

2017: EunHae will return July 12th and July 14th, respectively. And Siwon will return August 18th. Kyuhyun decides to enlist so everyone will pretty much fully unite by 2019.

This took me approximately 3 hours to respond to. I tried to sum up everything in short paragraphs! HOPE THIS HELPS~~ XOXO- AyaniELF

And I’ll Call Your Name

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [달의 연인-보보경심 려] fanfiction

  • Wang So/Hae Soo
  • Modern Setting AU

끝없이 길었던 짙고 어두운 사이로
조용히 사라진 소원을 알아
오래 기다릴게 반드시 너를 찾을게
보이지 않도록 멀어도
가자 새벽이 끝나는 곳으로

Through the night that was endlessly long and thick and dark
I know your wish has silently disappeared
I’ll wait for a long time, I will definitely find you
Even if you’re so far that I can’t see you
Let’s go, to the place at the tip of dawn

IU (아이유)  - Dear Name (이름에게)


The drowning survivor opened her eyes, not knowing where she stood on the bridge of time.

Her world was inundated by the brightness of the sun, glaring straight at her, through the open window. She took a few minutes to adjust, adjust her consciousness and her body, moving every part of herself with calculated effort. First, she looked the other way, away from the window; her head was heavy and her mind was clouded. She moved her fingers, one at a time. She moved her toes. But her body, her limbs, didn’t respond as they ought to. She took a deep breath, trying not to panic at the distress that seemed to grow in her middle, trying to calm herself down enough to understand it all, to understand anything.

When she opened her eyes again, she was facing the wall where a calendar hung. Her vision was focused enough to read it. October, 2016.

In the turmoil of her being, a light was lit. Shining through the fog, like a lighthouse.

It was the beginning.

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Big Scares and Small Kisses

We make EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, 2PM and GOT7 reactions, scenarios and outfits so feel free to request:

 Scenario Masterlist + Reaction and Outfit Masterlist

🐳~Rated- SF for Slight Fluff

Member- SEVENTEEN, Wonwoo

Word Count- 854

“What should we watch next?” Wonwoo asked

“Can’t we watch something different this time? How about, we watch that new Nicholas Spark movie ‘The Longest Ride’? Or should we go for something action like ‘Gangnam Blues’(Gangnam 1970)?”

“It’s a scary movie marathon, Y/N! We are not going to watch a sappy romantic movie nor a Lee Min Ho one. I know that you are going to spend the whole movie drooling and commenting on his looks and you know that i don’t like you doing that.”

“Fine, be that way. What do you want to watch then?”

“Nightmare on Elm street” he said, a smirk forming upon his face.

“Great.” You say, your voice dripping with sarcasm.


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Lost Stars (M)

plot: all he knew was killing and you were just another name to mark down his list.

group: bts

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: assassin!au

warnings: death, blood, cursing and other violence subjects, light smut ahead

word count: 5.4k

A/N: so I don’t know how this happened but it sorta did lmao I hope you like it, I’m so sorry this is a mess ;-;

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The youngest member of the Jeon family looked down to the floor, eyes narrowing and eyebrows knotted in disgust. There went another pair of his favorite shoes, he shook them to get rid of the staining blood dropping from the tip of the shoe. He sighed, dropping his foot to the floor and quickly getting out his phone and pressing the dial button on Namjoon’s number.

It took a couple of times for him to answer. “It’s done” he mumbles, looking down at the immobile body a mere inches away from his feet. Namjoon replied happily, another amount of zeros to add up to their bank account. “Make sure to wire my part” and with that the phone went dead as he stuffed the phone back in the pocket.

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hae’s arm around hyukkie!!!!!!!   [video cr]