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Ivar x Reader

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You laid across the bed with your lover’s head on your shoulder. “So you’re serious about going and invading the North-eastern part of England?” You asked softly, staring up at the ceiling of your small house while you played with Ivar’s hair.

It was late in the night, and Kattegat had already gown quiet. You hadn’t been able fall asleep

“Yes.” His voice lacked any emotion.

“Ok.” You breathed out, feeling anxiety pool in the bottom of your stomach. You took in a few more breaths, trying to settle your nerves.
“You know I’m coming with you right?”

Ivar immediately jerked forward, sitting up and twisting around to be able to see your face. Knowing that this was going to happen, you had prepared yourself and quickly placed your hand against his lips, muffling any sounds that wanted to come out of his mouth.

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Stench of the Unburied

Incoherent but functional
Speeding like a dead comet
Purple crushed-velvet waistcoat
Flecked with Maalox and bits of dried vomit
Say what you will for the effort
You can’t fault the technique
Still conscious at sunrise
For the third time this week
But when the blue lights flash
I know we’re going to crash

And outside it’s 92 degrees
And KROQ is playing Siouxsie and the Banshees

Blaupunkt in the dashboard
Cracks in the cylinder block
Heading up the Golden State Freeway
Toward Eagle Rock
Ice chest full of Corona
And Pineapple Crush
It’ll take 20 years
For the toxins to flush
And when the sirens wail
I know we’re going to jail

And outside it’s 92 degrees
And KROQ is playing Siouxsie and the Banshees

Follow the flame to freedom
The flickering lights of armageddon
Find the foot of the ladder way down in the pit
Keep climbing forever
Try to keep the torch lit

And outside it’s 92 degrees
And KROQ, the Rock of the 80s, is playing Siouxsie and the Banshees

from Goths (2017)


Your aarakocra doesn’t have to be beige! Here are some pictures from around the web of amazing specimens to inspire your designs. They all can puff their head feathers to look cool.

1. Bateleur eagle - Impressive color scheme

2. Phillipine Serpent Eagle - Distinctive crest and dotted chest.

3. Phillipine Eagle - Endangered fellow with silvery eyes and a huge mane.

4. Secretary Bird - Unique looking, both because of their ornamental feathers and long body, and their taste for battling snakes.

5. Bearded Vulture - Enormous and magestic. Not so reliant on carrion as their relatives, as it also hunts.

See also my post on how to deal with the aarakocras flying.

anonymous asked:

Question but what kind of raptor(another term for predatory bird) are you based off of anyways? Is it an owl, or a hawk? Do tell!

(Jay is based off of this pretty bird here!)

(It is a Chili Eagle, also known as a Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle. Its unusually blue in this picture, while normally they’re more grey, but thats what Jay’s coloration and wings were based off of. Canonically, Jay is a mix of various species of birds, with his behavior primarily influenced by that of a parrot or crow. He doesn’t know most of this himself. Its not like he was ever told what was being done to him.)