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Procedure | Chest Tube Insertion - New England Journal of Medicine

Rumors tell of a phantom in white, wandering the streets, and kidnapping unsuspecting folk from the shadows of alleyways and/or at the darkest hours of midnight. No one has been found alive nor has anyone told the tale of their supposed survival. Mostly, the victims are found with the chest cavity ripped opened, drained of blood, and they were without a heart

Truly, a grizzly sight, and something no one should endure.


The Chupacabra 

Literally “goat-sucker”; is a legendary creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas, with its first purported sightings reported in Puerto Rico. The name comes from the animal’s reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

The first reported attacks occurred in March 1995 in Puerto Rico. In this attack, eight sheep were discovered dead, each with three puncture wounds in the chest area and completely drained of blood. A few months later, in August, an eyewitness, Madelyne Tolentino, reported seeing the creature in the Puerto Rican town of Canóvanas, when as many as 150 farm animals and pets were reportedly killed.

Well on the plus side I’ve managed to go for three walks today, one even down to the ground floor cafe - although loads of people stared, like it’s weird to see a patient in a hospital gown in a hospital, but whatever - but, on the downside when the painkillers wear off the drain and entry site really are kinda agony now, especially now they’ve moved me from on demand morphine to pill form. I am a lot more with-it today though, I think, which is probably good.

They say your first love is something you’ll never forget
The person you first loved under the summer sun of your junior year who held you close and swore the stars were in your eyes and they would ever leave
The intense, young love.
Innocent, pure, unpredictable.
It’s true that you’ll never forget that love, but the love is not what you don’t forget
You remember the first time someone literally took your heart out of your chest and drained every ounce of fluid from it as you watched another person hold onto his
You remember how he swore he loved you and when those words came out of his mouth you felt like you understood the rest of the world,
And when he said he didn’t feel it anymore you understood why in the first month with him your mother told you to slow down
You don’t remember how you remember, but you remember how you never actually forgot
—  It’s been a year and I still love every ounce of your being