chest carpet


“You―oh, I like you.“ 

 "Where is she?” Amren demanded. 

 Where is she where is she where is she 

“Get the Book out of here,” I said, dumping the piece onto the ground. I hated the touch of them, their madness and despair and joy. Amren ignored the order. “Where is she?” Amren said again, pressing a hand to Cassian’s ravaged back. I knew she didn’t mean Mor. 

As if my thoughts had summoned her, my cousin appeared―panting, haggard. She dropped to the floor before Azriel, her blood-caked hands shaking as she ripped the arrow free of his chest, blood showering the carpet. She shoved her fingers over the wound, light flaring as her power knit bone and flesh and vein together. 

“Where is she?” Amren snapped one more time.


A couple of days of perspective with Lawrence Marvit again!
it’s been a pain in the ass but very educative!
First one is antique shop filled with random junk.
Second one is very specific: Italian mobster is studying math with older jewish teacher in the latter one’s lower-middle class New York apartment during the 1950′s.
third one is just our thumbnails for Tutankhamon running around in an Art deco New York.

Very crazy perspectives! much work. 

How did you know I was bluffing?

Whenever William goes on his bimonthly vacations to Risa, he activates the PokerBotNumber1, a suitable replacement for him in the Enterprise crew’s poker games.  Number1 prefers to wear the Angel 1 robes because the lack of pants gives him “substantial comfort and freedom” compared to other clothing items.