chest blaze

Ryan's poem in 13 reasons why though

“The drag of your hand across my chest sparks a blaze my lips cannot extinguish
You, stubborn inferno
You drive fast and damn the red lights for slowing you down
You see my veins shake at your first touch
The power to move my blood on your own accord
The definition of heart
And after the stick shift jerk
I beg my skin to do tricks
Like forget how good it feels to lose control
Between the burning house
Of your hands”


(Requested by Anon) - Some bad language in here people!

“I’m pregnant.” It felt like a weight had been lifted off of your chest as the words finally came out. You’d been fumbling around telling him for the last day or so and finally, finally you managed to get it out. It would all be fine now. Except he was just standing there. Your brow creased as you watched him, could vampires go into shock?

“Jasper, I’m pregnant, don’t you have anything to say about that.”

A few tense seconds passed. Your heart hammered in your chest as you waited for him to do something, anything

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just for that you get more ;) [rihanna GIF]

“I said I’d have my revenge, didn’t I?” he pants, all satisfaction, their sweaty skin sticking together everywhere they touch. “You made me beg. Your turn.”

Please,” she snarls, half desperation and half hate, hips bucking. One hand still holding her wrists above her head, his other darts down to stroke her, keep her desperate, but he’s not giving her nearly enough to come. Nesta gives an anguished cry, tries to push against him, but it’s futile, with him holding stock still inside her.

“You’re going to have to do a little better than that, sweetheart,” he scolds.

Nesta’s looking at him like she’s going to murder him, eyes blazing, chest heaving as she struggles for breath, for composure. “Fuck you, asshole.”

He loves her so much it hurts. “Close enough.” And before Nesta can get out another insult he releases her hands to pull their hips flush and fucks her hard.


Imagine Sam Winchester scaring you.

“Sam, chill out!” you shouted, tugging him away from the body of the creature you’d been hunting. Sam had taken it upon himself to interrogate the thing and the relish he seemed to take with the task was pretty unnerving. He whirled on you, his face splattered with blood, eyes blazing and chest heaving.

“Get off of me!” he snapped and you took an involuntary step back, hand darting to your weapon.

“Sam, calm down,” you were struggling to keep your voice level. Your heart thumped heavily in your chest. “This isn’t you.”

Sam’s lip curled in disgust, “You don’t know me. You never did, and you never will.”

“Sam, step back,” you warned, fingers curling around the butt of your gun.

“And what if I don’t?” Sam sneered, towering over you menacingly.

You drew a breath to steady yourself and pulled your gun, “I’ll shoot you. I swear to God I will.”

Gif Credit: Sam

A/N: I really, really love the twenty seconds of canon we get of Riza and Rebecca’s friendship and wanted to explore it a little bit more, so here we are.  Slight Royai too because I’m trash.

Rated: T for Rebecca’s potty mouth

Riza Hawkeye sighed, feeling half amused, half exasperated as she locked eyes with her Colonel, who was standing opposite her hospital bed, arms folded across his chest and eyes blazing.

“It was an accident, Colonel.”

“You were hit by a car.”

If anyone who wasn’t familiar with Roy Mustang was in earshot, they would have detected nothing but casual concern for his subordinate’s wellbeing.  But Riza knew better; he was stewing in this.

“I think I know what you’re implying, and I highly doubt this was an organized attempt on my life. Or if it was, it was certainly a very botched one.”

The car hadn’t even been going that fast, the driver had just been careless.  It was a simple accident that could have happened to anyone.

Roy started to respond, but was interrupted as Riza’s best friend, Rebecca Catalina, came bursting through the door in a flurry of brown hair and frazzled energy.

Rebecca hip checked Roy on her way in through the door, “Move it.”

“Show a little respect, Lieutenant Catalina!”  Roy sputtered indignantly.

“He’s still a superior officer, Rebecca.”  Riza chided.

“I’m off the clock”, she tossed over her shoulder easily, coming to perch on the side of Riza’s bed tenderly, reaching for the blonde’s hands.  “Are you alright?  Havoc said you were hit by a car!”

“I’m fine, really. It’s a broken leg, but it’ll heal quickly enough.”

Rebecca clutched at her heart dramatically.  “Well, that’s a relief; I thought you were in here on your death bed or something.” She turned to Roy, “So, when are we hunting down the fucker who hit her?”

“Rebecca!”  Riza exclaimed, although she supposed it was her fault for being shocked.  She had known Rebecca long enough to know that she blurted out whatever thought came to mind the moment it did.

“I know places to hide a body.”

“For once, I actually agree with Catalina.”

Rebecca snorted, “Hey, looks like you do have some taste after all.”  Rubbing her hands together, she turned back to Riza, eyes sparkling mischievously.  “Excellent, we can make it look like the perfect accident.”

Riza scratched her cheek. She loved the pair of them, but working together on some sort of revenge plot was not in anyone’s best interest.

“No!”  Her voice rung out in the tiny room, “You’re both being a little bit melodramatic.  It. Was.  An accident!  I appreciate your concern, but you two need to let this go.”

Rebecca sighed dramatically. “Fine.  But only if he swears not to go looking for trouble either.”

“If that’s what Lieutenant Hawkeye wants.”

“Thank you”, Riza settled back a little more comfortably into the hospital bed.

“Miss Hawkeye?”  One of the nurses knocked on the door gently, “It’s time for you to get some rest.  Your visitors can come back later.”

Riza smiled, “Thank you.”

Rebecca squeezed Riza’s hand and then stood up, “I can’t speak for this one, but I’ll come back to visit later.  Can I get you anything?  Chocolate? Flowers?  A book?  Some of your own clothes?”

Chuckling, Riza shook her head, “I think I’m alright, but I’ll let you know if that changes. Thanks Rebecca.”

Roy cleared his throat, staring at Rebecca pointedly.  He clearly wanted a moment alone with Riza, but Rebecca raised her eyebrows and stared at him defiantly.

“You heard the nurse, let’s go.”

Roy sighed, “I’ll come back after work.  Get some rest.”

It was all she could do not to salute as her lips quirked up into a smile.  “Yes, sir.”

Rebecca grabbed Roy’s hand and dragged him towards the door, winking at Riza on the way out.  “Come on, Colonel.  Something tells me you’re going to need all the help you can get at the office if you’re going to be losing Riza for an indefinite amount of time.”

Well, that was nice of her.

They were barely out of Riza’s sight before there was a crash, and then a raucous peal of laughter.

“You’re such an idiot, Mustang!”

“Catalina, this is a hospital!”

Riza pinched the bridge of her nose.  It was a good thing they were all adults.

“Jack, I can explain—“

“Explain what?” Jack exploded with a snarl, whirling around to glare at Rhys, who was caught with one foot up on the dais to Jack’s desk, hesitant. “How you snuck onto a mission you weren’t supposed to be within a hundred thousand miles of? Unarmed and without me knowing where the hell you were?”

“I—I wasn’t unarmed!” Rhys piped up, trying his defense, “I….I had a stun baton?”

“Oh, a stun baton, a stun baton! I didn’t know stun batons could deflect bullets, sweetheart!” Jack mocked, flapping his hands in the air. “Son of a taint, you didn’t even have a frikkin’ shield on you! Idiot!”

“Okay, it was stupid, I get it, Jack, you’re not my fucking dad!” Rhys snapped, crossing his arms over his chest. Jack’s eyes blazed at the insolence as he jabbed a finger towards his PA, lips curled in anger.

“I don’t think you do get it, if you did then we wouldn’t be here.”

Jack stared furiously at Rhys for a moment, meeting the young man’s petulant glare, challenging him. Rhys met him back firmly, lips set in an angry pout, but gradually he faltered, eyes falling to the surface of Jack’s desk. The CEO felt angry triumph pool in his chest, but it’s nearly not enough to sate the growling, possessive beast inside him It’s not enough to have Rhys implicitly realize how stupid he had been. What Jack needed was to really make the kid feel the price of his idiotic brush with death.

“In case you forgot, sweetheart, your life is mine. You have your life in the first place ‘cause I tolerate your sass and bullshit, and the only one who can take it from you is me.” Jack spat, rounding around his desk and nearly pressing chest to chest with Rhys as he jabbed a finger into his ribs. 


The young man shirked, and a for a moment Jack wondered if he’s gonna try to bolt like a frightened skag pup, but before he can even try Jack’s grabbing him by the stupid tie and dragging him back up to his chair. Rhys choked, nearly slipping and falling as he’s dragged along the steel floor. Jack turned on his heels and sat abruptly in his chair, yanking Rhys forward by the tie. The boy’s legs smacked into Jack’s knees, causing him to stumble forward and loose his balance as he landed with a pained oomph right over Jack’s lap.

working on a commission :p

beyond the pale

oda oichi x tokugawa ieyasu

a/n: so i got an anonymous message today with a really interesting idea for a prompt: an slbp lord falling in love with his closest ally’s sibling/cousin. the anon suggested that i write nobu and ieyasu’s silbing/cousin but i may have gone in a slightly different direction… anyhow, the anon also might write a fic of their own for this, so i tried not to go in too deep. @jemchew, @naerial, @demon-princess-anastasia, @pasunny

There are a million and one things a samurai’s daughter shouldn’t do, and she has done quite a few of them. She imagines nobody expected any less of her, with Nobunaga as her sibling.

Oichi knows her choices are limited—has always known, since she was young and walking through gardens with delicate objects balanced on her head, with a hand pressing at the small of her back to keep her perfect, stones in her sleeves—but she makes the most of every choice she has. She chooses her wit, the silver knife in her mouth with its poisoned edges, and the pretty pink lips that conceal it—she chooses to fight as she can, with charm and with grace and eyes that make even her older brother wither.

There are men that fear her. There are women that hate her. Her downfall is her ultimate achievement—her ability to make others bend to her will.

Except for him.

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You know what kills me ? When I read those lines on the wikipedia page and on the wiki. I don’t know what happened though the mind of the person who wrote those lines. BECAUSE IT’S NOT TRUE.

Yes, Sir Blaze and Princess Flame have long-limbered, human-like legs contrary to a most of dragons who have short, more animal-like legs.

But even if long-legged dragons are fewer, there are more than 2 in the show ! Gosh I had to point it out to some fans who genuinely didn’t even notice !

Do you know which of the most recurring characters (atleastinseason1) has long legs too ? Exactly, the Wandering Minstrel !

So does one of the secondary (not episodic, secondary !) characters, Racka.

Guess who as well ? Blaze’s father himself, Sir Herman the Nearsighted ! And as Blaze is his son, it means he actually took his legs from him and not the contrary !

Same for Schoolmaster Buzzard.

Duncan also got some fine legs as well

And the statues Sir Loungealot has in his apartments ? Yes those are statues, but they were based on models, no ?

And there probably are background characters I have missed.

Either way, those informations are fake, short-legged dragons are more numerous, maybe far more, but there are still more than 2 dragons with long legs. Period.

-Mod Ben

My thoughts on “The Predator” Chapter 16

Okay so you might see this I’m tagging you now… @supersillyanddorky06

 Matty, matty, matty how do you do you do it! Each time I read one of your masterfully done chapters something inside of me simply sparks to life. I go from being surrounded by dangerous thunderheads to then being transported into a meadow of endless, divine light. It’s as if your words are able to bridge the gap between heaven and hell and, that my friend is a gift that we all hope and wish for. 

Anyways now that I’ve slightly embarrassed myself I’ll continue on to attempting a small conveyance of what this chapter made me see.  

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KaraMel Fanfic #23

Title: Someone Who Has Her

Prompt: It’s up to Kara to save Mon-El when he’s infected with a lead-based substance with effects similar to that of red kryptonite.

Word Count: 4541

Also posted on AO3.

Requested by @karamelforever. I hope you enjoy this, honey :)

Note: I apologize beforehand if there are any inconsistencies with season 1 of Supergirl, I searched online about the red kryptonite episode since I forgot most of what happened (my brain has a way of deleting everything else about a show when I start shipping something lol), but please do tell me if you see something that I might’ve forgotten. Also, it’s 1 a.m. right now and I just finished the editing, so if there’re any mistakes, again, I’m so sorry :) Enjoy!

Kara wanted a drink. Desperately. At least that was what she’d told herself as she strolled into the alien bar. In fact, she only wanted to see her boyfriend, Mon-El. After a day of chasing down a story and then stopping a house fire, she needed him. It had been six months or so since they started dating, yet Kara still wanted to be by his side 24/7 as if they’d just gotten together. Mon-El had a way of…calming her down, making her forget about all of her exhaustion.

Those were her thoughts when she sat down on the bar stool, resting her elbows on the counter. The bar was relatively empty, time being only four p.m., so she could have Mon-El all to herself. He was the only one working along with another new girl bartender anyway.

“Hey, Mr. Bartender,” she called for the Daxamite, a smile playing on his lips. Mon-El stopped wiping the glass in his hand, turning to the sound of the young woman. A huge grin appeared on his face.

“Kara!” he called out, leaving the glass and approaching his girlfriend. “And here I was thinking of stealing you away from work.” There was a hint of mischief in his voice that made Kara smile. She was just about to respond when Mon-El grabbed the nape of her neck, pulling her forward.

Kara was caught off guard as Mon-El kissed her, his lips crushing hers under his super strength. It wasn’t because she wasn’t used to PDA, though; it was because they’d never kissed that hard in public. They usually kept it small and sweet, leaving passion to closed doors and bedrooms.

It was as if Mon-El had forgotten they were in the bar he worked in.

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A Ryan Shaver Poem

The drag of your hand across my chest/ Sparks a blaze my lips cannot extinguish/ You, stubborn inferno/ You drive fast, and damn the red lights for slowing you down/ You see my veins shake at your first touch/ The power to move my blood on your own accord/ The definition of heart/ And after the stick shift jerk/ I beg my skin to do tricks/ Like forget how good it feels to lose control/ Between the burning house/ Of your hands - Ryan Shaver (13 Reasons Why)





                    WHEN WILL OUR SOULS BE SHAKEN 


                                         THE GREED THAT’S SETTLED IN OUR STOMACHS



                                      COME AND TASTE BEFORE IT’S ALL OUT


                                                       JUST FOR THEIR SELFISH GAIN

                                                                    I FEED


                                                  AND THE PAINT THAT STAINS 


                                            I CANNOT BE CONTAINED  

                                                                                    OR ABSTAINED


anonymous asked:

Prompt idea: Zuko and Katara are having a secret relationship, and the next morning, when Katara forgets to heal them the night before, the Gaang starts to notice signs of their love making (i.e. hickeys, nail marks on Zuko's back, bruises, teeth mark, etc.)

(rated M for smutty smut smut)

Hope you guys like it!  Thank you for the prompt! :)
(and if anyone has feedback, I’d love to hear it!  All I want to do is improve!!)


The young waterbender looked up from her meal to meet the eyes of her brother, who was eyeing her with a highly concerned look.  She raised a brow and stared back.

“What happened to your neck?!”

Katara merely blinked, her face scrunching up in confusion.  She traced her neck with her fingertips, feeling for something odd, feeling for…


Her hand fell upon a tender spot of skin, and her cheeks flared.  Mentally, she cursed herself for being so careless, for forgetting to heal…

“It’s just…a bug bite, Sokka.  Stop worrying so much.”

The warrior let out a small gasp, bringing a hand up to his mouth.  She knew he really did care for her and her well being, and she knew the bruise looked…well, like a bruise.  But she also knew he had a flair for all things dramatic.

“Well excuse me for caring for my baby sister!” he wailed  The waterbender only rolled her eyes.  Then, with a heated glare she turned to Zuko, who was examining the bowl that contained his breakfast with more care than was necessary.  She huffed.

Toph, however, was the one who broke the silence with a snickering laugh.  Sokka and Aang turned to her with confused looks.  The Duke, Haru and Teo merely looked at one another and shrugged.  Katara shot (useless) daggers at the bling earthbender.  Zuko didn’t move.

“Yeah, some bug that must’ve been.  Why don’t you ask Sparky here about it, I’m sure he knows a thing or two about bugs.”

Aang glared towards Zuko, but his eyes widened when they landed upon a similar welt swelling up upon Zuko’s fair skin.

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             the  drag  of  your  hand  across  my  chest  sparks  a  blaze  my  lips  cannot  extinguish   /     you ,  stubborn  inferno   !       on  a  scale  from  one  to  ten ,   how  EXTRA  do  you  think  this  boy  is  ?    vote  now  on  your  phones !     anyway ,    i  love  these  type  of  promos  so  much  because  then  personals  have  NO  excuse  to  reblog  them .     so ,   i’d APPRECIATE  it  if  you l i k e d    /   reblogged  this  post  if  you’re  interested  in  writing  with  R/YAN  SHAV/ER from  jay  asher’s  novel    &    netflix’s  tv  show ,     th1rteen   r3asons  why  !     previously  cruelnaturally !

bellarke + “you saw your ex coming your way with their new significant other and freaked out. you grabbed my hand, whispered a quick plea to let you propose to me in front of them. i agreed because you’re cute” AU for nathenmiller because she reblogged the post i saw this prompt on and because i love modern!au’s. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Clarke Griffin is a perfectly normal person. She is not the type of person to have Unusual Things happen to her, and is not the type of person who walks in to her friends’ apartments saying you’re never going to believe what happened today like Jasper is fond of doing.

She goes out of her way to avoid situations like that, as a matter of fact, because she is her mother’s daughter. She is a girl who was raised in the environment of society functions and fancy dinners, and because of that, she hates when she’s made into a spectacle.

It’s Sunday, and she’s on her way to meet her best friend for coffee (and minding her own business, thank you very much) when she first spots him. 

 It’s not like she’s going out of her way to stare at him, but he’s right in front of her and he’s tall and has freckles – 

 Anyway, she’s not staring. She’s not. 

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She comes to the queen of Sparta
in the guise of a spinning-woman.
Helen sees past the goddess’s false skin,
sees the white of her throat, the
quivering curve of her breasts.  

Aphrodite coaxes Helen into
Paris’s bed, the promises dripping
from her lips both honeyed and barbed.  
Even a goddess cannot win a woman 
without drawing blood.

Her body trembles in terror
to behold the heart-shaking divine.
Helen has not imagined the dagger
that turns sweetly inside her chest,
the fire that blazes in the pyre of her thighs.

Immortal eyes bask in the red of that
mortal mouth.  How Helen must sing
under Paris’s palms, how sweet it must
be to bite the flesh of the apple.

—  “oh immortal madness, why do you have this craving to seduce me?” (the iliad, fitzgerald trans.) | for windsilk

ladybirdluck replied to your post: I just got accidentally drunk off of o…

sterek, regency au. please and thank you

“And FURTHERMORE,” Stiles says–eyes blazing and chest heaving indecently under his inexpertly-tied cravat– “it does not matter to me, Mr. Hale, that you have fifteen thousand a year, or the most extensive library in the city, or all the silks and satins in the whole damned kingdom to wrap your unnecessary muscles in–”

Derek flinches, feeling his skin turn hot. “I was a sailor. My muscles are far from unnecessary.”

“I don't care!” Stiles cries, drawing curious gazes over to their private corner of the ballroom. “I could not care less that you fought for king and country and built a beautiful estate out of nothing and insist on flaunting your ridiculous sea-glass eyes and brazenly unshaven face as if you’re unaware of its effect on innocent unmarried ladies–”

“I’m more concerned about its effect on obnoxious unmarried lawyers,” Derek grinds out through clenched teeth, and Stiles narrows his eyes at him like a suspicious cat.

“Can we not be finished with this, now?” Stiles says, the fight seeming to drain out of his body, his broad shoulders slumping with defeat. “You’ve won. The pathetic middle-class lawyer is caught fast in your web, congratulations. You are better at this game than I am. I couldn’t help it, I just… please.

“Mr. Stilinksi.” Derek takes hold of his shoulder, firmly, bravely. “Stiles. Please. I am not as good at this game as you think I am.” He bravely takes Stiles by the chin, makes him hold his gaze. “I am entirely hopeless, in fact. Never learned the rules. I’ve already lost. I bought a rare anatomy volume three months ago, with no other thought but that it might possibly impress you. I need you to… I only…” He sighs, releases Stiles and steps back. “I would be gratified if you allowed me the honor of escorting you home in my carriage,” he says, staring straight at Stiles’ scuffed-up shoes, “but of course, if you’d prefer–”

“No,” Stiles interrupts, and Derek’s heart plummets until– “You can take me straight to your library. Show me that book you procured for me.”

“I’ll show you everything,” Derek promises, and Stiles goes so startlingly and suddenly pink that his father crosses the room to inquire after his health.

All I Need is You

1.4k words, NSFW

In these three years of dating Nozomi, Nico thought that they would’ve done it; what would you expect from a boob groping pervert? But the truth remained that they had never even come close to it, the only few times she had managed to see Nozomi naked was in the bath. It wasn’t even arousing, for they were both just content in soaking in the hot water after their night classes and as much as Nico hated to admit it, Nozomi paid more attention to the rubber ducks than her.

It was on a spur of a moment, at least that was what she said, but when Eli sent her that link for reference, she found herself wanting Nozomi to by her side, wishing that it wasn’t her panda soft toy that she was hugging.

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the swallowing blackness
whispers infinite secrets
like rustling bed sheets.
thunder, heartbeat
of nature, quakes
in our chests. blazing
moments of clarity flash
with such fierce energy -
not even the sky can be silent.
our howls, meant for the moon
blanketed by midnight clouds,
are muffled by the drumming
caresses of the rain on the earth.

the sky has come to meet the ground,
and we are caught in the rain.

—  Coyotes in the Rain
[I Choose You]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
AU: Pokemon Go / Modern.

A/N: Just a short fluffy Pokemon Go related fic because it’s too hot to do anything else and this app has consumed me. Also, my fic hiatus ends next weekend so expect updates and way more fics!! :D 

Summary: Nothing says “I love you” like having a Pokemon named after you.

Gajeel wiped the sweat from his brow. They’d been walking for hours. The sun beat down on Magnolia and its people, seizing the land in its oppressive, humid fist. It was difficult to feel suffocated with Levy by his side, though. Her laughter was enough to give him the air he so sorely needed. 

Levy had gone through four different phone batteries, two different phone covers (one for luck, one for aesthetic) and an assortment of different beverages since their morning adventures began. She looked like your stereotypical Pokemon trainer – determined, proud, happy to be out in the world. The backpack and headband she wore donned her team’s colours: Mystic Blue. Or, as he’d dubbed it, Levy Blue.

Having played the game days before Levy, Gajeel had chosen blue because it reminded him of her hair. She’d then followed in his footsteps, adopting him and Lily as her teammates. Jet and Droy also played with them on occasion, but the adventures were often cut short by a spout of bickering and an eventual scolding from Team Leader Levy McGarden. It was nice to see her enjoying the summer with her old team, even if he did want to steal her for himself. But this was the price he paid for the feelings he’d stuffed deep down inside himself.

Gajeel stopped himself short of running into Levy, who had stopped dead in the middle of the street. She glanced up from her phone, as though a Pokemon would manifest in the real world, before taking a few steps forward. Testing the walkway with the soles of her sneakers, she twisted and turned until one of those elated gasps left her lips.

And then she was off.

“Oi! Shrimp!”

Levy’s back dissolved into the veil of sunlight up ahead, making it difficult for him to keep track of her as he chased her down the street. He could hear her counting down as the tracker depleted to a single footstep. And then she stopped again, this time hard enough that Gajeel had to snag a nearby lamppost to avoid running into her.

“What is it?” he asked, peering down to find her throwing balls at a Nidoking. “You got this excited over a Nidoking? It doesn’t even have high CP. And aren’t you due to evolve one?”

Levy sacrificed a split second of concentration to scowl up at him. “You know Nidoran never shows up here.” 

A few accidental curve balls later and she had Nidoking in the bag – or, rather, in the ball. Her skin glowed with sweat, but her smile far outshone the sun. She was elated. 

“Time to give him a nickname,” she sang, turning away from Gajeel to choose a nickname for her newest catch. Levy named all of her Pokemon after her friends. He’d tried and tried to figure out which Pokemon was him, but she never let anybody see.

This time, Gajeel wouldn’t be left in the dark.

Sneaking a glance over her shoulder, Gajeel sucked in a deep breath that caught in the back of his throat. Choking on a mixture of shock and air, Gajeel stepped back to pound his fist on his chest. Levy, features blazing red, turned around to scold him, but caught herself when she noticed how pale he’d become. 

“Did you see?” she asked.

Gajeel could only manage a nod.

“Did you see both of them?”

Gajeel nodded again. He could feel the blood beating in his cheeks. He was suddenly grateful for the sweltering heat and the sheen of sunlight clouding his vision. 

“You named a Pokemon after yourself?” he rasped.

This time it was Levy who nodded. 

“Nidoqueen, huh? That’s a mighty big Pokemon for such a little girl.”

Levy pursed her lips. “Stupid Gajeel! I chose Nidoqueen so that we could match and–” Levy clapped a hand over her mouth.

“I could do worse than a big purple reptile thing, I suppose.” He shrugged. 

“Is it weird? It’s weird, right?” she asked, staring at the screen of her phone as though the mistake would erase itself. “I didn’t even ask if it would be okay, I just–”

Gajeel took Levy’s phone in his hand and stuffed it into his back pocket alongside his own, which had been there for the majority of their adventure. She stared at him for what felt like an eternity, her eyes watching him, taking him in the first time.

She was Nidoqueen – and she’d chosen him, of all people, to be her King. Gajeel wanted to celebrate the very reality of what she’d done, but reigned in his excitement, his flutter of affection, and schooled his features. 

She held his gaze a while longer. 

“You finally looked at me,” he whispered.

“What are you talking about?”

“Ever since we got this game you’ve been runnin’ around chanting about Pokemon, choosing this one an’ that one to throw in your gyms. You even skipped breakfast yesterday to go hunt down a Jigglypuff.”

Levy’s face heated. “I didn’t realise you felt that way.”

"Yeah, well, neither did I. Until just now.”

Levy’s smile blinded him – or paralysed him, if he wanted to get Poke-technical about it.

“I’m sorry, Gajeel. We can do something else for the rest of the day. Whatever you want.”

“No, we don’t have to. I like seein’ you get all worked up over Pokemon.”

“Then, do you want to go take a gym with me?”

Gajeel shrugged. “I guess we can do that.”

Levy grinned. “I wonder which Pokemon I should choose. I have enough stardust to power up Gajeel…” Levy’s face took on a deeper shade of red. “Um, I mean, Nidoking.” 

“I know who I’m going to choose,” he said, laying a hand over their phones in his back pocket. 

“Already?” she asked. “Who?”

Gajeel’s smile widened to show teeth. “You.”