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Ardor – two.

❝  After your art professor notices your ardor towards nudeness in arts, he sends you to apprentice under his old friend, the Korean painter Byun Baekhyun who’s infamous for his erotic pieces and cocky demeanor. Rumors surrounded Baekhyun at any second and women who had been with him described him as “an unforgiving lover of bodies”. What happens when you find him taking a liking to you–and your body? ❞

Reader x Painter!Baekhyun

!Smut in next chapter; mentions of nude bodies and sexuality.

one. three.

She was beautiful. Outstanding.

Completely naked, standing on top of a wooden chair, the late day sun shining through the thin curtains and the small gaps between the heavy ones, illuminating her curvy body. Albeit it looked a little unsafe for her to be standing on top of such a small chair, she wasn’t moving a single muscle, so she wasn’t falling down. You were gaping, gazing down her voluptuous body, admiring the image Baekhyun had already made with her body. Oh, how exciting to witness something that would soon be signed with the infamous painter’s name. 

The model was locked in the position Baekhyun had guided her in; her back slightly bent forward, her hands planted on her hips and her hair falling in front of her face. She acted completely oblivious when you walked into the studio with all your tools stuffed into two large bags in each hand. You clumsily bumped into a few pieces that littered the floor while walking inside, about to set up your things.

Two days ago, you had left this studio with hot eyes upon your back. He’d been so close, you’d been so hot, his breath fire as it was breathed down the skin of your face and neck. His voice and the beautiful, alluring images were possibly the only things you could recall of the incident. The question: “What had you just gotten yourself into?” It still stood, unanswered, and that had made you hesitant to return.

Nonetheless, you were back and ready to take on the challenge, unaware of what this man really had in store for you.

Baekhyun wasn’t there when you came, but a canvas empty of anything except for a few week pencil lines was placed before the woman. You didn’t say anything to the woman as you placed your bags in the furthermost corner of the room. Scratching your head, trying to hide the giddiness as well as the nervosity to see Baekhyun again, you almost didn’t notice the painter return.

“Keep still.” He commanded, tone colder than you had heard before. You froze upon his command, heart stuck in your throat and your eyes not daring to look away from the random lewd image you’d watched before he came. Then, you heard a hum. A female hum.

“He’s not talking about you, sweet cheeks.”

You weren’t sure if you were blushing or not– your cheeks were burning as you turned around. Baekhyun was staring at you, his eyes hard, a harsh 180 from his behavior two days ago, and the woman was peeking at you through her hair, taking the unawareness of Baekhyun to slip out of her pose. She was smirking.

You nodded your head in their direction, trying to play cool but failing miserably. “Hello, sorry I was just about to set up my things.”

Baekhyun was clad in a structured black blazer, only his tan collarbones underneath, loose jeans and a sleek, onyx pair of oxfords. His hair was tousled as if he had just woken up, making him look so effortlessly gorgeous. He made a noise similar to a scoff. “There’s no need. You’re taking over here.”

“I-I am?”

The woman sighed. Baekhyun frowned. “Yes, you are. Paint her. I have errands I need to run.”

You nodded, embarrassed. “A-alright.” 

“I’ll see how you do.” He mumbled before he made his way out of the studio, his footsteps echoing down the dim hallway before the outdoor was opened and then slammed shut again. You exhaled a breath of air you weren’t even aware you were holding before turning to the empty canvas and the woman. You cleared your throat, picking up the nearest pencil. The woman stretched out her back, wincing at the painful position she’d been in for several minutes now.

“You don’t have to stand in that position,” You assured her, humming. Searching the room, you found the dim light, the small sweeps of light in the room too scant; not enough. You hurried over to the large windows, taking hold of the many different cloths covering the windows. The heavy carpets, curtains; the many different patterns fell to the wooden floor with a loud ‘bump’. The sun streamed out into the whole room, giving prominence to the layer of dust in the air.

Running over to your bags in the corner, you fished out a small piece of chalk, walking back to the model, directing her into a seating position on the floor close to the windows. You mark her spot with a white ‘x’, smiling down at her, receiving an odd look in response.

“You’re different,” She hums. “Baekhyun doesn’t like a lot of light. If you’re trying to woo him, you’re going in the wrong direction.”

You cock an eyebrow, moving back behind the weasel to sketch the outline of the woman as she sat on the floor, planting her palms on the floor and leaning back on her arms. You gestured for her to lie her head back, and act as if she’s enjoying the warm light. “Woo him?” You mutter, eyes fixing between the canvas, the tip of your pencil and her. 

“Don’t act stupid, sweetcheeks. Seduce him, bed him, fuck him–”

The rage bubbled inside you so quickly, you weren’t fast enough to stop yourself;

“Hey,” You snap, gaining the woman’s full attention. “I’m not the one completely naked in his house. I’m not here to seduce him, I’m simply his apprentice. I’m here to learn.”

The woman smirked. “Fine, fine. You’ll probably end up underneath him either way, that’s just the way he is. A player. A cold player.”

You couldn’t say anything else. You wouldn’t know; it wasn’t anything new, the rumors about him originated back to his very first piece that got any attention from the community, but you didn’t know him personally yet. This woman, however, seemed to have some knowledge about him. And suddenly, the thought of this woman underneath Baekhyun stung inside your chest. With a jolt, you tried to swallow the sting you could only identify as ‘jealousy’. You couldn’t go around and get attached. 

“He’s got this obsession over bodies, too. But by the looks of it,” She chuckled. “you do too.”

You shook your head, cheeks flushing. “It’s just a preference.” You weakly argued. “An interest. Just like some people prefer painting landscapes and portraits, I like… nude bodies.”

“Hm, whatever you say, sweet cheeks.”

It must’ve been hours later; the sun was gone and the air of the old house was getting chiller and chiller. It was the woman’s irritated voice that finally pulled you out of your concentrated daze. Her skin was covered by goosebumps and only then did you realize really how cold it really had become.

“That’s enough for today,” She grumbled, helping herself off the floor and reaching for her clothes. You panicked, the image in your head fading quickly. “Please, not so fast! I’ll pay you to stay longer.”

The woman frowned, sighing tiredly, before finally giving you a small smile. “It’s late. I get that you’re into it right now, but the light’s all gone anyway.”

“I have it in my mind, I remember the colors and everything.” You argued but the woman just shook her head, put on her clothing and walked out of the studio, leaving you alone. Glancing around you, you found the thousands of eyes, directed at you, the naked bodies eerie for the first time and hurried to grab your things and go. A quick check on your wrist, you were shocked to realize that it was almost eleven pm– you should have been home five hours ago. 

You hummed in understanding. No wonder the model was annoyed.

With a sigh yourself, you picked up both bags and hurried out of the dark, empty studio. What normally brought you joy, inspiration, and desire; the beauty of the naked body, was ghostly and made you uncomfortable. You tried to swallow down the disappointment of not spending time with Baekhyun– you’d been too caught up with the piece to really spend even a second thinking about him and what he had said;

“The sun is hitting your back so delicately, it adorns your body. An angel. That’s what you look like.”

“Are you nervous? Hm, the light here enhances your curves, I bet you know how amazing that look, don’t you?”

But now, you were free, and your mind unoccupied. Unoccupied to be occupied.

Although the rumors were the most obvious warning sign, you couldn’t help but fall for his mysterious aura. His alluring, cold eyes. “Stupid,” You light slapped your own head. “you’ve met the man twice and you’re already thinking about him like tha…”

The words died on your tongue when you looked up from the old dark wooden planks, up into the dark wooden eyes of Baekhyun. There was a clump in your throat and your heart raced with panic; he had heard you, hadn’t he? Judging from the wide, bewitching smirk adorning his face – he most definitely had. 

A single second of silence passed; a single second for you to drop your bags to the floor and him to fill the distance between the two of you. He grabbed your chin with his hand, the other sneaking around your waist to hug you close to his muscular chest before he locked his lips with yours - hard

You moaned out loud, only for your sounds to be swallowed by his eager lips. His hands were tight, passionate around your body, holding you tightly against him. You were getting lightheaded with the lack of air, still, you never wanted this to end. 

Your heart was beating high in your chest, your cheeks blazing, your hands were fisting his blazer. Exhales, moans, and whimpers escaped your lips, seemingly adding energy to Baekhyun’s touches. He had you moving backward, and you were pinned to the wall when a loud knock sounded on the door. Baekhyun didn’t stop kissing you, his lips left yours and followed the skin down over your jaw to your neck. He ran his tongue over the sensitive skin there, triggering small gasps from your mouth. 

Another loud knock forcefully dragged you out of your little bubble, and you tugged at his blazer, trying to pull him off your neck. “Baekhyun,” You gasped. “Mr. Byun, there’s someone - ah - at the door.”

Baekhyun placed one, two more kisses at your jaw before slowly moving off your body, leaving you panting against the wall, abdomen tingling with lust. He paraded across the floor, grabbed the handle of the door before swinging it open. The person on the other side was another beautiful woman; hair gracing her bare shoulders and slender body adorned in a little, tight black dress. She was wearing a pair of high heels and she had diamonds hanging in her ears. The cold wind from outside swept over the three of you, and suddenly you felt completely abandoned.

Baekhyun turned slowly to you. “It’s late, you should leave. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He hurriedly dismissed you; his cold words even more numbing than the fall breeze. You wanted to cry of disappointment, his kisses were still wet on your skin, your lips, but you bit your tongue, throwing your eyes to the floor. The woman had an unreadable expression, you didn’t know if she was smug or annoyed. Sighing, you nodded and picked your bags back up. You passed the mysterious woman by the threshold and flinched when the door was slammed shut behind you. 

The woman was gone inside, and so was Baekhyun. You felt used, then thrown away; his kisses flew off your skin with the bitter gust and you scolded yourself for giving into your desires. It had only made you more dissatisfied. You knew you’d end up like another one night stand, you knew you’d never mean more to him. 

Still, something deep inside you continued to convince yourself otherwise.

Ryan's poem in 13 reasons why though

“The drag of your hand across my chest sparks a blaze my lips cannot extinguish
You, stubborn inferno
You drive fast and damn the red lights for slowing you down
You see my veins shake at your first touch
The power to move my blood on your own accord
The definition of heart
And after the stick shift jerk
I beg my skin to do tricks
Like forget how good it feels to lose control
Between the burning house
Of your hands”


1. Do I look like I give a fuck?
5. A: Whar are you doing?
    B: Avoiding.
    A: Avoiding what?
    B: Everything.

Here you go! Hope you’ll like it :)

Sitting in Slytherin’s Common room, in one of the couches, a book in your hand, you were not interested in all the gossiping that was happening around you. You just wanted to read the final chapter of this masterpiece and go to bed, feeling absolutely fed up with Pansy’s crap about the Ball.

“Don’t you get tired of repeating the same thing over and over again? We got it, you want to go the ball and get drunk, probably get laid, all of it is great! Now after you repeated it a little under one hundred times, how about you shut  up?”

You didn’t even have to raise your voice in order for her to get the point - you were deninitely not in the mood at the moment and it would be for the best is she shuts up or you’ll get this think of another useful application of your book.

Breathing in and out heavily, you didn’t exactly expect the silence that followed to be that uncomfortable. So when you glanced up from the book, running a hand though your hair, you felt yourself getting slightly relieved at the sight of your closest friend entering the Common Room.

The irony was that the he was both your relief and the reason you were in that mood in the fist place. Because crushing on your best friend sucks, even in the world of Magic.

Draco found his way to you, sitting down and resting his legs on the lable in front of him .
He sat there for a while, not uttering a word, just looking at you silently. “What are you doing?”- he finally asked. “Avoiding.”- you said blankly and he furrowed his brows. “Avoiding what?”- “Everything.” -you cut your answers short, for you didn’t have the power, nor the will to talk with anyone. 

“What’s up with them”- his voice sounded softer than usual, somewhat quiet even. Very out of character for him. However you just shrugged your shoulders, not really wanting to start an argument about the Ball.

“She’s mad at the world because she’s probably the only girl in the whole school, who doesn’t want to go to the Ball”- so Pansy didn’t manage to keep her mouth shut and for that earned herself a dead stare “You better run faster than you speak your crap, Parkinson.”

The frustration in your voice was more than obvious, so her moving out of the room was probably her smartest move yet.

Moving your eyes back to Draco, you knew you were in for a long discussion.

“I’m not even going to talk about it.”- he said, standing up from his place on the sofa - “You’re going and that’s it. I alredy promised Pansy…so you’ll go with Blaze and I don’t want to hear about it, alright. You will go. End of story.”

You tiled your head back and scoffed, your arms tightly crossed against your chest. It wasn’t that Blaze was a bad guy or anything, but he wasn’t the one you wanted to spend the night with. He wasn’t him. So what was even the point?

You felt your eyes tearing up just at the thought of him being with someone else in the one night you had wanted for you two.

Draco was looking at you from a safe distance, trying to figure out if your eyes were just glossy because you hadn’t blinked in almost a whole minute, or because something was truly bothering you. You were probably the only person outside his family, for whom he cared so deeply and it pained him to see you like this. 

It was worse that his heart was tearing up from the thought of him being ‘just a friend’ to you, when all he truly wanted was to be with you. Thinking about it, for him it sounded unreal, like a dream. He had never wanted someone as much as you, and it scared him, but it pained him the most.

And on the night of the Ball, when you descened from the stairs in your emerald green dress, your hair loosely put up, his heart broke in two and the whole night it was bleeding for you.

The music, the food, the people, nothing mattered. He was dancing, but he didn’t care, he didn’t even notice. You were dancing and you tried. You tried to brush everything off, but it was as impossible as it could ever get, with the boy you had loved and cherished for so long, entrapped in the arms of another.

His eyes were constantly on you, glued to your dancing form, dried, for he had no more tears to shed, his soul felt empty.

He couldn’t take this anymore and at the second your eyes met from across the Hall, he excused himself half-heartedly and ran to you. Your heart was in your throat! What was he doing? Why was he running? 

So many questions formed in your head and the answer to them you found in the most passionate kiss in your life.

With his hands cupping your face and your hands on his, he kissed you and you kissed him back with equal lust and power. You broke the kiss for air, but your eyes kept looking at his blue ones, your hands gripping his “Everyone’s watching”- you whispered, but his gaze was still holding yours firmly in place. “Do I look like I give a fuck?

Maybe there was a glimpse of hope at the end of the tunnel after all.


(Requested by Anon) - Some bad language in here people!

“I’m pregnant.” It felt like a weight had been lifted off of your chest as the words finally came out. You’d been fumbling around telling him for the last day or so and finally, finally you managed to get it out. It would all be fine now. Except he was just standing there. Your brow creased as you watched him, could vampires go into shock?

“Jasper, I’m pregnant, don’t you have anything to say about that.”

A few tense seconds passed. Your heart hammered in your chest as you waited for him to do something, anything

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Reader x McCall Pack

Requested by @thejulietfarciertlove

You could hear them struggling so i decided to take care of the easiest problem, the Chimera pack, meaning you would have enough time to double back and help the pack.

All it took was kicking their alpha into the betas and a snarl rumbling out of your chest, eyes blazing and fangs extending.

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Poor Little Rich Girl-Part 4

This is an A/B/O AU

***Warning-aftermath of assault is discussed in case this is triggering for you****

Your father Lucifer is the Alpha of your pack and he rules your town with an iron fist.  He is forcing you to marry the son and heir of a rival pack.  It is 3 weeks before your wedding when you find out Sam Winchester is back.   Sam was your first love at 17, and when your father found out, he forced his family to leave town.  You haven’t spoken to him since.  What will happen when you see him again?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Winchester, Beta! Dean Winchester, Omega!Castiel Novak, Omega! Mary Winchester, Reader, Alpha! (Nick) Lucifer, Beta! Michael, Beta! Gabriel, Beta! Stephanie (OC), Alpha Eric (OC) Chuck (mentioned)

Master List

Introduction (all parts are linked)

Text messages are listed in Bold

I resisted the urge to spit on Eric as I walked away from hs moaning form on the ground.  My lip was split, and blood seeped from the edge of my mouth.  I was feeling slightly dazed from the adrenaline rush. I knew I wanted to put as much distance between Eric and me as possible, so I began to walk down the dirt road that led back to town.

My cell rang and I pulled it out of my pocket.  It was Steph.  “I just saw your text.  I’m still with Dean, we stopped for a drink.  What’s wrong?”

I coughed and spit out a mouthful of blood.  “Did Dean call Sam?” I asked.

“He isn’t picking up, but he’s sending him a text. Did something happen with Eric, Y/N?” She asked.

I sighed with fatigue.  “I’m walking on the lodge road towards town. Can you guys come get me?”  

Steph’s voice became muffled as she whispered something to Dean in a slightly panicked voice.  “Are you in danger?” She asked when she got back on the line.

I turned to look back toward the lodge with a panicked bark of laughter.  “The nicest thing I did to Eric was to tell him the engagement was off, so you might say that.”

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A/N: I really, really love the twenty seconds of canon we get of Riza and Rebecca’s friendship and wanted to explore it a little bit more, so here we are.  Slight Royai too because I’m trash.

Rated: T for Rebecca’s potty mouth

Riza Hawkeye sighed, feeling half amused, half exasperated as she locked eyes with her Colonel, who was standing opposite her hospital bed, arms folded across his chest and eyes blazing.

“It was an accident, Colonel.”

“You were hit by a car.”

If anyone who wasn’t familiar with Roy Mustang was in earshot, they would have detected nothing but casual concern for his subordinate’s wellbeing.  But Riza knew better; he was stewing in this.

“I think I know what you’re implying, and I highly doubt this was an organized attempt on my life. Or if it was, it was certainly a very botched one.”

The car hadn’t even been going that fast, the driver had just been careless.  It was a simple accident that could have happened to anyone.

Roy started to respond, but was interrupted as Riza’s best friend, Rebecca Catalina, came bursting through the door in a flurry of brown hair and frazzled energy.

Rebecca hip checked Roy on her way in through the door, “Move it.”

“Show a little respect, Lieutenant Catalina!”  Roy sputtered indignantly.

“He’s still a superior officer, Rebecca.”  Riza chided.

“I’m off the clock”, she tossed over her shoulder easily, coming to perch on the side of Riza’s bed tenderly, reaching for the blonde’s hands.  “Are you alright?  Havoc said you were hit by a car!”

“I’m fine, really. It’s a broken leg, but it’ll heal quickly enough.”

Rebecca clutched at her heart dramatically.  “Well, that’s a relief; I thought you were in here on your death bed or something.” She turned to Roy, “So, when are we hunting down the fucker who hit her?”

“Rebecca!”  Riza exclaimed, although she supposed it was her fault for being shocked.  She had known Rebecca long enough to know that she blurted out whatever thought came to mind the moment it did.

“I know places to hide a body.”

“For once, I actually agree with Catalina.”

Rebecca snorted, “Hey, looks like you do have some taste after all.”  Rubbing her hands together, she turned back to Riza, eyes sparkling mischievously.  “Excellent, we can make it look like the perfect accident.”

Riza scratched her cheek. She loved the pair of them, but working together on some sort of revenge plot was not in anyone’s best interest.

“No!”  Her voice rung out in the tiny room, “You’re both being a little bit melodramatic.  It. Was.  An accident!  I appreciate your concern, but you two need to let this go.”

Rebecca sighed dramatically. “Fine.  But only if he swears not to go looking for trouble either.”

“If that’s what Lieutenant Hawkeye wants.”

“Thank you”, Riza settled back a little more comfortably into the hospital bed.

“Miss Hawkeye?”  One of the nurses knocked on the door gently, “It’s time for you to get some rest.  Your visitors can come back later.”

Riza smiled, “Thank you.”

Rebecca squeezed Riza’s hand and then stood up, “I can’t speak for this one, but I’ll come back to visit later.  Can I get you anything?  Chocolate? Flowers?  A book?  Some of your own clothes?”

Chuckling, Riza shook her head, “I think I’m alright, but I’ll let you know if that changes. Thanks Rebecca.”

Roy cleared his throat, staring at Rebecca pointedly.  He clearly wanted a moment alone with Riza, but Rebecca raised her eyebrows and stared at him defiantly.

“You heard the nurse, let’s go.”

Roy sighed, “I’ll come back after work.  Get some rest.”

It was all she could do not to salute as her lips quirked up into a smile.  “Yes, sir.”

Rebecca grabbed Roy’s hand and dragged him towards the door, winking at Riza on the way out.  “Come on, Colonel.  Something tells me you’re going to need all the help you can get at the office if you’re going to be losing Riza for an indefinite amount of time.”

Well, that was nice of her.

They were barely out of Riza’s sight before there was a crash, and then a raucous peal of laughter.

“You’re such an idiot, Mustang!”

“Catalina, this is a hospital!”

Riza pinched the bridge of her nose.  It was a good thing they were all adults.

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just for that you get more ;) [rihanna GIF]

“I said I’d have my revenge, didn’t I?” he pants, all satisfaction, their sweaty skin sticking together everywhere they touch. “You made me beg. Your turn.”

Please,” she snarls, half desperation and half hate, hips bucking. One hand still holding her wrists above her head, his other darts down to stroke her, keep her desperate, but he’s not giving her nearly enough to come. Nesta gives an anguished cry, tries to push against him, but it’s futile, with him holding stock still inside her.

“You’re going to have to do a little better than that, sweetheart,” he scolds.

Nesta’s looking at him like she’s going to murder him, eyes blazing, chest heaving as she struggles for breath, for composure. “Fuck you, asshole.”

He loves her so much it hurts. “Close enough.” And before Nesta can get out another insult he releases her hands to pull their hips flush and fucks her hard.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your post about honeymoon it's absolutely cute. Can you do about being pregnant and a little horny because of the hormones? Thanks love your blog

This one was super fun, my apologies for taking so long to get to this one! I finally felt the inspiration for it, I hope you enjoy!


Banana splits, you couldn’t get enough of them. You could have one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and often times you did. It wasn’t odd for Grayson to run out to the nearest place he could find just to satisfy your craving, even at two in the morning. But oddly this day, your craving was far from banana splits, if anything it was as far from your mind as it could get. It was a Saturday, nice and sunny, Grayson had suggested you both sit out back at the patio and have lemonade. He catered to you by pouring your glass, propping your feet up for you, making sure you were shaded under the polka dot umbrella. He left you for a moment to prod at the rose bush which needed a little water, your eyes watching him like a predator stalks its prey. Grayson had been more than patient with you, the first trimester of the pregnancy leaving you nauseous and unwilling for him to even look at you. It was somewhat of a light switch, watching the man who had given you a tiny little blessing, doing absolutely nothing but still driving you insane. They way his teeth bit lightly over his full bottom lip as he plucked at the wilting leaves, a thorn pricking his finger. His hand jerked back as he assessed the tiny prick, his finger popping into his mouth as he licked the wound. You were so aroused that the pain from your fingernails digging deep into the wooden patio chair caused no pain to you. “Baby, come here.”

Grayson turns with an obvious expression of concern, he was always so worried with your delicate state. He strides over, the grey fabric of his cotton shirt wrapped perfectly around his tanned biceps. You licked your lips, suddenly very hot and sticky with no fault to the sun. He bent down next to your bare legs, grasping your hand with doe eyes and perfect pouty lips. “Is something wrong? Do you feel okay?”

You released a rather large huff of air, the tension still thick and rolling inside you from the unexpected burst of hormones that demanded to be appeased. He continued to watch you helplessly as though he knew something was very wrong, eyebrows furrowing in concern as he gripped your hand tighter. “I need you, like right now.”

He laughed lightly, unaware of the seriousness of your tone as he thought you were playing tricks. “Don’t tease me baby.”

You gripped his hand back mercilessly, his intake of breath loud as you watched his mouth with every small movement he made. “I’m not. I’m fucking horny, Grayson, do something about it!”

He leaned back with eyes wide as quarters, mouth dropped open softly as he’d never heard you speak in such a blunt way. It almost physically pained you how badly you needed his touch of some kind before he pushed your legs aside to kneel in front of you. “So mommy needs me, huh?”

Your foot pushed into his chest, eyes blazing for his audacity to test you. He smirked up at you before spreading your legs apart for your dress to fall underneath your growing belly. At the particular moment you were glad Grayson had opted to buy a home secluded away from neighbors. You lifted your ass to help him slide the cotton panties down your legs, his fingers dropping them to the wooden patio with finality. Your core throbbed with near painful jolts, needing his anything to satisfy this insatiable burning. His tongue was cool when it flicked against your swollen clit, your voice squeaking out from the lack of feeling there for months. Your grips was harsh against the chair as he began to lap and suck against the swollen nub while stars were already bursting behind your eyes. You couldn’t remember a time that his mouth had ever felt so fantastic, grasping his hair to push him farther against your core as your voice floated out in breathy and desperate moans.

His quick ministrations were the effect of a long extended period of time that he hadn’t been able to satisfy you. If there was one thing Grayson truly enjoyed, it was making you cum. He’d stay all day in between your legs if it meant you were satisfied, and he knew all the places to touch to do so. His two fingers pushed in, stretching you out like he’d done the very first time he’d touched you. Your dress clung to your back as your body was unable to keep cool from his hot and delicious strokes against your walls. “Oh my god, Grayson, I almost forgot how good you are at this.” His award winning smile from behind your dripping core was enough for you to bare down over his fingers. You had the sudden urge to pee, cursing out in your head for the horrible timing of your extremely small and squished bladder. It was far different than peeing though considering it brought on the best orgasm you’d ever had, running down the palm of his hand and rolling off his wrist.  "Shit,“ you breathed out, legs shaking and heart pounding.

His fingers pulled back as he assessed the water like substance coating his hand before he licked his lips and pressed his finger back to your sensitive clit. Your hips bucked up in detest, your body not willing to relive the euphoria just yet. "You’ve held out on me for quite a while, baby, you have a lot of making up to do.”


You’d heard a lot of fluffy things about pregnancy; the adorable way your belly would look in cute maternity shirts, the rolls and kicks of your unborn baby and how sweet they would feel, enjoying the love it brought between a mommy and daddy to anticipate their baby. But the one thing no one had ever told you was how extremely bitchy it would make you, your hormones out of control and willing to snap off anyone’s head who even dared to look at your wrong. For poor Ethan, this included him, even when he was attentive and as sweet as sugar. You tried as you might to calm the raging aggravation to a minimum, but any little thing he did drove your blood pressure through the roof. Just the simple sound of him sipping a drink made you want to pour it all over his stupid head, and you hated that you’d become so heartless because of a stupid imbalance in your hormones.

Although Ethan was as understanding and attentive as possible, his fuse unexpectedly ran short with you one day in the kitchen. You were always partly a perfectionist, and even right down to the dishes. He’d offered to wash them up after dinner that night so you could rest your feet, your 32 week belly carrying a lot of extra weight. You watched judgmentally as he scrubbed every dish and utensil in the completely wrong way, slipping down from the barstool and stomping over to the sink to push him out of the way. “My God, Ethan, it’s not rocket science. You can just swipe them and expect them to be clean, you have to scrub!”

His soapy hand reached around to cover your bitching mouth, his lips leaning into your ear with harsh breathing. You could feel how tense his arm was around your chest, and you suddenly regretted ever criticizing anything he’d ever done. “You think just because I’ve been gentle with you that I’ve gone soft now? I think you need a little reminder of who you’re talking to.”

He softly yanked your hips against his own, careful of your belly and stripping your yoga pants down to your ankles. His hand bared down on your right ass cheek, fire erupting across the skin as you yelped out in painful pleasure. He admired your often occurrence to disregard underwear as he pulled himself from his sweats and thrust into you harshly. You couldn’t deny that you did need a little reminder every once in a while, and how thankful you were for the current moment being one. You’d prayed that Ethan wouldn’t be one of those soon to be daddy’s who shied away from sex for fear of hurting the baby, he was always willing to give you what you want.

He thrusted erratically into you, the pressure in your abdomen building to an explosive height. His grip on your shoulders gave him leverage to pound against that glorious spot that made you scream out in very high notes. Who cared about dishes when something as enjoyable as this was available. He leaned forward twisting his hand in your hair, the force of his pull busting your orgasm all around him. He released right after with a low and deep hum, uncurling his fingers from your hair and pulling out. You leaned exhausted against the countertop, him joining beside you as you both breathed heavily in tune. His dark look penetrated every cell in your body. “You better have lost that ugly attitude after this, or I’m giving it to you again.”

You looked over at him, licking your top lip and sighing out in satisfaction, you felt much less aggravated and a hell of a lot more satisfied. “Don’t tempt me.”

Darkest Side Of Me | Part Two

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x OC

“Am I a hero or the devil’s son? Can’t figure out what side I’m on.”

Summary: Continuation of Darkest Side Of Me (Part One). Elena finds herself becoming Draco’s potion’s partner. Their task? Brewing a sweet pot of Amortentia. The sexual tension is r e a l ™

Soundtrack: Filthy - Boy Epic

Word count: 2,861

A/N: I hope you guys like this chapter!! I got a really good response from the previous one so I hope this one lives up to your expectations 👩‍💻 also, this story has a gradual build up with Draco and Elena’s relationship - I didn’t want it to be forced or too fast, and I am a h u g e fan of sexual tension in fanfics: so expect a whole load more chapters ;)

Warnings: Intense Draco™, Flirty Draco™

(part 1, part 3)

Darkest Side Of Me | Chapter Two: Amortentia

Do you ever feel like you’re sinking? Like you’re drowning, gasping for air - but the only relief you get are those tiny little gasps you manage to breathe in when the water settles for just a second. That’s what I feel like. Drowned. At least Hogwarts left me a little breathing space, away from everything - everyone. I turn off the head of my shower, cutting off my thoughts - my first class started in an hour.

I had made friends on my way to Hogwarts, after rushing away from Draco in a hurry.

“Ron stop being a pain!” I heard a female voice shout, before a loud smack echoed the walls of the train. The door of the cabin beside me abruptly flew open, causing me to jump - from it came a tall-ish ginger boy cradling his arm in sincere pain “Blimey Hermoine, there’s no need to get violent” he said, rubbing his forearm up and down as it if would magically relieve its pain. Then a small girl came after him, her cheeks reddened from annoyance. “You know Ron sometimes I just-” she began, but her stopped speaking when she spotted me standing. “Oh.” She said, regaining composure and straightening herself “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Her eyes scanned me in curiosity.

I offered her a small smile “It’s alright, I was just passing through.” I said, my eyes glancing at the couple - the boy, who’s name seemed to be Ron, stopped rubbing his arm to stare at me intently. “Are you new or something?” he asked, earning him another smack from the girl beside him. “Don’t be so rude!” She whisper-yelled, causing me to grin and him to yelp away from her. She seemed nice - pretty too, not far from 5"5 I was guessing, her hair was short and brown, and her eyes matched its colour. She turned to me with a respectful smile “Hermoine Granger” she said before pointing to the boy beside her “This is Ron Weasley.”

I nodded, amused with the pair “Elena Hartmor” I said, causing Hermoine to gasp and Ron to mumble something incoherent.

“I thought Hartmor’s only stayed within the Beauxbaton Academy” she said.

I pressed my lips together “I guess I’m the exception.” I said, allowing seconds of uncomfortable silence to pass by as both Ron and Hermoine stared at me in wonder.

A head popped out of the cabin “Hey guys why is it so quiet?” it asked before his eyes spotted me “Oh, hello.” He said politely, his circular glasses that rested on the bridge of his nose made him ridiculously adorable. “This is Harry Potter” Hermoine explained making my eyebrows shoot up in surprise “Harry, This is Elena Hartmor.”

And from there, we became friends. Harry was perhaps the first person who didn’t question who I was, perhaps because he was rather clueless about the wizarding world until recently; which was more refreshing than I cared to admit. I smiled at the memory of us four laughing in the cabin of the train, they were effortlessly funny - I didn’t have to fake it with them. Too bad they weren’t in the same house as me.

I hurriedly got dressed in my new Ravenclaw uniform - it was actually quite nice, apart from the unnecessarily long black cloak, that is. Mother always did say blue was my colour. I grabbed my books and necessities before heading out the door. My first class was potions, which I was quite good at back home so I was looking forward to it. Safe to say I was a positions master - well, I was a master of everything really, I wasn’t in Ravenclaw for nothing. I shuffled past students, the halls uncomfortably crowded. Did I mention I was claustrophobic? Add that under the fear of heights and jellyfish. I hurriedly tried to push past students, murmuring “excuse me’s” every five seconds before bumping into someone quite forcefully, sending a “hmph” out of their lips “Sorry” I mutter, not bothering to look up as I try to squeeze past them.

“You just love bumping into me eh, princess?” A smooth voice says from above me. Damn it. My eyes travel up to meet that handsome face again. Draco. Inner me squealed in delight at the sight of him. He was no less beautiful than yesterday, of course. It was quite ironic, really - tales of the Malfoy family were…popular in Hogwarts - they were said to be the spawns of Satan. The sight of one of them begged me to differ.

“New girl’s here” came a voice from behind me. I flipped around to meet blazing brown eyes - I recognised him to be the boy from the train yesterday. “So squeaky clean and innocent. Like a little lamb, right, Draco?” He tilted his head. I backed away, clenching my jaw. Draco smirked and hit the other guy on the back, glancing in my direction.

My eyes blazed with challenge, making the boy quirk his dark brow “Something you wanna say, pretty?” I forced my face to remain impassive before parting my lips, ready to give him my peace of mind before I inwardly shook myself, forcing myself to regain composure, I promised my mother not to cause any problems, I dug my nails into my palm. “Wouldn’t want to waste my breath.” I said calmly, letting my gaze slither over them in disgust before I turned away, heading in the other direction. Perhaps ‘spawns of satan’ wasn’t so far off, I thought, my chest blazing with irritation.

I roamed the halls of Hogwarts for what seemed like forever, gosh..I hope I wouldn’t arrive late to my first class. It was safe to say that Hogwarts has exceptionally beautiful interiors, nothing compared to France’s Beauxbaton Academy of course - back home everything was golden and colourful. Here the walls were made of stone, with large, moving paintings hanging proudly from them. Hogwarts had the supreme feeling of ancientness. Somehow, it was calming.

I took slow steps, trying to find Professor Slughorns class - I vaguely remembered some information that had come in the mail the week before. It had my class schedule along with a map of the school. I rummaged through my messenger bag, trying to find it. “Are you lost?” a deep voice asked from behind me. I turned around, startled and came face to face with Draco once more. I glared at him.

“No.” I answered bluntly, making his eyes twinkle. His gaze moved to the book I was holding “Potions class? Well, lucky you that also happens to be where I’m headed” he said delightfully, making me clench my jaw and turn away from him; I began speed-walking, only for him to fall in step beside me. “Stop following me, I don’t need an escort.” I scowled at him.

I felt his gaze move over the side of my face “I beg to differ, love.” He drawled “You see, last time we met you almost tripped and fell twice, wouldn’t want any harm to come to that pretty face of yours while I’m not around to save you.” He said melodramatically, I rolled my eyes, a blush creeping onto my cheeks. “My hero” I murmured sarcastically, making the side of his lip tip up ever so slightly.

We rounded the corner of our class just moments later, the room filled with loud chatter. I instantly spotted Hermoine, her brows pinching together when her gaze drifted to Draco, then back to me. “Miss Hartmor!” Said professor Slughorn from behind me, making me jump from surprise. I felt Draco’s presence leave me. I turned to meet a short grey haired man, his eyes beaming with excitement “So lovely to have you here at Hogwarts, what an honour it is to be teaching you, take a seat.” He exclaimed with a smile before turning towards his desk.

I scanned the room, searching for an empty seat. Inwardly growling when I realised only one was empty. My eyes connected with Draco’s sparkling ones, his lips tipping up in, what no doubt, was amusement. He pulled the chair out for me as I forced my legs to make their way toward my new seat. “Looks like we’re gonna be partners” he murmured. I bit my tongue, sitting myself down.

“Now, class” Professor Slughorn began, “Today we will be making Amortentia,” he said as he scribbled today’s lesson on the chalk board before turning to us, dusting off his hands. “As you all know, Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for its mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them” he said, capturing everyone’s attention - his voice turning to a low murmur “Powerful infatuations can be induced by the skilful potioneer, but never yet has anyone managed to create the truly unbreakable, eternal, unconditional attachment that alone can be called love” he finished, clapping his hands loudly. “Now, each pair has a cauldron in front of them - you’ll be making this potion together.” He exclaimed, turning to write on his chalk board again “if you could all please turn to page 53 of your books and begin”

I flicked the pages of my book, finding page 53, titled ‘Amortentia’. I watched from the corner of my eye as a slender hand reached over to grab a rose thorn, I smacked it away. “Ow!” It exclaimed. “Ashwinder eggs go in first, Draco. You’re not messing up this potion because you can’t be bothered reading what’s in front of you.” I felt his eyes narrow on me “You didn’t read it either.” He commented, accusation lacing his tone. I turned my gaze to him “I don’t need to read it. I mastered this potion in my second year of Beauxbaton’s.” I said proudly with a smile as I threw in an ashwinder egg. “Now you can add the rose thorns - precisely seven of them.” I ordered, making his eyes narrow further. “The book doesn’t say anything about seven rose thorns” he commented with a scrunched nose “It precisely says: ‘a handful of rose thorns’” he unnecessarily added, pointing at the instructions. I sighed and closed my eyes in exasperation “Merlin, will you just add them in?”

I watched as he reluctantly added in seven rose thorns as I requested, murmuring something under his breath as I mentally counted each one to make sure he didn’t add more or less. “Perfect” I murmured and leaned into the desk to pour in precisely seventeen teaspoons of refined peppermint oil, a single powdered moonstone, and a whole tablespoon of pearl dust. This was perhaps my favourite potion to make, we did it at least once a year back home. I’d never use it of course, Merlin knows the last thing I’d need to use was this potion. I’d seen its effects though…they’re quite…memorable.

My nose scrunched as the faint smell of lemons travelled up it. I could feel Draco’s eyes on me, breaking my concentration as I glanced up to meet cloudy eyes. His icy stare did weird things to my body. I’m pretty sure what I was experiencing was called a panic attack. Every part of my body felt hot and then cold as if I was going to explode any minute. I blinked away. “You can stir it now.” I said to him, clearing my throat. I watched as he very inelegantly stirred the concoction, he used his whole arm to stir, making the liquid splash from the side of the cauldron. I bit my lip to refrain from smiling.

“Something funny?” He asked, glancing up from the liquid. “No.” I replied “You’re just very…aggressive when you stir is all”. That made his eyebrow quirk up in question.

“You stir it then, since you’re so good at it” he said, handing me the spoon “Well, take it.” He repeated. I moved closer, taking the spoon from his grasp “You just need to use your lower arm and wrist when you stir.” I said quietly, watching as the liquid started turning pearly.

He peered inside, then glanced down at me “I don’t see how that’s any different from what I was doing” he muttered and I looked up at him with amused eyes before turning back to the potion “Well, it’s not going everywhere for starters” I said with a grin before noticing his nostrils flare and his brows pinch together as a low hum came from his throat “hm, that smells good” he murmured to himself in confusion - as if trying to figure out what exactly what the scent was. I peered inside the cauldron in curiosity, as if it would show what, or who, he was smelling. “What’s it smell like?” I asked, his gaze flickering to me before inhaling again. “Uh, vanilla…jasmine..roses? and…old books?” He said in confusion “it’s very faint.” He murmured.

Faintly smelling amortentia wasn’t uncommon, usually, when one wasn’t fully in love - or rather, still falling, they would only smell the potion ever so slightly. If one was not in love, they would rather smell an object, or something else they loved deeply. My eyebrows formed a frown when I processed what he said. Strange, my perfume was made of vanilla, jasmine and roses. I leaned in to smell it myself, the fumes of the potion enveloped my nose, allowing me to let out a low moan of contentment. Wow. They should bottle up this scent and sell it by the gallon - it was heavenly. I noticed Draco shift from the corner of my eye, he cleared his threat before he spoke “Well? What’s it smell like?” Draco asked with a raised brow. My gaze flickered to the line of his jaw, the muscle above it ticked frantically. I licked my lips before replying “Uh, some sort of cologne…something citrusy, lemons maybe?..a new cloth smell, like fabric softener and…aftershave.” I said “Again, it’s very faint.” I murmured. A strange flicker of confusion passed through his features.

Class went by in a blur after that.



Vanilla, jasmine, roses. Where had he smelled that before? Vanilla, jasmine, roses, he chanted in his head. A few hours had passed since his potions class with Elena. He spent most of it watching her, her movements where like liquid - incredibly languid and elegant, he could watch her watch a brick wall and never get bored. And good lord, that low moan that came from her throat when she learned into the amortentia potion shot straight up his thighs. Thank God class ended quickly after that, there’s only so much temptation a man could handle.

His eyes roamed Hogwart’s halls, not exactly knowing what they were searching for - but stopping as they found a head of perfect golden-brown hair. Something about her was awfully alluring, so much so his eyes would voluntarily search for her without consent. She was a Ravenclaw, yes - she had their wit, their wisdom and brains..but he could tell she was also cunning, and determined, and wouldn’t be afraid to put up a fight. There certainly was more to her that meets the eye.

He watched as she laughed at something Ron said, while Hermoine simply shook her head. His jaw tightened as her face lit up in delight, her plush pink lips spreading into a wide, blinding smile as she threw her head back in mirth. His nose scrunched up in disgust - why would she, a pure-blood dare speak to filthy, mudblood Gryffindors? A feeling of irritation curled at his gut. Was that…jealousy? He shook his head. No. Why would he be jealous? He walked over to them, glaring in Ron and Hermoine’s direction. Hermoine’s spine straightened in annoyance when she spotted him

“And here comes Satan’s spawn himself.” she spat, glaring at him through brown eyes. “We’ll see you later, Elena.” Ron said, taking Hermoine by the arm as he glared at Draco. Elena simply muttered a goodbye as the pair left her.

“Am I a hero or the devil’s son? Can’t figure out what side I’m on” Draco said, making Elena turn her full attention to him. He was looking down at her with a triumphant expression.

Her lips tipped up with humour, making his gaze linger on them. He loved the curve of her mouth, he decided. He also liked to watch it move, to hear it speak any words at all. He wondered what else it could do that he would like.

“Hm, let me know when you’re figured that out then.” She said, bringing him out of his daze. When she turned to leave - his hand reflexively wrapped around her wrist, making her jerk away. His face lit up with a smile, and honestly, it was like staring at a fallen angel. Draco was gorgeous. “Sorry” he murmured with a grin. He affected her more than she could admit, and he knew it. Elena blinked, visibly swallowing. “I’ll see you around, Draco.” She said, averting her eyes. And with that, she left.


Imagine Sam Winchester scaring you.

“Sam, chill out!” you shouted, tugging him away from the body of the creature you’d been hunting. Sam had taken it upon himself to interrogate the thing and the relish he seemed to take with the task was pretty unnerving. He whirled on you, his face splattered with blood, eyes blazing and chest heaving.

“Get off of me!” he snapped and you took an involuntary step back, hand darting to your weapon.

“Sam, calm down,” you were struggling to keep your voice level. Your heart thumped heavily in your chest. “This isn’t you.”

Sam’s lip curled in disgust, “You don’t know me. You never did, and you never will.”

“Sam, step back,” you warned, fingers curling around the butt of your gun.

“And what if I don’t?” Sam sneered, towering over you menacingly.

You drew a breath to steady yourself and pulled your gun, “I’ll shoot you. I swear to God I will.”

Gif Credit: Sam

The Right Wrong Choice - Chapter 9 (Eric X Fox)

Rating: M (swearing, violence, smut - everything you’ve come to expect from me :* )

Genre: General/Humor/Drama/Eventual Angst

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!

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We are ready to perform the Blood-Tie Ceremony. We are alone, facing each other in Eric’s apartment; no witnesses are needed for a blood-tie, since wounds and eventual scars are left behind. Eric has gone one step further than shirtless, and stands nude in front of me. Something about the rawness of this ritual demands it and so I stand nude too, my heart beginning to race with anticipation. Eric nods to me and we step closer.

“Ready baby?” He asks, his voice little more than a rumble, felt more than heard. I nod.

We raise our right hands, each holding small daggers. Eric takes a deep cleansing breath, favours me with a tender smile and then nods. I turn my attention to my left hand.

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I really don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t know anyone who can help me irl.

I live in Circleville, Ohio (about 40 min south of Columbus) in a very toxic home with an emotionally abusive alcoholic father, unsanitary conditions, and much more. I don’t trust my father to take care of my dog when I’m not alone, sometimes I don’t even trust him not to lock her outside (I live on a 5mph country road–people do NOT stop for animals). My boyfriend and I need to move pretty much by the end of the month. We’ve been looking for apartments since February and every place that accepts pets has fallen through. our budget is under $550 (and even that is pushing it) and it’s damn near impossible to find a place that would accept any pet, let alone a 65+lb dog.

I’ve had my dog for 8 years, since she was a baby. She’s everything to me. The idea of not being able to take her with me tears me apart, but I absolutely will not leave her with my horrible father in that horrible place. I do not consider taking her to a shelter as an option. She is terrified of most other dogs (unless they’re small, or sometimes males) and I believe that the stress of a shelter environment would kill her.

I’m hoping someone on this site would be able to adopt my baby. You’d most likely have to drive to me–my car needs a transmission, has No AC, doesn’t lock, and I don’t trust it in any large city or very far from Circleville.

She’s 8 years old, lab/airedale mix, black with a white blaze on chest. She’s very active and playful. Fixed, microchipped, UTD on rabies vaccine. She is inside only. Name of Joy. She’s good with cats, mice, rabbits, reptiles, rats, chickens, just not other dogs. She has a flea allergy and needs food that is grain free and hypoallergenic (i.e., salmon, turkey, venison, trout, lamb etc based, no chicken or beef). She sheds a lot but isn’t very destructive, as long as she has toys to play with. She knows a lot of commands but is the type of dog who choses to ignore them if she has something more interesting going on. She’ll beg you to take her out & play with her rain or shine, 90° heat or snowstorm, she doesn’t care. She does pull on the leash–she has a very strong chest. She’s somewhat prone to “sports injuries” (pulled tendons around her hips) from playing too rough. She’s honestly an awesome, sirius-black - looking dog and I love her more than life.

Commands she knows: sit, stay, stand-stay and sit-stay, come, wait, leave it, speak, wave, gimme paw, play dead, down.

If you know of someone who could take her and love her and give her a better home than my poor ass, email me at or, or send me a message, or find my Facebook (Felecia Burgett) and IM me.

“Jack, I can explain—“

“Explain what?” Jack exploded with a snarl, whirling around to glare at Rhys, who was caught with one foot up on the dais to Jack’s desk, hesitant. “How you snuck onto a mission you weren’t supposed to be within a hundred thousand miles of? Unarmed and without me knowing where the hell you were?”

“I—I wasn’t unarmed!” Rhys piped up, trying his defense, “I….I had a stun baton?”

“Oh, a stun baton, a stun baton! I didn’t know stun batons could deflect bullets, sweetheart!” Jack mocked, flapping his hands in the air. “Son of a taint, you didn’t even have a frikkin’ shield on you! Idiot!”

“Okay, it was stupid, I get it, Jack, you’re not my fucking dad!” Rhys snapped, crossing his arms over his chest. Jack’s eyes blazed at the insolence as he jabbed a finger towards his PA, lips curled in anger.

“I don’t think you do get it, if you did then we wouldn’t be here.”

Jack stared furiously at Rhys for a moment, meeting the young man’s petulant glare, challenging him. Rhys met him back firmly, lips set in an angry pout, but gradually he faltered, eyes falling to the surface of Jack’s desk. The CEO felt angry triumph pool in his chest, but it’s nearly not enough to sate the growling, possessive beast inside him It’s not enough to have Rhys implicitly realize how stupid he had been. What Jack needed was to really make the kid feel the price of his idiotic brush with death.

“In case you forgot, sweetheart, your life is mine. You have your life in the first place ‘cause I tolerate your sass and bullshit, and the only one who can take it from you is me.” Jack spat, rounding around his desk and nearly pressing chest to chest with Rhys as he jabbed a finger into his ribs. 


The young man shirked, and a for a moment Jack wondered if he’s gonna try to bolt like a frightened skag pup, but before he can even try Jack’s grabbing him by the stupid tie and dragging him back up to his chair. Rhys choked, nearly slipping and falling as he’s dragged along the steel floor. Jack turned on his heels and sat abruptly in his chair, yanking Rhys forward by the tie. The boy’s legs smacked into Jack’s knees, causing him to stumble forward and loose his balance as he landed with a pained oomph right over Jack’s lap.

working on a commission :p

beyond the pale

oda oichi x tokugawa ieyasu

a/n: so i got an anonymous message today with a really interesting idea for a prompt: an slbp lord falling in love with his closest ally’s sibling/cousin. the anon suggested that i write nobu and ieyasu’s silbing/cousin but i may have gone in a slightly different direction… anyhow, the anon also might write a fic of their own for this, so i tried not to go in too deep. @jemchew, @naerial, @demon-princess-anastasia, @pasunny

There are a million and one things a samurai’s daughter shouldn’t do, and she has done quite a few of them. She imagines nobody expected any less of her, with Nobunaga as her sibling.

Oichi knows her choices are limited—has always known, since she was young and walking through gardens with delicate objects balanced on her head, with a hand pressing at the small of her back to keep her perfect, stones in her sleeves—but she makes the most of every choice she has. She chooses her wit, the silver knife in her mouth with its poisoned edges, and the pretty pink lips that conceal it—she chooses to fight as she can, with charm and with grace and eyes that make even her older brother wither.

There are men that fear her. There are women that hate her. Her downfall is her ultimate achievement—her ability to make others bend to her will.

Except for him.

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where an imposter Rai bully M21 and M21 don't know what to do until Frankentein figures it out and kick the imposter out of his house. P.S. Real Rai was gone for a walk and got lost.

I might have gotten a tiny bit overly excited with this idea, but it was ton of fun! Thanks for it, btw ;) Maybe not pushing all the buttons I wanted in all the ways I really wanted to, but SOMETHING was done and I had fun :x

Here’s the Send me an anonymous ask completing the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where…” (if you want to reblog too) post and BTW I’m all about crazy cracky shippings (and serious ones too), multishipping is love, poly is love, SHIPPING IS FUN AF anyway: gen, ships, funny, sad, anything, if you’re in the mood hit me up and let’s pray that something good comes of it!

(dear sweet freaking LORD it took me 3 hours to do this??? I let a 3 hour “wooden sailing ship on sea ambience” playing and it’s crazy to see I was done by the end of the audio)

The house was quiet and every step was terrible loud as M-21 run to Frankenstein’s office and searched around for the files he’d asked for. The man couldn’t help but scoff at his situation, having to leave school in the middle of the day to fetch some paper or another for his boss. In this kind of situation Tao would be more efficient, always coming into the spacious and well organized room to show things to Frankenstein or talk about his new ideas for the school’s security system, yet somehow M-21 got the task.

“He probably just picked the one of us that was closer…”

He kept muttering while pilling the color coded files and making sure nothing was missing before heading out, sure that if he took too long with the easy “mission” he’d have to endure the blond’s witty comments. Joy.

With his mind fully focused on the fastest routes he could take from the house to school M-21 had to do a double take of which he saw standing in the middle of the kitchen area.

“What are you doing here?”

M-21 frowned and waited for an answer as Raizel slowly turned to face him, still in his uniform and not showing any urgency in his expression or movements, there was however some tension in his shoulders that put M-21 in high alert. He was ready to shower the other with questions when Raizel finally spoken, colder than he ever heard before.

“What are you doing here?”

Blinking in confusion M-21 lifted the pile of papers he still had in hands.

“Frankenstein asked me to get him some files.”

“Of course he did.”

Raizel kept walking slowly around M-21 and the modified human was now looking at the files Frankenstein wanted. Some accountability info and resumes for new staff, nothing out of the ordinary, so why was Raizel acting so strangely about it?

Years of training and (not so healthy) paranoia made sure he wouldn’t fully take his focus from the other person in the room, even while puzzled about what was going on, so M-21 wasn’t surprised when he felt Raizel right behind him, stepping a bit too close to comfort before whispering right next to his ear.

“Sometimes he has to get creative to get rid of you.”

That made him jump, put a good distance between himself and Raizel, the man was as calm and composed as always but his red eyes where ice cold and his words where sharp. M-21 lifted the bundle of papers in front of himself, the stupid thing wouldn’t be of any use as a shield if the noblesse decided to go against him, nothing could shield someone from the noblesse, but those where the things he was asked to fetch, they could be somewhat important to Frankenstein. Raizel wouldn’t destroy something important for Frankenstein, right?

“You are a handful, always getting yourself in trouble and bringing it right back at us. More trouble than you’re worth of.”

Raizel spoke slowly, not even deeming it worth to look at him while saying those words, that worked just fine for M-21 if there was a risk of getting paralyzed by his red eyes. He just looked bored while taking small steps in his direction and M-21 stood as still as possible, letting his eyes run all around the room, asking himself how to get away from that one insanely powerful being that seemed to be judging his value and not liking what he was seeing.

“We did so much for you and you keep bringing your fights to this house.”

Shit. He was getting closer and backing off would put him against a wall eventually. Maybe then he could make a run for a door, but that wouldn’t help if Raizel where too close, towering over him and ready to… Whatever the hell he wanted to do with a troublesome unworthy waste of space.

One step closer, one step back, M-21 knew he was faster but Raizel was faster, and stronger, and even if he had a fighting chance he’d have to be ready to face Frankenstein right after. Would Frankenstein be outside, waiting to finish him in case he attempt to run? Had everything been planned just so that they could get him alone and finish him?

He was already dead but Raizel wasn’t done talking.

“How many times we fought and bleed because of you? You don’t deserve what we did for you.”

The noblesse jumped and M-21 was sure he was already using his influence because he couldn’t move, a slap at his hands made all the papers he hold fly to the side and for a second the fair haired man thought about the mess they were making, how disappointed Frankenstein would be, then there was a hand at his chest and blazing red eyes so close to his own grey ones he could feel the other’s breathing against his face.

“You don’t deserve that heart.”

M-21 couldn’t move, only half catching how Raizel’s face contorted in a ugly smile he never seen on the other’s face or how he had one of their big kitchen knives in his other hand, lifted high above their heads. Everything happened in the longest second of his life, feeling his muscles tense and discovering he could in fact move, there was no mind control going on, he watched as a dozen black tendrils came from behind himself and impaled Raizel all over his body, the impact throwing him backward while he did his best to pull and stab his target before going down.

A hand grabbed the back of M-21’s suit and pulled him from the other’s hold, letting him watch the knife go past dangerously close to his face as the other missed and was shoved back.

“Coming to my house and using my master’s face, so disrespectful.”

Frankenstein let go of M-21 and stepped around him, letting the impostor free from Dark Spear long enough to get up and face him properly. The once wearing Raizel’s face was laughing in a hysterical way, then talking in a voice that didn’t match the face.

“How could you hit this beautiful face of mine? Never mind, I’ll pardon you if you let me take what I came to collect.”

The impostor still had the knife and didn’t seem to care for the many poisonous black injuries he now had, the idiot probably had never been fully briefed on what he’d face in this place or he was crazy enough to think he had a fighting chance against Frankenstein. M-21 honestly didn’t care whichever was the answer, the fucker made a mess of the files he had to take to school.

Frankenstein almost didn’t get a chance to rile the guy, maybe he wasn’t in the mood with the other using his master’s face, or he was that easy of an adversary. There was some damage done to the room, black holes in the walls and broken glass but at least Dark Spear had been especially neat on its consumption of an enemy.

A side glance to the nearest clock showed M-21 that if they were quick with the cleanup they could make it back to school before the end of the work day.

“This is infuriating.”

Or not, if Frankenstein felt like fuming and passing around the room. He’d probably push the cleaning at him at this rate. M-21 took a deep breath and turned to collect the papers and file cases messily pilled at the floor, he didn’t know enough of each of them to properly put them back together, but pilling it all at the coffee table seemed better than letting then in the floor.

Turning around he saw how Frankenstein had stopped and was looking seriously at him. It felt like an awful déjà vu.

“Your files.”

“My files. Of course. Thank you, M-21.”

The man took a few large steps to the table and M-21 hold himself in place, refusing to flinch at his sudden move, looking at anywhere but the blond. Frankenstein looked through the pile for a few seconds before heavily sighing and looking straight to M-21.

“I’m sorry I took so long. As soon as we got the alert there was an intruder in the house Tao and Takeo where ready to come, but I choose to let then taking care of the school. I was the reason you were here alone, after all.”

Frankenstein was kind enough to turn away, taking his time to look at his messy living room and let M-21 recompose himself. Everything felt like  a strange dream, suddenly he’s taking care of a simples errand and then Not Raizel is running at him with a knife.

M-21 sit down on the couch. Frankenstein gave him a quick but pleased look.

“Oh, finally. I was about to shove you at a chair. You’ll have to tell me what that guy told you.”

“Hm. Nothing interesting.”

“I’m in the mood to hear some bullshit. Amuse me.”

Frankenstein picks up his cellphone on the third ring.

“Boss! What’s happening? Dark Spear fried the living room’s cameras and I’m blind over here!”

Tao had been biting at his nails since Frankenstein left him and Takeo to guard the school, watching the house’s security system feed where M-21 was being cornered by Raizel-nim’s Evil Twin while Takeo collected Seira, Regis and the real Raizel to make them aware of what was going on in their house.

Everyone arrived at the principal’s office right when Creepy Not-Raizel was about to stab M-21, then Dark Spear was all over the place and the system went down. Seira had to grab Regis by the back of his collar when he tried to bolt to the door. Tao and Takeo felt just like him, and they knew Seira and Raizel did too, but they couldn’t suddenly leave at any given second and it was Frankenstein dealing with whatever was going on at their house.

The next logic conclusion (after a good minute or so of arguing and convincing themselves there was no need to run and M-21) was to try and call Frankenstein’s cellphone.

“It’s a tragedy…”

Frankenstein never sounded so desolated, even Raizel eyes were a little wider than before. Everyone held their breaths and Tao felt how weak his voice was in his next words.

“B-Boss? Is M-21-”

“The walls we just painted are a mess. The paint Miss Seira chose so carefully… And it was expensive, too. M-21 agrees with me, he also liked that color.”

Raizel averted his eyes while everyone else traded looks that communicated clearly “Frankenstein is truly a monster!”


“Ahjussi! We heard you fought a burglar yesterday!”

M-21 was surrounded by the kids, their worried faces with big shinny eyes made him nervous. He threw a side glance at Tao, who smiled and blew him a kiss from far away. Bastard.

“Shouldn’t you be resting today? Tao-hyung told us it was a pretty intense fight! Are you all right?”

“Uhg… I’m fine.”

“D-Don’t lie to spare our feeling, ahjussi! We care about you! We wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to you…”

M-21 patted Yuna’s head in an attempt to comfort her. He didn’t know what to do with a bunch of kids worried about him, much less with one of them looking ready to cry.

“I’m fine. Director Lee helped.”

The four kids turned to look at their director crowded by students, smiling and waving friendly at them. Suyi was the first one to turn back to M-21, a curious expression in her face.

“What did he do? Smiled so brightly the burglar was blinded and you were able to subdue him?”

The three other kids turned all to Suyi and after a second of consideration all fo them agreed that was obviously what happened. M-21 used their distraction to run away retreat.

[Notes: my great regret is that I didn’t just straight up wrote “M-21 is shook” or just made him say “I’M SHOOK” but M-21 IS SHOOK, OK? Frankenstein is father of the year, he felt really bad for accidentally sending M-21 to face that disrespectful guy who stole master’s beautiful face!!! Oh yeah, the guy didn’t had any mental power to paralyze M-21, he was just panicked enough about FRICKING “NOBLESSE” WANTING TO KILL HIM to feel like he was in fact paralyzed, just wanted to point this more clearly here.

Also, sorry for changing some events, only now I’m thinking about “what if the bullying went on for DAYS before someone figured everything out?” that is…. A great idea!!!! But how to work with it????? To tell the truth, now that I think about that guy using Raizel’s face on the house…. What… What the f are you doing there at that time? Omg lol let me sit here and point all the plot holes in my own fic! Idk maybe he had a way to track M-21 and saw he was moving to be alone at the house, that makes sense! (maybe?)


My thoughts on “The Predator” Chapter 16

Okay so you might see this I’m tagging you now… @supersillyanddorky06

 Matty, matty, matty how do you do you do it! Each time I read one of your masterfully done chapters something inside of me simply sparks to life. I go from being surrounded by dangerous thunderheads to then being transported into a meadow of endless, divine light. It’s as if your words are able to bridge the gap between heaven and hell and, that my friend is a gift that we all hope and wish for. 

Anyways now that I’ve slightly embarrassed myself I’ll continue on to attempting a small conveyance of what this chapter made me see.  

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anonymous asked:

Prompt idea: Zuko and Katara are having a secret relationship, and the next morning, when Katara forgets to heal them the night before, the Gaang starts to notice signs of their love making (i.e. hickeys, nail marks on Zuko's back, bruises, teeth mark, etc.)

(rated M for smutty smut smut)

Hope you guys like it!  Thank you for the prompt! :)
(and if anyone has feedback, I’d love to hear it!  All I want to do is improve!!)


The young waterbender looked up from her meal to meet the eyes of her brother, who was eyeing her with a highly concerned look.  She raised a brow and stared back.

“What happened to your neck?!”

Katara merely blinked, her face scrunching up in confusion.  She traced her neck with her fingertips, feeling for something odd, feeling for…


Her hand fell upon a tender spot of skin, and her cheeks flared.  Mentally, she cursed herself for being so careless, for forgetting to heal…

“It’s just…a bug bite, Sokka.  Stop worrying so much.”

The warrior let out a small gasp, bringing a hand up to his mouth.  She knew he really did care for her and her well being, and she knew the bruise looked…well, like a bruise.  But she also knew he had a flair for all things dramatic.

“Well excuse me for caring for my baby sister!” he wailed  The waterbender only rolled her eyes.  Then, with a heated glare she turned to Zuko, who was examining the bowl that contained his breakfast with more care than was necessary.  She huffed.

Toph, however, was the one who broke the silence with a snickering laugh.  Sokka and Aang turned to her with confused looks.  The Duke, Haru and Teo merely looked at one another and shrugged.  Katara shot (useless) daggers at the bling earthbender.  Zuko didn’t move.

“Yeah, some bug that must’ve been.  Why don’t you ask Sparky here about it, I’m sure he knows a thing or two about bugs.”

Aang glared towards Zuko, but his eyes widened when they landed upon a similar welt swelling up upon Zuko’s fair skin.

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Neville Longbottom Imagine - I Would Do Anything For You

A/N: I feel Neville is very unappreciated and I love Neville so I’m very happy he as been requested. Also please keep requesting would includes (and imagines) they really make my day :)



Prompt 89. “I would do anything for you.”

You sit up in your bed, which feels like the safest place to be in at the moment. You stretch your arms and yawn, there was no one else in your dormitory, no one felt safe at Hogwarts anymore and their parents felt it best if they stayed at home this year. It was a shame really, it was your last year, but it turned out to be one of the scariest years as well.

It was still early in the morning and you decided to go for a walk around the castle, hoping no one else would be up at four in the morning. Knowing your luck, one of the Carrows was probably waiting outside the Gryffindor Common Room door, waiting for someone to sneak out. Technically you weren’t sneaking out, you thought to yourself as you got dressed into something warm. It was a very cold day today, and the castle seemed even more cold know that you had a Death Eater Headmaster. It wasn’t proved that Snape was a Death Eater, but you weren’t convinced.

You hesitantly opened the door and peered out, thankful that there was no Carrow in sight. They had to sleep at some time, didn’t they? You tiptoed out of the Common Room trying to be as quiet as possible. If the Carrows weren’t out here, one of the spies definitely would be. You didn’t know exactly where you were going, but you knew that you needed this walk. You needed to clear your mind, there was a war going on right at this moment and it was still so surreal to you.

You turned a corner  and looked to see a small cupboard. You sighed as you walked over to it. No one ever really come into this corridor, there was never many lights, making it dark and dim and it didn’t lead to many classrooms, but this was one of your favorite places. This was where you and your boyfriend first met. Well really, you and him had met previously, but this was where you first bonded. You stood in front of it, suddenly feeling quite sad. You think back to your second year when you were lost and turned into this corridor, hearing someone sniffling. You continued walking until you found a young boy sitting next to the cupboard, his face in his hands, his knees up high, crying.

“A-a-are you alright?” You cautiously asked as he reluctantly pulled his head up.

“I-I-I-I’m fine, really.” He croaked, his black hair sticking to his forehead.

“Well, obviously you’re not if you’re crying.” You said, sitting down next to him, also bringing your knees up to your chest, “It’s Neville, right?” You asked as you both turned your heads to look at each other.

“Yeah, you’re Y/N, right?” He said wiping his nose with the back of his sleeve.

“Yeah,” You said nodding your head. You had never really talked to Neville before, although he was in your year and in your house, “Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?” You asked, laying your legs down.

“It’s hard to explain.” He said starting to cry again.

“That’s alright, you don’t need to.” You assured, regretting asking. He nodded and sniffled, “So, how did you find our last Herbology test?” You asked, desperately trying to change the subject.

“It wasn’t too bad actually, I quite like Herbology so I found it quite easy.” He sheepishly admitted.

After a long conversation about everything and anything, the second year you and Neville decided it best to go to the Great Hall for dinner as it was getting quite late and the food would be gone if you didn’t hurry.

A tear streamed down your cheek as the memory finished. If only you could go back to that time, when everything was easy. You wiped the tear from your eye and smiled sadly. If only you knew then that the sad, quiet boy would turn out to be your boyfriend. You suddenly became upset again as you remembered why he was crying. He didn’t tell you why until you had started dating, it was the anniversary of the day his parents were tortured and it made you sad he had to go through that. It was all too much for you so you decided to go back to the Common Room. You raced towards it and said the password walking into miraculously see your boyfriend on the lounge in front of the crackling fire.

“Y/N?” He asked as the door swung shut behind you. A look of worry was spread across his face as he saw the tears streaming down your eyes. You ran towards him and his arms spread open to welcome you into a warm hug. “What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly as you sat on his lap and nestled your head into the crook of his neck.

“It’s nothing, really.” You said, basically repeated what he told you in the second year as you lifted your head up.

“Come on, you know you can tell me anything.“ He coaxed, trying to get you to tell him why you were so upset.

“I’m fine, really Neville, don’t worry about it.” You said giving a sad smile.

“You know love, I would do anything for you. You know that right?” He asked as he pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“You’re too kind to me.” You blushed, hugging him closer again. He chuckled slightly and hugged you back.

After a while of trying to get comfortable, you both decided it would be a great idea to go get ready and then head to the Great Hall for breakfast. As you walked hand in hand to the Great Hall, you were very happy that for one, you had Neville in your life and number two, he decided to stay at Hogwarts during your last year. Who knows what you would do without him here.

You sat and ate breakfast while talking about almost everything. Although there weren’t many people at school, the four tables were still set up. You looked up at the teacher’s table and saw Snape where Dumbledore should be sitting. You sneered and Neville must of saw as he squeezed your hand.

It was time to go to class, but Neville forgot his textbook so went to the Common Room to get it. You told him you would meet him there, so with a kiss to your forehead, he left and you continued to walk to class.

As you were walking you heard the sound of someone pleading and the Gryffindor in you had to find out if that person needed help. You turned around and followed the voice of what sounded like a young child.

“When you are addressed you will look into the person’s eye.” Someone bellowed as the voice started screeching. You hurried until you turned a corner and found Alecto Carrow torturing what looked like third year Hufflepuff. She noticed you and hesitantly stopped torturing the young girl.

“And what do you think you are doing?” She screeched turning to face you, her face red.

“Walking to class.” You said cautiously, not really in the mood to be tortured with the cruciatus curse. 

“What class requires you to walk down this corridor?” She inquired, a sickening grin on her face.

“I-uh-well-” You began, not really having an answer as there were no actual classrooms in the dead end corridor.

“That’s what I thought.” She smirked drawing her wand out at you. You tried to pull yours out, but she was too quick and screeched, “Crucio.” You yelled as you fell to the floor, letting the pain take over you. It is said that when someone tortures you with the cruciatus curse it is like thousands of knives stabbing your body, but it is much worse. The pain is unimaginable and your brain can barely keep up it.

“Expelliarmus.” Someone shouted forcing Alecto’s wand to fly across the room.

“You stupid boy!” She screeched as you looked up to find your hero of a boyfriend standing in front of her, “What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, scowling at him.

“Stopping you from torturing people.” He spat, your eyes wandered to her wand across the room. You slowly got up, trying not to be too suspicious while trying to get to the other side of the room to get her wand. Unfortunately, she noticed you and raced to the other side, grabbing the wand before you could.

“Now, I have three rebellious children, which one should I torture first?” She giggled maniacally, stroking her wand. “I’ve already tortured the coward Hufflepuff, so I guess you can go, but beware the next time our paths cross.” Alecto turned to the girl and gave a stiff nod, signaling she could go. “Now the girl has already had her turn, I think it’s your turn boy.” She growled as she hit Neville with the cruciatus curse.

“No.” You screamed, covering your hand with your mouth. The tears were immediately running down your face. You panicked and didn’t know what to do. This was the last thing your boyfriend ever needed. You sniffled as you quickly got your wand from out of your robes and yelled, “Stupefy.” Alecto was knocked out with the spell and knowing you only had little time before the spell wore off, you grabbed Neville and ran. You ran and you didn’t stop until you were inside the Common Room.

“Merlin’s beard Neville.” You exclaimed as you both sat on the lounge you had previously sat in that morning, “What did you think you were doing?” You asked as you sat next to him.

“She was torturing you.” He explained.

“Which resulted in her torturing you.” You said looking at him, your eyebrows furrowed together. He smiled and took your hand in his, “I told you love, I would do anything for you.” You blushed as he kissed your hand.

“Neville, I would never ask for you to get tortured because of me.” You whispered, knowing your voice would crack if you spoke any louder.

“I know, you didn’t ask.” He reminded you as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, forcing you to come closer to him.

“I love you so much, thank you for being my hero.” You said, resting your head on his chest, looking into the blazing fire.

“I love you too.” He said kissing the top of your head as he played with your hair. You sighed in content. Yes there was a war going on right now and yes everyone’s life was currently in danger, but knowing that you had the love of your life right next to you, made you feel very happy and warm inside.