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Dude!!! How did you get your hips to disappear so well?!? Was it mostly T or do you have specific exercises that helped that you could give some tips about? I'm about to begin working out in the gym and would love some tips

honestly it’s from working out just as much as testosterone. that pic is way pre-t  and i’ve been in the gym a lot since. At the time of that before photo i would say my chest/ribs around were probably like 34″ i measured my chest diameter today, it’s 38″. that sort of gains in your chest and back and shoulders will balance out wide looking hips. I was skinnier back then, and about 30 pounds lighter, but the muscle i’ve built up has helped balance those wide hips. obviously testosterone redistributes fat, but i was skinny as hell back then and you’re basically looking at my hip bones, not much fat to distribute away from that area. 

(i’m attaching another example so you can see the difference in my torso build, pre t vs 11 months)

for exercises i would recommend pullups pullups pullups. Also pushups, rows (seated and standing and bent over), cable and dummbbell flys (flyes? flies?), deadlift, lat pulldown, and core exercises that focus on your lower/mid back as well.