Three new Alice centric necklaces.

The top one is very much inspired by her MTP outfit.

The second is more true to the original story. It’s delicate and I love it.

The last one is Chessure centric with more of the movie tones to it. I love the ceramic tea cup and felt he needed to be paired with it. All on a delicate chain as well.

I love dressing up old jewelry.

You can find current jewelry listing on My Etsy Store!

Thank you for the amazing feedback and for sharing my page! :)


Wonderland clock earrings and March Hare necklace which I will be keeping because I LOVE it. However, I am working on two more as well as a custom third MarchMouse themed one. So if you contacted me about one, you’ll be the first to know about the new ones.

Chessure with a bit of Chessally. Since I have a few of the Chess charms I will be making either a pair of earrings or two more necklaces.

Last, Dormouse necklace!

Figuring out pricing is kinda daunting. But I plan to keep them reasonable.

Coming soon, March Hare earrings! Bead Caterpillar earrings! Tweedle earrings! MORE YELLING!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line. :)

Headcanon: Cheshire

Keeping in line with the 2010 version of the story, when Hatter yells at Chessur about betraying them when the Jabberwocky started to attack, I believe Hatter wasn’t just angry at Chessur but also at himself. While his primary job when the Jabberwocky started attacking was protecting the Queen at all costs, he could perhaps have gone back and saved a few more of his clan, but he was too scared to do so, resulting, unfortunately, in his being the last of the Hightopps. By blaming Chessur, Hatter can divert the blame he feels on a daily basis towards himself for not going that extra mile to help his clan away every once in a while.

He does care for the mischievous cat, finding that good friends are hard to find nowadays and during the time under Iracebeth’s rule. Without the feline’s help, he would have definitely found his head detached from his body and for that he is grateful towards Chessur. He’s even thought about making a hat for Chess if only to persuade the cat from trying to steal his own.