chessmen of mars


To start your week off right, here are some re-issues of several classic tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan and numerous other beloved science fiction characters. The fantastic cover-art and illustrations are by the inimitable Frank Frazetta, whose unmistakable art has been featured on movie posters, comic books, paperbacks, and LP’s. The combination of Burroughs and Frazetta makes these editions delightful paragons of 1970′s science fiction camp. 

 Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Gods of Mars and the Warlords of Mars. Doubleday & Co., 1971. Illustrations by Frank Frazetta

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. Thuvia, Maid of Mars and the Chessmen of Mars. Doubleday & Co., 1972. Illustrations by Frank Frazetta

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Mastermind of Mars and A Fighting Man of Mars. Doubleday & Co., 1973. Illustrations by Frank Frazetta