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teacher/single parent au - :)
I actually reblogged the ships/prompts for reference and didn’t plan on doing any but I wanted to practice ^^


One good thing that has come out of being an elementary teacher, he thinks, is spending time with the beautiful girl that could have been his own daughter.

Sasuke offers to hold Sarada as he is doing with Bolt and Himawari in the other, letting the weight of her small body rest on his forearm. But Sarada looks up at him, her thin-framed red glasses resting on the bridge of her nose, and walks away.

Sasuke scoffs, but is quickly interrupted when Himawari latches her first in his hair and tugs. He scolds her (“Gently, Sasuke,” Itachi warns. “You can’t lose your temper with them.”), yet he knows the words have not registered in her developing mindset. She gives him a wide smile, her two front teeth emerging slightly from pink gums, and wraps her small hand around his nose.

“Sa-ke,” she giggles. “Sa-ke sensei!” But Sasuke’s attention is redirected elsewhere, watching the ice queen - who actually seemed to resemble younger Sasuke’s demeanor - stroll past the shelves of children’s manga and reach for a chapter book. Sarada folds her red skirt underneath her and sits cross-legged, flipping the first page of the novel.

It isn’t long after she begins reading with intent that her mother, the young and beautiful Sakura, rushes in with her hair amuck. She is out of breath, still in her doctor’s uniform, and can barely contain herself as she struggles to find words that have hidden in the back of her throat, refusing to come out.

“Ah, Uchiha-san,” Sakura smiles. Sasuke lets down the Uzumaki children and watches them run towards Sarada; Himawari tugs on her arm and asks if she can braid Haruno onee-san’s silky hair, and Boruto teases her for her glasses while he simultaneously tries to hide his blossoming crush.

Sasuke nods and hopes that his crush isn’t obvious, either. “Haruno-san,” he nods.

“Please, call me Sakura.” She turns her head to see Himawari standing on a small desk to reach the top of Sarada’s head, the braids limp and loose in her little hands. Meanwhile, Sarada acts as if nothing is happening and continues to read silently, eyes darting back and forth across the pages.

“Sarada has been very good, as always. She does like to keep to herself, though, but you shouldn’t worry about that. I was the same way when I was younger.” Sasuke curses inwardly, wondering why he is spilling so much information to a woman who most likely could care less.

Instead, Sakura smiles and states, “Then I hope she grows up to be as wonderful as you, Uchiha-san.” There is no trace of sarcasm laced in her voice; no pity, no mockery.

“Call me Sasuke.” He has the urge to embrace Sakura and feel her out-of-breath heart, which pumps wildly against his own that beats rampantly for her.

“Sarada, honey, let’s go,” Sakura calls, and breaks the stream of his thoughts. Sarada puts her things back and comforts Himawari, who begs her not to leave. She then goes to her mother and, in a display of affection Sasuke hadn’t seen while she was alone, Sarada smiles and wraps her arms around Sakura’s waist. Sakura tells Sarada she’ll be waiting out in the car, and that they need to leave quickly if they want to catch their movie.

“Sensei,” Sarada says, once she knows Sakura is completely out of earshot. “Ever since Papa Sai died, you’re the only man who has really made her happy. She talks about you all the time.” The little princess shoots him a smirk (which, he wants to note again, is strikingly similar to his as a child) and gives her goodbyes.

She talks about me all the time.

Sasuke shakes his head, chuckling. As if he needed another reason to fall for her.

a/n: I didn’t want to have Sarada be Sasuke’s daughter because it gives the haters another reason to say “oh Karin = Sarada’s mom” or whatever. I also really love SaiSaku, so cheers to them :’) (and I really love Sasuke caring for lil kids hehe)

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