Chess Pieces: The Princess Pawn and the Fallen Queen

Have you noticed that in the scene when Hans and Anna are alone, then when Olaf saves her, there is a chess set in the background?

When Hans reveals his true colors, he explains his scheme to take control of Arendelle. He only pretended to love Anna and hoped to marry her in order to make sure he could become king. This exploits her as the pawn he used and manipulated in order to carry out his plan. When he extinguishes the candle, you can see a couple of white pawn chess pieces.

Then later, when Olaf is with Anna, the blizzard makes a strong gust of wind burst the window open. When that happens, the white queen chess piece falls down. This symbolizes the upcoming figurative and literal “fall” of Elsa, when Hans lies to her about Anna, then attempts to murder her.

Interestingly enough, the colors of the chess pieces are commonly used to represent good (white) and evil (black). Elsa is a good person, which is why the white queen piece falls, and you can see the black king piece, which symbolizes Hans’s evil nature and goal to become the king of Arendelle.

Acrylic Chess Set by Jonathan Adler

I feel that this would be the kind of chess set that some super arch nemesis bad guy would be playing in his hidden lair built in the middle of a skull shaped volcanic island. Looks freakin awesome!


I made and molded these fellas out of clay a year ago, for a troll chess.

These are the Kings, Queens and Pawns of the game. The group to the left is fjälltroll (trolls from mountains) and to the right we have skogstroll (trolls from the forest). It’s  one of my personal interpretation of trolls which is quite Bauer-influenced.

I’ll take a better photo some day, I just have to re-attach some of their horns which they dropped during an exhibit. :[