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He hated games they made the world look too simple. Chess, in particular, had always annoyed him. It was the dumb way the pawns went off and slaughtered their fellow pawns while the king lounged about doing nothing. If only the pawns would’ve united … the whole board could’ve been a republic in about a dozen moves.
—  Terry Pratchett - Thud

Magnolia Gardens

Come wonder around this peaceful place with your friends, family, or loved one. Bask in the dappled light penetrating the cherry tree canopy while you play a game of chess, watch the kids play, or enjoy a good ol’ fashioned cook-off. Just be careful of little Jimmy catching frogs in the pond. 

Honestly though, watching Littlefinger have to backpedal from his plans gives me fucking life. Like the son of a bitch literally thought, ‘oh i’ll stroll on back into poor, broken, lonely Sansa Stark’s life and she’ll fall into my arms and be mine, all I have to do is drive a wedge between and her dumb half-brother who’s exactly like her father that i already beat’ Only it turns out Sansa isn’t broken, she’s stronger and fiercer than ever and even less inclined to put up with his shit. And then slowly the Stark pack rebuilds around her. Jon seems like Ned, but he’s much more than that and also yeah, sometimes he comes back when you kill him. Then Bran shows up, in his full, creepy ‘i know what you fucking did last summer’ glory. And then Arya returns from the dead with the skills of a master assassin and could/would murder him on the spot if Sansa so much as flinched in his general direction. And yeah, I know Littlefinger will probably land back on his feet here soon and start right back in on his sick little game of chess, but watching him have repeated “oh what fresh fucking hell is this” moments is just. so. satisfying. to. watch.

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I can see a hella cute, fluffy fic featuring Remus using 25 and 44!

25. “You’re mine. I don’t share.” and 44. “Cuddle me.” 

I went overboard with this and had to finish it quickly. Christmas in July…right? I might turn this into a fic later on around Christmas. 

Prompt list | request

Christmas certainly was the best time of the year. Hogwarts basked in the festive glow that Christmas usually inspired; the hallways were infused with the scent of baked goods, decorations adorned classrooms and the great hall, from sparkling fairy lights to the grand Christmas tree that stood, flaunting an array of small, beautiful ornaments. You couldn’t think of a better place to spend Christmas at. Especially when you’d spend the day with the Marauders.

“Rise and shine, darling,” whispered a soft voice and your eyes flew open to find Remus hovering over you wearing a small, boyish smile, “Merry Christmas, love.”

You beamed up at Moony, admiring his elegant beauty and benevolent eyes. “Have you been watching me sleep this entire time?”

“Maybe,” he grinned, “Maybe not.”

You gave Remus a sleepy smile before Peter came into your peripherals and you focused your gaze on him. He wore a bright green sweater with a very creepy-looking-Santa emblazoned across it with the words ‘He sees you when you’re sleeping’ scribed across the top of it.

“Peter!” you giggled, “What possessed you into wearing that creepy sweater?”

“James and Sirius,” Wormtail replied, quite simply, “They made It especially for me…”

“Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, bitches!” boomed a voice and before you could blink, Sirius Black burst through the door. He wore a bright red Christmas sweater which showed an upside-down snow man. Two golden bells hung just below the snow man’s long, orange nose, depicting a crude picture of a man’s…well…crotch area. Across the top of his sweater were the words ‘Jingle my Bells’ that he had charmed to flash in different colors. You clamped a hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter.

“I’ve been working on this baby all year…” Sirius retorted, proudly.

“It’s true,” Remus added, “he has.”

“Oh I believe you,” you shook your head, a broad grin still curving your lips, “Never ever decide to pursue a career in the fashion industry, Sirius.”

“Why, don’t you like it?” Sirius wanted to know in mock offense. “Can’t you handle my acute fashion sense?”

“No,” you laughed, “I don’t think the world is ready for it yet. It’s a good thing you’re pretty…”

You let out a laugh before you were joined by the third Marauder, James Potter, who pranced into your dorm looking ridiculous. He, too, had an ugly looking sweater, this time he wore Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, whose notorious nose was glowing red. James had animated Rudolf so that he could move and the reindeer was just as proud as his maker. He held his gigantic head high and batted his eyes at you, checking you out in a not-so-subtle way.

“Like my sweater?” James asked, clasping his hips and strutting toward you.

“Oh you have no idea.”

“There’s more,” James added, excitedly, “Look.” He spun around and, on the back, was the rest of Rudolf’s body. His fluffy tail wiggled excitedly while, just below, hung two very large Christmas ornaments, an exaggerated display of Rudolf’s…balls. “If you caress him, he gets all happy. Sirius, play with his balls!”

You choked on your laughter as James spun back to face you and Sirius obeyed James’s stupidly immature command. You watched Rudolf’s face contort with pleasure and that enticed more laughter, so much so you were convinced that you had cracked a rib.

“I don’t know whether you two are genius’ or idiots,” you remarked, “because I feel both amused and violated by the sight of your sweaters…”

“Wait until we show you Minnie’s” Sirius smirked, “She’ll love it…”

As a matter of fact, Minnie, better known as McGonagall, did not love the sweater however she couldn’t bring herself to dish out detentions on Christmas. Dumbledore, however, saw the humor of it and chided James and Sirius for not making him one.

After a say spent gallivanting in the snow, (in which Sirius tried several times to dangle mistletoe over you in a poor attempt to make you kiss him. Remus kept shooing him away) the five of you returned to the common room where you lounged in front of the fire. Sirius and James sat on the floor, immersed in a game of wizard chess while you watched from your seat on the long couch beside Remus. You rested your head on his shoulder as you refereed the game, Remus playing with your hair absentmindedly. Peter sat on the armchair, watching with a bowl of candies.

“James is making you his bitch, Sirius,” you observed, laughing lightly at Sirius’s expression.

“I know,” the Marauder grumbled. Rudolf beamed at you before sending you a wink.

“Oh and James, Rudolf keeps hitting on me,”

“Can you blame him?” James smirked. Remus suddenly wrapped a tight arm around you.

“Come on, Moony, please tell me you’re not jealous of my Christmas sweater…are you?”

“N-No,” Remus stammered.

Sirius and James shared an exasperated look before Jame’s knight trapped Sirius’ queen and, thus, ending the game. James cheered, jumping to his feet and parading around the common room, Rudolf and Peter joining in his celebrations. Sirius rolled his eyes and climbed to his feet.

“Losers. I’m going for some fire whiskey,” he announced loudly before leaving with a teasing James in tow.

You moved to get up but you felt Remus’s arms circle around your waist, pulling you back onto the seat. You laughed and snuggled into his embrace while he rested his cheek on your head.

Cuddle me,” Remus demanded in a soft voice and you chortled before he wrapped his arms around you protectively, “You’re mine. I don’t share. Not even with weird, sweater Rudolf”

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What gifts does Cardia give the boys during their birthdays?

Mod S here! Thanks so much for asking this. <3 I thought I did this one, but checked and found nothing. So Cardia Giving the Code: Realize Guys Birthday Gifts it is! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything else with this. And stay well. ^^

Cardia gives Lupin A New Pocket Watch! 

Cardia gives Van Helsing A New Holster for His Gun!

Cardia gives Impey A Chess Set For Them To Play Together!

Cardia gives Victor A Pretty Note-Taking Fountain Pen!

Cardia Gives Saint Germain A Fancy New Tea Set!

Ground Rules (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Anon: Hi I love your stuff! Could you do a Remus x reader imagine when the reader is a Ravenclaw?The rest of the plot is all yours 💙 Thank you💙💙 (I’m sorry for my bad english)

A/N: Hey! Believe me your English is spot on. Hope you like this, I got the inspiration from Spider-Man 2. It was too cute to resist.

Originally posted by queenc-x

Remus’ eyes flutter open, his vision blurry. He hears the hushed voices and laughs of his friends. Remus goes to move before feeling a surge of pain rush through his body making him wince.

“Morning mate.” Sirius says.

Remus’ vision clears up and he sees Sirius and James playing a close game of Wizards Chess with Peter watching lazily. He looks to his left to see you, his girlfriend, sitting in an old, rickety chair with your head resting on the bed. You stir slightly at the loud sound of Sirius’ voice.

“Remus?” You say drowsily before waking up and smiling,“Oh Remus! Thank Merlin! You had such a hard transformation last night, I was worried sick that you’d hurt yourself.”

Remus’ attention drifts from your words to the large, puffy, red scar on your cheek.

“Did I do that?” Remus interrupts softly, a look of despair crosses his face.

You pause, your hand brushing the scar as if you had forgotten it. Remus’ eyes stay locked on the mark.
“It was just an accident Remus, it happens.”

The room goes quiet. James and Sirius exchange looks before dragging Peter with them out of the Hospital Wing.

“What’d I do to you?” Remus says in a clear, yet shaky voice.

You frown at the way Remus is looking at you. His face covered in scars of his own, yet he breaks down at the sight of a single scratch on your cheek.

“Remus, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just glad you’re alright.” You sigh, reaching for his hand.

Remus pulls his hand from your reach, fear flashes in his eyes.

“I can’t do this to you.”
“I can’t keep hurting you like this.”
“Remus please-”
“You deserve better.”
“Remus please stop it.”

He holds his breath, the room is dead silent. So quiet, in fact, you can hear the students beginning to make their trips to breakfast. So silent that the sound of autumn wind fills the barren room. Remus exhales.

“You deserve better Y/n. That’s why we can’t be together anymore.”

“Remus that’s not funny. Don’t say stuff like that.” You say quietly, the tears building up.

Remus blankly looks at you, his own eyes red and bloodshot. You stand from your seat, rushing out of the Hospital Wing.

Outside the door Sirius, James, and Peter chat quietly before seeing you rush past them, tears welling up. They call your name, but you don’t bother stopping.

You run and run till you are in the quiet of your own dormitory, finally letting out all you’ve held in.


You sit down at the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall. Around you your friends chat about their classes and the homework they’ve been assigned for this weekend.

From across the room you see Remus sitting with the rest of the marauders. He looks over at you and a chill runs down your spine.

However your attention is swayed when owls begin to fly in, carrying various letters and packages for the students. A large, brown owl lands in front of you, dropping a letter onto your empty table. You stroke the owl in gratitude before it flys off into the sky.

The letter has no return address, only your name scrawled across it in ink. You open the letter to see a small price of paper. On it it said,

Meet me at the Hogmeade entrance this Saturday. Please.

Curious, you put the letter down and take a quick glance back to Remus. But, when you go to look at him he had disappeared from the Great Hall.

You sigh and look at the the note one more time before shoving it into your pocket and heading off to meet whoever it is that wrote you this morning.


The wind whistles and pushes your hair to and fro. You wrap you jacket tighter around you and fix the blue and silver scarf around your neck.

Large trees border the Hogmeade entrance, their leaves shades of orange and red. Below the entrance, near a swarm of students, stands Remus.

He sees you and smiles wide. You join him at the entrance, returning the gesture. His eyes travel up and down you. They finally stop at your eyes.

Remus sighs,“How are you?”

You hold your breath, his voice is exactly as you remember. It had been three months since you’ve heard that voice.

“I’m doing fine.”, you force a smile.

The spark in his eyes fade a bit, but nevertheless he continues to smile and replies, “That’s good.”

The two of you stroll, side by side, through the cobblestone streets of Hogsmeade, avoiding the topic on both of your minds.

“I haven’t seen you since…”, you pause,“ well you know.”

“Yeah.” He sighs. “I’ve been busy.”

“Busy avoiding me?” You halfheartedly smile.

“Bingo.” He smiles.

“Then why did you ask to see me today?”

You both stop under a streetlight, it’s candle not yet lit, for it was only the middle of the day. Remus bites his lip and gazes down at you, as if he’s trying to push his words back into his brain where they belong.

“I miss being your friend.” He says with great effort.

The words deflate your heart as soon as they left his mouth. You gulp and force a grin.

“Yeah, me too.”

The two of you continue walking again down the path. You feel Remus’ eyes on you. Shyly you turn your head and your eyes meet. He grins from ear to ear before shaking his head a bit.

“Okay. If we’re going to be friends we’re going to have to lay down some ground rules.” Remus says.

“Like what?” You ask.

“Well…” Remus studies you for a moment. “You can’t do the thing.”

“What thing?” You raise an eyebrow.

“The smile you do that tugs at the corners of your lips and makes your eyes sparkle.” He says in a rather serious tone.

“I don’t do that.”

“Not anymore you don’t. That would be breaking the rules.” Remus smiles a bit.

You roll your eyes with a small smile.

“Okay I’ve got a rule for you.” You say.

“Go ahead.”

You can’t bite your lip when you smile. Not aloud.”

“Fine but you’re going to have to find a new laugh.“Remus replies.

You make the ugliest snorting sound possible,"Does this work?”

“Nope. Still cute.”

“Damn. I’ll have to work on it then.”


“I hope that you’re aware that you’re going to have to shave your hair too.” You say nudging him.

“If that’s what it takes.” He says.

You both go quiet. The streets around you bustle with students. The crisp autumn air hits you causing you to tighten your navy blue and silver scarf.

“You know ”,Remus begins to speak, “These last three months have been really horrible.”

You look up at him.

“And I finally just couldn’t go any longer without seeing you.” He says. “I figured you wouldn’t show up or that you’d see me and leave. I even debated not showing up. But when I saw you again I just couldn’t seem to move. It’s like I was paralyzed.”

Both of you stop at the edge of the town.

“It was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. And in that moment when I saw you I thought about how I don’t want to to another day without seeing your face. Or hearing your laugh. Or seeing your smile. I don’t want to go another day without seeing you.”

He steps closer and you smile. He leans his forehead against yours.

“I’ve missed you.” You say.

He pulls you in for a kiss. You drape your arms over his shoulders. He pulls away with a smile on his face.

“Do I still have to buzz my hair?"He grins.


A/N: Hey! Hope you like it!! Have a happy Tuesday!


In prison, a day room is a common shared area in a wing or pod that is indoors, where inmates of the same custody level are allowed movement outside of their cells. The amount of time they are allowed to spend in the day room, if at all, depends on their custody level. A day room will often have tables and chairs where inmates can gather to play cards, chess, checkers or dominoes, watch T.V., make phone calls to friends and family on the outside, or chat with fellow inmates. Some day rooms also have JPay kiosks and microwaves.

Big Bright Beautiful World (Part 1) - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Here’s a series nobody asked for that I’m super excited about! I’d tell you what inspired it but I’m afraid you wouldn’t want to read if I did lol

Tagging: @memento-scribet @hey-haylee

Words: 833

With a small sigh you set the story book you’d been reading on the table beside your bed. You run your hand across the cover, taking in the familiar ridges on the cover and outlining the title with your fingertips. Rapunzel. How many times had you read this story? Or any of the stories in your room for that matter?

There was no way of counting anymore. All you know is that they bring you comfort. They had their troubling parts, but as a whole, they bring you hope. Hope that one day, you’ll be able to leave this suffocating place. The League of Assassins have been holding you captive for more than twenty years, ever since your parents, the King and Queen of Luma, had made a poor political policy. The League took you as payment for their mistake, and held you captive in a secluded tower, dangling your life over your parents’ heads as motivation for their decisions.

Though you weren’t the most important pawn in the League’s game of chess, they still watched everything you did. They allowed you story books, writing utensils, and a few sad instruments to entertain yourself with, but most of your life had been spent in solitude.

And you longed for more.

You missed your family.

You dreamed of freedom.

There was once a time when you weren’t in this particular tower. About ten years ago, Luma had been involved in a severe conflict, and Ra’s decided to bring you to the heart of the league for “observation.” Or at least that’s what they told you.

It didn’t take much eavesdropping to figure out that Ra’s was fully prepared to fulfil his promise of killing you should your parents move a single toe out of line. And it’s difficult to kill a captive princess when she’s hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

It had been a very dark six months for you, never knowing if each day would be your last. They didn’t permit you to speak to anyone but your immediate guards, lest you manage to con your way out of captivity. But that didn’t stop you from finding other ways of distracting yourself.

Every day you watched from your bedroom balcony as the assassin initiates sparred with one another. It was exciting, hearing the sharp cling of metal against metal as swords collided. One initiate in particular showed impressive potential. He was an excellent fighter with both the sword and the hand. But where others gave their all, he showed restraint.

You never learned the young man’s name, but you heard others speak of him. Apparently he was a wealthy man from a city in America, and he was one of the best initiates the League had ever seen. The fact that he held back in combat all but infuriated Ra’s, but the man didn’t care. He had his own code of honor. Why he sought out the League, you never knew, as the gossip among guards and servants often proved to be faulty.

Eventually you managed to steal glances at him while your guards escorted you from place to place. Sometimes he would meet your gaze, and his piercing blue eyes seemed to stop your heart and hold your breath. Why did he affect you this way? Was it because he was the only person in ten years who showed any form of kindness to you? Or was it just because he was a handsome face who gave you a glimmer of attention?

Either way, you doubted that he would remember you at this point. Ten years is a long time for a nameless face to stay in memory. He wouldn’t know that sometimes you still think about his gaze, or how you saw a softness within his hardened expression. That sometimes thinking about him gave you just a little bit of hope. He stood against Ra’s. So could you.

You shake your head as if it will cause the man’s face to disappear from your mind. You slowly make your way to the only window in your room listening as each step echoes across the cold, stone walls. The rock framing the window is warm from the sunlight, and you press your hand against the rough surface in the hopes that the warmth will somehow brighten your mind. For a moment it does. For a moment you feel hope that one day you will be free. But the warmth is only on the surface. Underneath that initial happiness is a cold stone that will never be shaken.

You want to be hopeful, you really do. But with each passing day, the sun seems to shine a little less.

Perhaps that’s why you read the same stories over and over again. You want the promises they give you.

Your hope.

Your family.

Your White Knight.

As you stare at the vast mountains surrounding your prison, you can’t help but wonder and dream about the day that you finally find your freedom.

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In one of Jeremy's streams he talked about playing /competing in chess when he was younger. So if you can, a story where Ryan is playing chess against himself and Lil J comments on his technique and then beats him in a match. Fahc please

(so uhh… this prompt for some reason just made me think of Vulcan chess. Which made me think of star trek, so Star Trek au? Bc why not apparently)

It’s because of a few drinks and some goading from his friends that Jeremy even approaches him for the first time. At least for the first time one-on-one. They’ve seen each other on the bridge of course, seeing as they both work there on the same shift. But still. Jeremy doesn’t remember ever talking to Commander Ryan outside of the bridge.

It all starts because Jeremy’s friends just have to notice him staring at the Vulcan across the room. And just have to open their big mouths.

“Is he playing chess against himself?” Matt asks as he glances to where Jeremy was staring.

Jeremy felt immediately bad for staring, but he couldn’t help it. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen Ryan in the lounge before. He was pretty well known to just keep to himself, only ever really seen on the bridge. But there he was. Sitting in a chair, a three dimensional chess board in front of him, his face focused as he stared at it for a while and then moved a piece. Several moments of staring and he moved a piece of the other color.

“He’s definitely playing himself,” Trevor comments from Jeremy’s other side.

And then both Trevor and Matt’s faces turn to Jeremy, the same smirk on their faces and Jeremy just narrows his eyes suspiciously and asks “What?”

“Go talk to him,” Matt says. “We know you want to.”

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Wolfstar for “You’re too young to hate the world”

requested by @mrncwton

Pairing: Remus/Sirius

Word count: 2241

Warnings: Angst, a bit of kissing (idk if kissing needs a warning, but better safe than sorry), slight canon divergence* 

* The incident with Sirius trying to get Snape to enter the Whomping Willow is said to have found place early into their Hogwarts years. In this fic, it happens during their sixth year, sometime right before ¾ marauders become animagi, which I also moved forth a year. Sorry about this to those who prefer things to stick to canon 100%.

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Secret Date Night

Prompt/Request: @imasurvivor65  21and 29 for Draco x reader plz

21 -  “I prefer blondes.”

29 -  “Is that my shirt?”

Summary: Draco and the reader are having an argument about when to let their relation ship go public, but they still have fun.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x reader

Word Count: 858

Warnings: Secret relationships?

A/N: Thanks for reading please feel free to leave and constructive criticism

Prompt List

Being a Ravenclaw prefect was hard enough with expectations from your peers, teachers, and parents to do well and be a good role model for the younger students, while also maintaining your friends and grades. However to add on to that a relationship with none other than Draco Malfoy was another thing. Not only did you have to balance all of that out, you also had to keep your relationship a secret from everyone. So, to say that you were stressed out was an understatement.

While you had many things to keep your mind preoccupied and away from thinking of Draco too much, Draco was not so lucky. Often times he would get jealous when other guys would flirt with you right in front of him, and he was never able to say anything.Thankfully, you would always turn down the guys, and he never had to worry about it.

“I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?” said some brunette Gryffindor.

You smiled softly and then said “Sorry, I prefer blondes,” with a wink.

Even though the two of you were very loyal and loving of each other, some times the two of you would fight. However, the main argument that kept coming up was about when you would announce your relationship to everyone.

“I just don’t understand what the big deal is about telling people about us is.” he whisper-shouted because he didn’t want people to over hear even though the Great Hall is a very noisy place.

“Draco, I’ve told you before I’ve  got so much on my plate between dealing with prefect responsibilities and my grades I don’t have time for this.”

“Ok, but I would quit bugging you about it if you would just tell people then I could be there for you all the time, tell you how beautiful you look every day, and we could even go on an actual date.”

“Just drop it Draco.”

Every time he saw you and was able to talk to you he would bring it up.

“So, (Y/N) I was thinking about just telling Blaise today what do you think?”


“Sorry Madam Pince. But anyways (Y/N) what do you think?”

“Bloody Hell Draco, do not even think about telling him.”


Thankfully the two of you were able to get through the school year without any one finding out. However, once you got home it was going to be a lot trickier to stay in contact, and to keep your parents from getting suspicious.

“Who are you sending that letter to young lady?” asked your mother.

“Um… a friend from school.” you replied back not sounding very confident.

“Who exactly?”

“Um… Cho… Cho Chang. Yeah Cho is who that letter was for?”

“Ok, but if I find out otherwise young lady you are going to be in so much trouble. Do you understand me?”

“Yes ma’am”

You and Draco had been writing to each other trying to figure out a time and place where you could meet up to hang out without either of your parents finding out. You had finally worked out that because both of your parents were going to be out of town he was going to be able to sneak out of the house and come over one night.

When the night had finally arrived you made sure to get your house cleaned have some nice candles in your room and make it as romantic as it could be. You heard a knock on the front door and  you opened it to reveal Draco Malfoy in a jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers with flowers. You gave him a kiss and pulled him into the house. All night you guys played muggle board games, chess, and even watched some muggle movies. A the end of the night you thought he was going to leave when he turned to you and said, “So I may or may not have told my parents that I was going to Blaise’s house and spending the night so do you mind if I stay the night?”

“Of course.”

So the two of you curled back up together and started another movie  By the end of the night you were wearing his shirt and snuggled up against his bare chest.

The next morning he woke up before you and left you a note saying that he had headed home.

The following week school had started and you hadn’t been able to talk to Draco much unless you snuck out of the dormitories, which the two of you had been doing quite often. One particular night you had worn Draco’s shirt with some shorts, and when you had gotten to your meeting spot you saw him and as soon as he saw you he started to bite his lip.

“What’s wrong with you?” you asked him.

“Oh nothing… I was just wondering, is that my shirt?

“Oh… yeah I meant to give it back, but I forgot. Do you want I can go change.”

“No no… you can keep it besides you look way better in it than me.”

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oibokuro headcanons because i need some happiness:

  • literally the three most touchy feely people ever
  • so much cuddling
  • they get really enthusiastic about silly things together
  • they tease each other a lot, mostly about each others’ hair
  • oikawa and kuroo like to play othello and chess and bokuto watches enthusiastically from the sidelines because he likes to listen to their banter and see their facial expressions; the winner gets a hug from him
  • kuroo is almost always affronted by how oikawa chooses to dress himself
  • kuroo and oikawa steal all of bokuto’s sweatshirts
  • bokuto’s thinks it’s great and gives them to them even; sometimes he wears theirs’ too but they’re kinda small on him
  • they definitely all share sweatpants
  • and boxers
  • i think kuroo would want to go into science too much to stay with the vball thing but he cheers the loudest from the sidelines as his two boyfriends take japan to the olympics
  • sometimes kenma is nice enough to go to the games with kuroo and oikawa and bokuto fawn over him, but after the game they’re really sweaty and gross and kenma tries to run away
  • kuroo and oikawa watch medical dramas and oikawa makes fun of the inaccuracies but they both can’t help but love that drama shit
  • the list of items that kuroo and bokuto have broken while wrestling on the floor of their home continues to grow
  • they love sappy disney moves
  • bokuto and kuroo really like the tear-jerkers cuz oikawa cries at the drop of a hat, and it’s so gross but amazing to witness
  • they love giving him lots of face kisses to make him feel better
  • kuroo has magic hands. he gives the best massages. bokuto has the strength in his hands for the massages but he just can’t even seem to find where it hurts, it’s adorably bad 

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assorted chess hcs: alex is surprisingly bad at it-not because he makes bad moves, but because he can't resist explaining what he's doing so he'll be known as clever. burr's good at it, but frustrating to play against because he takes forever to make any move. angelica and madison tie for the best and hardest to beat at chess. washington's better at chess theory than chess in practice, but damn if he isn't amazing at chess theory. eliza prefers watching to playing, though she'll play if asked.


Royai Week Prompt:  Day 1 Chess

Title: Checkmate

Rating: Teen for Innuendo, Cursing.

Word Count: 15,618

Summary:   A Fantasy AU.   The pieces are on the board and two countries have come together to solidify a union with an arranged marriage: That of Olivier Armstrong and Roy Mustang.    As two opponents attempt to figure out each others moves and intentions, each play changes the outcome and Mustang’s men are determined to ensure a wedding doesn’t happen.    

AN:  An arranged marriage AU I started a while ago and picked up for Royai Week and it got out of hand.  (as always)


“God he’s small.”

Riza Hawkeye stood beside the two Armstrong sisters as they inspected the esteemed guests in the courtyard.   Olivier was the one to criticize, Catherine simply giggled.  

“I don’t know, I can see the bulge in his pants from here.”

Riza frowned.   The younger, more innocent looking one, was always the one to scrutinize the physical attributes down to the very last detail.

“What do your eyes see?”  Olivier directed her question to her bodyguard and waited for her assessment.

Riza had been watching them from the moment of their arrival, the entourage of Roy Mustang and the man himself who was the potential husband for her Lady.   Although the marriage had been already arranged, she knew Olivier had enough power to call the thing off if she vehemently opposed.   Unfortunately the Armstrongs needed the young General’s forces as well as his ability to wield fire in battle.   The war with Drachma had taken it’s toll and they were in a bind however the question was not what she thought about the arranged marriage but what she saw of Mustang the man.  How he treated his people, how they treated him.   Her trained eye was meant to pick out officers of enemy units by their actions and eliminate them to create chaos, now she needed to assess the man to see if he could be counted on to end the chaos of this long war.  “He carries himself with confidence, he’s not at all intimidated by the size of your brother or the fact that the men beside him are much taller than him.   He’s not compensating for anything.”

“I bet not.” Catherine purred.  

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