chess tutorial

Chess Metaphors; a quick tutorial.
  • Pawns: Minions. Disposable. Numerous, faceless, and weak... but have the potential for growth if they manage to go the distance.
  • Rooks: Grunts. Brutish, strong, focused on the tasks at hand. Can also mean a long reach. Able to work well with the King in a unique relationship.
  • Bishops: Tacticians. Intelligent, strong in different ways, think on a different plane from the others. Will always be completely blind in some aspect, much as the piece can only move on it's own colour.
  • Knights: Aces. Fast, strong, and able to move in different ways than the others. Like the Bishop, almost in it's own league, but able to go everywhere. The most likely to kill the Queen, given it's unique skills.
  • Queens: Rulers. The face of the army, with the power of the Rook but the intelligence of the Bishop. Also sometimes called The Dragon. Begins close to the King.
  • Kings: Leaders. The unifying force of the army. Barely stronger than a pawn, but the keystone of the group. Charismatic, wise, and skilled. The lack of a King means the army has no effective direction, and will always fall apart eventually and splinter, until a new King rises.
  • Note: None of these roles rely on gender or actual relation to each other. Also, White represents the side that incites action, but is not inherently good. Black is the side that reacts, but is not inherently evil.