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What is the deal with Deadhead and Persolus, not important anymore, an unused idea like the chess pieces?

All the collective members play an important role in the structure of the whole story. You just can’t see all the pillars yet.

Signs and their hobbies
  • Aries: Sports, wrestling with friends, "playing", plays competitive games, risky activities, motorcycles, bicycles, war video games, anything outdoors, trying anything once.
  • Taurus: Painting, gardening, eating, lazing about on the warm sand of the beach, anything relaxing and safe. They love to collect antiques or unique clothing items as much as they love staying home and pampering themselves.
  • Gemini: Card games, board games, mind games, crossword puzzles, and writing short stories. Geminis also need to move around because of their nervousness, so they love acrobats, walking and socializing, skating, dancing, racing, learning new languages, learning anything new in general, building things or molding (they love to use their hands), one-to-one sports, listening to upbeat music.
  • Cancer: Staying home, do-it-yourself crafts, knitting, cooking, eating, decorating, fishing, swimming, and spending time with family. Taking care/looking after animals, studying politics or getting involved in them, painting, fixing things.
  • Leo: Taking cat naps, tanning, dressing up, buying new clothes, fixing their hair or experimenting new hairstyles, acting and singing, partying with friends, gambling, energetic activities.
  • Virgo: They do anything that improves themselves, thus, yoga, crossword, chess, mathematical and logical problems, jigsaw, bridge, go game, computer network-based role play, gymnastics and surfing the Internet, all these intellectual sports supply food for your insatiable mental energy. Virgos are motherly earth signs, mainly towards animals, so you may even see them gardening or taking care of stray animals.
  • Libra: Debating (without yelling or anger, or their egos getting bruised), singing, choir, trying anything once (as long as their friend is with them), buying new clothes, watching tv, playing instruments, nything artistic.
  • Scorpio: You are resilient, tenacious, concentrated, and mighty, and you can excel in numerous violent sports requiring strength. Karate, boxing, wrestling, marathon, athletics, diving, archery and shooting, weightlifting, and any sports competition, are suitable for you. Sex, poker, reading mystery books, researching, watching scary movies or detective shows.
  • Sagittarius: Exploring or traveling to new places, learning new languages and foreign cultures, solving problems, anything risk-taking, sky-diving, taking care of animals, studying philosophy, story telling, and playing games that involve luck or chance.
  • Capricorn: Long walks, going to museums and art galleries, improving their home, chess, exercising, hiking, collecting pieces of nature, photography, jogging, anything to do with their knowledge for history, do-it-yourself projects, eating out.
  • Aquarius: They love anything to do with technology. Watching tv, taking pictures, playing video games, talking to their friends online, graphic designs, anything unpredictable, playing an instrument, weird hobbies such as magic tricks, origami or ventriloquism, writing in their journal, listening to electronic or "trippy" music.
  • Pisces: Their imagination has no limits and is inspired the arts. Theater, singing, dancing, listening to music, painting, writing poetry. They also feel comfortable with water, so swimming and diving make them feel comfortable, along with visiting the beach and relaxing by (or in) the ocean. Pisces are scared of nothing, so they love risky adventures such as bungee jumping, hang gliding, or artistic sports such as ice skating. Reading is their favorite. Meditating, yoga, eating, spiritualism, and studying psychology are also their favorites.
Chess in RWBY

We know there’s a Chess theme hinted.

In chapter Players and Pieces we see the teams being formed, Ozpin comments on the type of chess piece that each team collected. It’s common knowledge that RWBY had the White Knight and JNPR had the White Rook (CRDL also had the Black Bishop).

It’s also a known fact that in chapter Dance Dance Infiltration, the computer screens Cinder hacked lit up with a Queen piece. And in Qrow’s message to Ozpin he stated ‘Queen has pawns’.

What’s interesting to me is how seriously they are matching up to the pieces.

RWBY are of course the Knights.
Now only Knights and Pawns can be played straight away, and they are the only pieces that can jump over others. In Chess they work better in the middle, where the action is. Ozpin puts them exactly where they need to be on the board. He allows them to go on a mission which they shouldn’t be eligible for, but that’s becuase he knew that was the best place to put the Knights on the board at that time. And it pretty much worked.

RWBY “jumped” over Cinder and Company, instead they went to Torchwick’s square and captured him.

JNPR as Rooks haven’t seen all that much action. But that’s the point. As Rooks they are more 'powerful’ then Knights, which makes sense to me, we’ve seen Pyrrha and Nora and they are pretty op, not even counting whatever Ren and Jaune can do. Rooks though, are fenced in early game by pawns.

Who are the pawns?

“Queen has Pawns.” I’m thinking Mercury and Co. And as Pawns they subtly are fencing them in, especially Pyrrha.

Ozpin I’d say would be the King. He’s not rushing in like Ironwood, Ozpin is taking his time. The King is the last piece you want to move, the endgame is when it’s most powerful.

The Queen is a lot more maneuverable, it doesn’t have limitations like the King does. Much like Cinder is more flexible with her plans, while Ozpin has the barriers of people like Ironwood. Like a King, Ozpin seems to be waiting and biding his time, until his moves are going to be more significant, he’s playing the other pieces in their best positions.

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