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BTS as shit my (Admin Unnie) family has said
  • Jin: my dad, "she's (about me) just good at taking stuff away isn't she" "what have I ever taken from you" "my joy and happiness"
  • Yoongi: my mom, *gets in slap fight with my sister over a coffee cup*
  • Hoseok: my brother, "I'm the funniest person in this family"
  • Namjoon: my dad, *gets PhD in 4 years (record time) while sharing responsibilities for 3 children under the age of 10 with ex wife*
  • Jimin: my dad, "sup shorty" *to my brother who is half a foot taller than him*
  • Taehyung: my memaw, "she had 8 kids and all of them sucked titty"
  • Jungkook: my brother, *throws chess pieces on the floor after losing a game to me*

“… No MattEr HOW hARD I Try TO mOvE foRwArd, YOu’re ALwayS THerE HOLDiNg Me baCk.”

“Then why do you keep coming back?”

Acrylic Sugar’s Super Huge Eobarry & Barrison Fanfic Rec List

This is in no way meant to be a full and comprehensive list. These are just some of the stories I have read and enjoyed. If you have any recommendations please send them my way. I can always use more Eobarry/Barrison in my life, lol.

Considering the nature of the characters *cough* Eobard *cough* some of these fics will contain non-con, violence, dark, and disturbing themes. Please read the warnings and/or tags on the fic if you are not interested in reading that.

*** = I extra recommend reading this.

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It’s maybe a stupid, little theory, but something about Chiaki’s death surroundings really caught my eyes.

We see her laying on the floor, with blood everywhere. The floor she’s laying on, is in a kitchen floor pattern, or in a (as I’d say it), chess pattern. In chess there are 16 players on each team, 16 players on team black and 16 players on team white.

I feel like the 16 players (representing one of the teams), are resembling the classmates we know and love (including Chiaki and Hajime/Izuru). As we know, chess is about defeating the king. In this case, I’d say that Chiaki is the king, being the class representive and all. Let’s say that the classmates are on team white, and as we like to say it: Team Hope.

It’s pretty obvious that team black (Team Despair), soon took over the white team/team hope, as we saw in the new episode. To win in chess, you have to defeat the opposite team’s king, and it’s much easier to defeat the king if the opposite team doesn’t have any players left than the king itself.

By that, I’d say that Junko, who’s obviously on team black, won over team white, by taking out the white team’s players, one by one (representing the others watching the despair video). When those were taken down, the king was the only one left to beat. The king, who in this case obviously is Chiaki, didn’t want to give up, and that’s what a real hero and leader of a group would do: Never give up and fight instead of lose in front of the others in the group.

Due to Junko’s fast and genius tactics, she managed to defeat the king, the leader: Chiaki. When Chiaki was laying half dead on the floor, it represented the white team’s chess king and leader.

It’s maybe a stupid thought, but I actually think there is something more to the new Dangan Ronpa episode than people would normally think. Not only is she laying on a chess patterned floor (which is also black and white, like Monokuma), but she’s also playing against the team of despair. It’s literally white vs. black: Hope vs. despair.

The white king has lost against the black king, and the earlier white ones (the classmates), turned their backs to the white king (Chiaki and her hope), to fight along with team black (Junko). Team despair. The black team’s 16 people suddently resembled the Remnants of Despair and Junko, the black king “herself”. Without their king, they wouldn’t have survived the game. Therefore, they joined the bad king instead of the dead, good king. It’s pretty horrifying if you think of it.

Summary: The 16 classmates and students, including Chiaki and Hajime, were kind of playing a game against Junko. Let’s say that the 16 classmates are on team white, and that Junko is on team black (with the 15 other upcoming Remnants of Despair). Junko took down one by one of the students, not including Chiaki, as we saw in the new episode. When she finally came to Chiaki, the white king standind alone and “helpless”, she quickly killed her off (because without the others, Chiaki/the white king had no chance to live and survive). Seeing Chiaki/the white king die, the 15 others lost their hope, and they joined Junko’s side, the bad side, instead of continuing being on the good side. This represents the actual events of Dangan Ronpa, and it’s pretty scary when you come to think of it.

As Monokuma said. It’s all a game.

SHINee’s Everybody MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the video from the official SMTown Youtube channel, as well as the teaser video. All English lyrics taken from 

Toy Soldiers: Almost everything about this video communicates the concept of toy soldiers. The choreography alone could deliver that message, even if the teaser video didn’t outright tell us.

Here are a few screenshots from the teaser video. They’re toy soldiers, the windup kind designed exclusively to march. Toys in general are interesting objects because they are pieces of plastic or wood or whatever material made up to look like something else–a doll looks like a girl, a train set like a train–real world objects made miniature. And the inanimate objects are made animate by a child, who is fully in control of them. Real life soldiers themselves follow this pattern as well. As units, they are “inanimate” in the sense that they lack the agency to make decisions. They are under the control of their superiors. They are only “animated” in the orders they follow. They only march when they are wound up. 

A toy soldier is doubly bound–under the influence of both general and child. Except that where real world soldiers have the choice to follow orders or not, toy soldiers do not. The tyranny of the child is the stronger one, an unexpectedly dark twist. The control that is the focus of this video is the sort of control that we may be unaware of, just as oblivious as a toy being played with. This is a call to wake up.

We begin with the inanimate state. The members are lying on a table, with cords and surging lights. The music that plays is tense and disruptive. The first twenty seconds of this video are in black and white. It’s dark, moody, and sets the tone for the rest of the video. 

We get this shot of a child standing in front of a carousel, holding a musical instrument. (I am sorry for my musical ignorance, it’s probably a clarinet or an oboe or something.) For the purposes of this analysis I’m just going to call it a pipe because there is a lyric that refers to a piper boy. The child wears a large mask. This is contrasted with a shot of Minho from the teaser holding the same pipe, appearing to play it. The pipe, I think is an indicator of power and the ability to lead. In the fairy tale the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the piper lures away children using his magic pipe. Both the child and Minho possess the pipe and have some possession of power. 

I want to call attention to the nature of these two masks. The child’s mask conceals his identity, but still gives him the appearance of a face. Minho (along with all the other members in the teaser) has a mask that conceals his face without giving him another. He looks inhuman. His identity is removed completely. Where the child, our general or “tyrant,” is faceless in the sense that he has the luxury of power without responsibility, Minho is faceless in a way where he loses himself. He turns more into a creature at beck and call, than a soldier. Without identity and will, whatever power he could wield is not his own. 

The carousel plays into the video in two ways. First, it carries into the childish, youthful aspect of toys. It also plays well with the creepy mood. Second, it suggests a sort of cyclicality I’ll discuss later.

Next we get a shot of an army of identical toy men. Everything is in shades of gray. It reminds me of some old horror/sci-fi movie. Every single one is the same. This reveals something about the military mindset. Soldiers are trained to forgo individual identity in favor of group identity. This is called deindividuation. They become less conscious of themselves, more obedient to a set chain of command.

Here we get what could have been a very disturbing image, if not for the Genie ad. The same masked child, our “tyrant,” stands under a bright light. Overhead, a raven flies upside down. The inversion of the the raven’s flight is unsettling, as it defies nature. The placement of the child gives the impression that the child has caused this. If we weren’t already weary of the child, we should be now. Especially given that ravens often symbolize death. 

This inversion also ties into the inversion of child-adult roles. It is a child that commands the members. 

There’s a brief flash of a scorpion, a creature that also has death symbolism, but also can represent control.

SHINee still lies on the table. They wear military uniforms fitting of soldiers, frozen in the poses of toys. The camera moves from their feet to this overhead shot just above them, almost like a giant standing up to loom over them. It’s foreboding.

The child opens the door to SHINee on the floor. The child’s shadow looms. He enters and plugs this giant plug in. He spurs them to life, animating them. They come to life only because it was his will. 

The room lights up and we finally see color. SHINee themselves are wearing white uniforms. Contrast this to the individual colors from their stand alone shots, like Key’s pictured below. Individual identity fades within the context of a group. 

The moment you dig deep into the night, it’s time

to find the rhythm that you’ve heard for the first time

I’m like the piper boy

and you’re like a dreaming child

Now everyone follow me and match your steps

Key mimes playing a flute, a reference to this piper boy lyric. This is an attempt to regain control in the battle of wills. The soldier will become the piper, will wake others for the cause. 

Taemin wears a black fur coat next to a glass beast. It’s unclear if it’s supposed to be a bear or a panther or what. This is another instance of inversion. Glass, especially mirror glass like here, is a human invention. It’s cold. Wholly inanimate. And Taemin wears the fur, something the beast should be wearing. He instead takes on the beast’s attributes. Something powerful, but under control of another. 

Minho stands on a checkered floor amidst chess pieces. They’re white, like the uniforms from dance scenes. I also don’t think there are ever anymore than five visible pieces at a time. These five pieces are the five members. Objects of power to be moved across a playing board without will. 

Onew lies in front of a large chair, again on a checkered floor like a chess board. The chair is vaguely throne like, a symbol of power, but he doesn’t actually sit on it. Power within reach but not within grasp.

Jonghyun stands amongst statues without heads. It evokes just the physical power of the body without the conscious center of thought to guide it. It’s decoration, just how soldiers can become decorations of power. 

Key stands in front of a giant floating phonograph horn. I think this has something to do with the idea of this video as a message, like the message is being projected out loud, and it’s powerful–it’s own force. 

Here we have the wind up part of the dance. 

Eventually, they come to rebel against the tyrannical control. Jonghyun smashes the statues that represent control, and Onew stands up before the throne as if to regain power. 

At the end, it looks like they pull the pins out of their backs. They collapse. They remove the part of themselves that allows them to be controlled. A sort of “give me liberty or give me death.”

In the end, they end up the same way they began: on the floor and powerless. They are no longer under the control of another, but neither do they necessarily have their own form of control. They can only operate on the power they’re given. They cannot move past it. Any illusions of individual power were just that–illusions. 

And I think there’s something to be said about the cyclicality of it–ending the way we begin. The similarities call attention to what is different, makes their loss all the more tragic.

Orange and Blue

Fic Request: Lydia just losses it one day. She storms out of class, gets in her car and drives. She ends up at the lake house. She’s been missing for 3 days and no one knows where she is. It’s stiles that find her and they spend the weekend together. When they come back everyone is relieved, but notices that stiles and Lydia are dating (:

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff, Comfort, Romance

Author’s Note: This is the third and last part of She Wants to Go Home. I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun with it and hope you guys do too!

Part 3 of the “She Wants to Go Home” mini-series.

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Author: baseballbatofstydia

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SEVENTH HEAVEN Vol 7: Kanade English Translation

Has this been done yet?


  • My English might be confusing since it’s not my first language. As I am still learning 
  • May contain grammatical errors 
  • May contain some translation errors
  •  & Don’t mind the Chinese sentences because I also, translated in Chinese for a good friend of mine x3
  • A big thank you to this person for the translation of the song:[X]

~Enjoy Reading!~

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“Checkmate. You owe me 1000 kisses for saying I could never beat you and being wrong!” His eyes are gleeful as he stands up and raises his arms in victory like he’s just won Olympic gold rather than a casual game of chess. When he sits back down, his expression turns smug. “I can collect payment now or in installments. Which would you rather?” You can tell by the way he moves the game board and pieces rolling on their sides out of the way to sit closer to you that he would prefer all his kisses at once. It isn’t hard to imagine lounging languorously against the headboard of your bed and kissing over his warm skin and lips all day until the sunlight leaves your room, slipping back through the curtains to give you privacy in your intimate embrace. The clatter of chess pieces to the floor brings you out of your reverie and back to the present. “Or we can up the ante. I bet I can beat you at Monopoly, too.”

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