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WILD WOMAN:  Sugar Pie DeSanto

What would music be like without the Wild Women that have laid the foundation and those that keep the wildness flowing?  We’d honestly never encountered this singing and dancing no-nonsense woman until just recently, and now,Sugar Pie DeSanto, is a mainstay.

Umpeylia Marsema Balinton was born October 16, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York to an African American mother and a Filipino father.   Her parents moved their eleven children to San Francisco, California, early on in her life.

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the andrew rannells character i aspire to be: pre ‘chess game’ whizzer brown
     -pretty boy, snide, likable, hot, perfectly concealing all inner turmoil, dating someone who would kill to hear him say he loves them while he gets to be coy and opaque

the andrew rannells character i am: post ‘i believe’ kevin price
     -disheveled, #rekt, not coping well, In Pain, disgraced, grappling with his understanding of the universe, realizing all the things people said about him being the best in childhood have only crippled him and kept him from learning to face hardship