Walk with Christ

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“But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” - Galatians 5:16  - 

It’s not about us walking  toward the plans we have for us. It’s about putting God in the Center of our hearts in which the desire we have is for Him to take over our lives. By then we realize that when we pray we’re not asking God to do what we wanted for us, instead what He wanted for us. A good pastor (Ptr. Peter Tan-Chi) pointed out that “Prayer is when God changes you.” and not the other way around.


Flying on his own was slightly more terrifying than doing it with Urtica, only because Urtica had been little use in navigating the airport. Coffea was too excited to get worried about it, though. He had a small travel bag and Rhody had made sure to book a hotel nearby. It was terrifying to be in a city the size of LA, but he trusted that he wasn’t going to be allowed to get lost.

He saw her waiting for him, lounging around with model-like grace. Her eyes lit up and she waved excitedly.

“COFFEA!! Oh my Goddex, Coff!” She rushed up to him and enveloped him into a hug, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

“Lani!” he grinned. “Christus, it’s been fucking long, eh?”

She pulled away. “You look – huh, you got muscles. The cameras don’t do you justice.”

“Did you expect me to be that weedy kid forever?”

“You literally got into fights every week, Coff, I would not call you weedy.”

amberdream  asked:

Can we get some Bayverse bots reacting to their human s/o getting road rage while out driving with them? Like yelling at other drivers saying things like "What are you dooiiinnggg?!?!" or "Nice turn signal asshole!" Love ya Peach! <3

Aw, love you too!! <3 <3 <3 
Sorry it took me forever to get to this!

Optimus Prime TF Bay-verse 

He would be pretty confused

He understands that humans are notoriously bad drivers, but he still thinks a chill pill is order

Honestly Optimus Prime saying “Human, you need to take a chill pill” is too funny to me 

Bumblebee TF Bay-verse 

He would probably think it was funny 

He thinks it’s rude when people cut him off and he hates it, but seeing you flip out like that just makes him laugh

Ironhide TF Bay-verse 

He’s pretty much the same way, and is shouting along with you 

He would think it was funny how mad you got, like “yes that’s my s/o kick their ass baby”

Crosshairs TF Bay-verse 

He would chase down whoever cut him off so the situation would be less him telling you to chill, and more you telling him to chill 

igniisaeternum replied to your post:RuNS AT HIM FULL FUCKIN SPEED

fu CK THE COFFEE. FLINGS HIMSELF AT SAIX ANd gives him a cute lil smile. “missed u tho.”

       {☾} – “Axel that was my favorite mug. It had the Cassiopeia constellation on it. And it was pumpkin spice.” And now it was on the ground. Shattered and spilled. But he still held him in his arms. 

she has to bite her lip to keep from grinning. that was — surprisingly easy. mackenzie kisses back happily though. oh how many times has she thought of this moment ?? ( too many to count ) she always wondered what her lips would feel like, what regina would taste like and honestly this was better than anything she had ever imagined. shaky hands raise and slide into dark locks, pushing the older brunette closer to herself.