Project 366: Day 15

A Christmas gift from a stranger. Not really a stranger.. But, I have no idea who gave it. My classmate handed me a paper bag from Toy Factory when we were trolling in Bench’s store. I asked her who it’s from… But she said the person doesn’t want to let me know. She told me that the secret Santa (lol) will tell me who he or she is on December 25th.

But up until now, I still have no idea who gave me this Elmo stuffed toy. Thanks though. :)

Project 366: Day 3

I finished reading A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks last night, err, no, madaling araw hahaha! 3:30 AM na ako nakatulog. I didn’t cry. Naubos luha ko dun sa Japanese movie na tragic love story din yung trip hahaha. It’s a nice book. Parang sinasabi na nothing’s impossible. And love really is blind. Hindi mo mamamalayan, ay, in love ka na pala sa kanya. :)

Bought this book hihi. I really need to improve my skills. I also need to get to know Chase better. :) Originally worh Php 795, but they have this discount, so I got it for Php 636.

You know why I bought this thing. HEHEHE. Fan girl much. Originally worth Php 325 but I got it for Php 260. :) :) :)

Project 366: Day 25

Brace, braces, brackets, elastic bands, arch wire, teeth, gums, mouth, tongue, tonsils, et cetera. LOL. Was bored during TLE time. Decided to draw this. My seatmate, Bea, and I had this drawing bonanza.

I promise, I’ll enhance my drawing ~*skillz*~ mehehehe. :3