Here’s a track that my good friend Angelo Macaraeg produced in a week. It was a random recording session done in only one night, and mixed in six days. Hope you enjoy! Even though my part is really small, I loved every moment of making those 8 bars. And the idea that I get to work with talent such as this on a daily/weekly basis… is AMAZING!

Vocals: Francesca Alfajora
Piano/Guitar: Angelo Macaraeg
Cajon: Kristin Dumdumaya
Trumpet: Kristin Dumdumaya
Saxophone: Chris Geronimo

Arranged, Mixed, Engineered, Produced by: Angelo Macaraeg @ “Frontman Productions” (Berkeley, CA)

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The Sponge Effect

A sponge soaks up everything around it. Right? I guess you can call myself a musical sponge. It’s funny. As a musician I try to copy, recreate, emulate, and refine someone else I musically admire and enjoy listening to in order to make myself an even better musician. Is it weird that I find more inspiration from singers and peers that I meet and listen to, versus other horn players? The biggest form of flattery is emulation. Over the past year I feel like I have probably grown the most as a solo artist. I’m really beginning to break away from my concert roots and develop my own image as a solo artist more and more. I feel a lot of that credit goes to the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with and be in the presence of.

I had this conversation with a good friend of mine, Francesca. Around this time a year ago I joined PCN Band. And since then I’ve had the privilege to perform with some awesome people. And I have nothing but praise and respect for them as performers and as singers. A lot of their abilities that they do well I have tried to emulate and alter in my own way to develop myself as a musician. So. Shoutouts to Gordon, Kristin, Philip, Jaron, Angelo, Francesca and Cherilyn for helping me grow!

"First Name Basis... (Salamat Video)"
  • Francesca: "Because of this song, I made the best friends in the world!"
  • Vince: "I remember before we officially met, we called you Salamat girl. Glad to know that we’re on a first name basis now Francesca. lol."
  • My Two Cents: "Aw. Francesca your so kind! But don't sweat Vince. At least your on first name basis with the community. A 1/8 of your community knows me by name. 3/8 knows my name but refuses to call me that. And the rest dont know who I am at all! Hahahahaha."